hebdo 248/249 – 14.04.-27.04.2015

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Screenshot Qualitätssicherungseditors [1]

Members of the Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) one day after the terrible earthquake mapping outdoors for safety reasons  [1]

About us

Unfortunately, we have had to publish this version as a double issue #248/249, because we had a team meeting in Spain to map historical areas and talk about the translation of « weeklyosm » to Spanish. We are looking for help for our Spanish team.  See here for an automatically-translated version of the thread.

… and … because of the terrible earthquake in Nepal, we have changed the sequence of some items.

Humanitarian OSM




  • Frederik Ramm proposes to the import list to delete an earlier import of explosion places of nuclear weapons because we map objects and not results. He gets much approval, but also rejection.
  • Vincent Frison wants to import building heights in Paris.


  • The program of State of the Map US is online.





  • Gary Gale writes on Geohipster.com why OSM is struggling in business and why he is in favor of a license without share-alike.


Other « Geo » things

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