(English) Weekly Exercise – Pharmacies – weeks 06 and 07 in 2015 – Results

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Third-party article by Oliver Ritter

Summary of results for Weekly Exercise (“Wochenaufgabe”) for weeks 06 and 07 – Pharmacies


The German OSM community have finished their “Weekly exercise –  Pharmacies“, which started one month ago. After a few days, there was a request from Austrian mappers to  join this exercise as well, and get support for the analysis tools that were used.

Meanwhile the final results are now available:

For Germany:

  • 1081 new pharmacies were captured
  • Coverage increased from 85% to 90%
  • 4864 phone Tags were captured (*)
  • 4536 opening hours were captured (*)
  • 1341 new wheelchair tags were added(*)
  • 508 names were added to existing pharmacies
  • Unfortunately 207 new “Fixmes” were identified too

(*) including the new pharmacies

For Austria:

  • 37 new pharmacies (96 % to 98 %)
  • 87 new sets of opening hours were captured (*)
  • 83 new phone Tags (*)
  • 57 new wheelchair Tags (*)

(*) including the new pharmacies

Well done everyone!

Oliver Ritter aka  Ziltoidium