(English) weekly 252 – 12.05.–18.05.2015

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Viele neue Icons auf osm.org, z.B. Fahrradparkplatz [1]
A lot of new icons (and more) in osm.org [1]

About us

  • weeklyOSM is proud to announce a version in one more language: Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks to Adityo, Harry, Ranie, and Wulan who joined our weeklyOSM Team.
  • A job offer: reviewer for the English version of  weeklyOSM
    • Requirements: Native speaker; good feeling for language, good grammar and punctuation
    • Our offer: You can read weeklyOSM a least one day before the public can read it. 😉


  • “10 years ago we used the Garmin eTrex to survey OpenStreetMap. Now it has built-in OSM mapping”. Today OSM is THE map on the new eTrex 20x and eTrex 30x.
  • The Geoknow project has, with the participation of the University of Leipzig, published a JOSM plugin OSMRec. OSMRec suggests possible established alternatives when using a new tag.
  • Is it possible to use WMS services in iD using something like WhooTS? TMS in iD should work, and there always JOSM of course (via OSM Help).
  • What is the best way to tag an estate agent? That’s a question that Paweł Marynowski asked the tagging list.
  • OSM2World developers Tordanik proposes the tag building:wall=yes in order to tag differently colored (and inclined) walls.


  • There are currently very heated discussions about the license situation for a planned import of administrative boundaries in Nepal. This has been moved to “Legal” but yet not “arrived”.
  • Soon will start the land use import in Slovenia.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Impressive video of the earthquake in Nepal and HOT activities.
  • Christian Quest has issued a similar map as MapBox for rescue forces in Nepal.
  • Pierre Béland spread the news that he reads from the statistics by Pascal Neis: In the period from 25.04. to 16.05, in Nepal, there were more than 6500 active mappers.
  • Landslide in Nepal – triggered by the earthquake on May 12.
  • Where does the community map, before and after the first quake in Nepal?
  • How has Nepal changed in OSM since 2012? (via Kangrex).  Thanks to FOSM for the “before” tiles.



  • Public transport in Panama City relies on OpenStreetMap.
  • Pablo Cecconi says on talk-ar that the city of Buenos Aires has issued an OSM map. In addition to current construction sites, official cycle paths and public transport, you can find a variety of public institutions – labour offices, police stations, free Wi-Fi, healthcare, education and culture, and last but not least tourism and gastronomy.



Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • Where the coverage of Google Street View ends,  Mapillary’s starts, 😉 for example: North Korea. (via @newscombinator)
  • Apple has acquired high-precision GPS firm Coherent Navigation.

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