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About us

  • Tomáš Kašpárek our correspondent in Brno, Czech Republic presented weeklyOSM at the SotM CZ+SK.


  • Adrien from French Guiana mentions how to take advantage of SENTINEL1 satellite images using RADAR and GDAL editing on JOSM
  • How can new mappers help HOT with the validation process? Read more here.
  • Robert Whittaker visualizes the progress of mapping all defibrillators in Great Britain.
  • In Mapzen’s blog series of targeted editing, Indy Hurts has a focus on cycleway mapping.
  • Joachim suggests a new key prefix scheduled: that would be used for things not in construction yet but planning has been finished.
  • Marc Gemins wonders if digesters shouldn’t be mapped as man_made rather than as a building.
  • User Brogo wants to abandon the tag access=no because he often finds this tag used in a wrong manner.
  • Christoph extends his image service by providing new satellite images for OSM tracing in regions that most other services don’t offer.


  • Read in BushmanK’s diary: “Why copying visual style of paper maps is not a good idea”.
  • Christoph Hormann owner of imagico.de writes in his blog “more on clouds”. He refers to the blog post by RobSímmon from Planet Labs.
  • Many collaborators of Latin-American countries are interested in learning about the Mexican import project of Navicat in order to see how it could be adopted to their countries so they can improve OSM. There will be a video conference about it. Voting about the schedule finished here on May 26th.
  • Brian Hollinshead gives a lecture to the Offaly Historical & Archaeological Society about OpenStreetMap in general and about historical mapping for all.
  • OpenCageData’s interview with Belgian mappers.
  • Pascal Neis’ HDYC got a new feature to display associated accounts and if a mapper may count as verified (e.g. for our malenki).
  • ANSA reports (TODO: Italy-Flag) about the growth and size about OpenStreetMap.


OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • German Wikipedia has an article about JOSM since 2008, the English Wikipedia since last week (May 21st 2016). Notability was in question first.

Humanitarian OSM


  • The New York Public radio station WNYC created an interactive OSM based map representing the income of households in USA (base is the Census 2012).
  • Nicki Dlugash describes the new outdoor style of Mapbox maps.


  • xero.bike will use OSM based maps in their services, provided by Mapbox.

Open Data

  • The import of borders in Mexico (see lead story in weeklyOSM #304) is greatly appreciated by the Mexican president during an OS conference. See it in the video from 1:08:35 to 1:11:17.


  • The OSM based wheelchair app WheelScout has new features: Indoor Navigation and voice control.
  • After nearly seven years of operation OpenStreetView.org will retire, its developer announced on May 24th. If the users agree, their images will be transferred to a new project by Steve Coast and Telenav which is in development right now.
  • On androidheadlines.com there is an illustrated review about the android app OsmAnd.


  • User mmd reached great results tuning the import speed for Overpass-API, mainly by switching from zlib to lz4. A full attic database import can be done in less than 4 days.
  • User Chris has released an alpha version of his software OffRoad, which is a desktop port of Osmand. He asks for feedback.


Software Version Release Date Comment
BRouter 1.4.2 2016-05-16 Turning instructions changed
Cruiser for Android 1.4.6 2016-05-18 Renamed from Atlas
SQLite 3.13.0 2016-05-18 9 Improvements and 4 bugs fixed
Cruiser for Desktop 1.2.5 2016-05-19 Renamed from Atlas
QGIS 2.14.3 2016-05-20
Locus Map Free 3.17.2 2016-05-22

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • The BBC reports on the two-year project “PROTection of European Cultural Heritage from GeO-hazards” (PROTHEGO) – founded by the European Commission – that aims to determine ground movements at European UNESCO World Heritage sites using radar interferometry.
  • GeoHipster interviews Achim and Patrick who are working for SPON about their work as data journalists.
  • Apple opens a maps production unit with 4000 employees in India.
  • INRIX plans to offer in cooperation with US.Parkmobile an end-to-end parking service. The system is based on OSM data.
  • A training “Cartography in OpenStreetMap” takes place on June 08-09 in Rome.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Kópavogur Annual Meeting OSM Iceland 05/30/2016 iceland
Rennes Rencontres mensuelles 05/30/2016 france
Wien 57. Wiener Stammtisch 06/02/2016 austria
Colaboratorio Mapa Comunitario de Activos de Santurce 06/04/2016 puerto rico
Mantova 2016 Mapping party a Volta mantovana 06/04/2016 italy
Bucharest OSM Bucharest Mapping Party 2016 06/04/2016 romania
Bucharest OSM Bucharest Mapping Party 2016 06/05/2016 romania
Brussels Missing Maps Mapathon @Doctors without borders/Handicap international 06/06/2016 belgium
Tokyo OSM Monthly Mappers “M-eat-ing” – Jun 2016 06/09/2016 japan
Besenello Trentino Portobeseno : several talk about OpenStreetMap 06/10/2016-06/12/2016 italy

Long term dates

Where What When Country
Salzburg ‘’’FOSSGIS 2016‘’’ 07/04/2016-07/06/2016 austria
Salzburg AGIT 2016 07/06/2016-07/08/2016 austria
Seattle ‘’’State of The Map US 2016‘’’ 07/23/2016-07/25/2016 united states
Bonn FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint 08/20/2016-08/22/2016 germany
Bonn Workshops at FOSS4G 2016 08/22/2016-08/23/2016 germany
Bonn ‘’’FOSS4G 2016‘’’ 08/24/2016-08/26/2016 germany
Bonn FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II 08/27/2016-08/28/2016 germany
Brussels ‘’’State of the Map 2016‘’’ 09/23/2016-09/26/2016 belgium
Metro Manila ‘’’State of the Map Asia‘’’ 10/01/2016-10/02/2016 philippines
Berlin Hack Weekend 10/15/2016-10/16/2016 germany
Karlsruhe Hack Weekend 10/29/2016-10/30/2016 germany


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