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MychOSM – My community and my history in OpenStreetMap

The project team in Saarburg, Germany

v.l.t.r first row: Andrew Chubb, Kingston upon Hull, UK; Madalina Ionescu, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania; Jutta Pohl, Saarburg, Germany; Carlos Alonso Rey, A Guarda, Spain

In a Comenius school project called « My community and my history in OpenStreetMap« , students and teachers in the participating countries regularly meet up. In addition to mapping parties and the collection of data for the OSM database, treks, walks or « stumbling stones » are detected and / or translated as part of the project; for example, the Task Manager of the HOT teams might translate information into German, so that German mappers can more easily enter data into folders in crisis areas such as Ebola-infected areas and the Gaza Strip.

But this project does not only put together data that go into various products such as Open Source Routing Machine, Graphhopper or History Map, it also involves creating versions in the various different languages of participating countries . In addition, it will also contribute to this particular blog, from which various messages from the OSM world  are publicised to a wider audience. The main source of all our news is translated from the German-language « Weekly Notebook« . Our blog has not only received much positive and encouraging feedback from the community; the best response to date has been from Satoshi IIDA a Japanese mapper, who has offered to translate the weekly OSM messages into Japanese.


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