(English) weekly 227 – 18.11.–24.11.2014

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18.11. – 24.11.2014

Print b/w maps with inkatlas [1] in an excellent quality



OpenStreetMap (Foundation)

Did you know…

  • … Uh, do you still remember … FOSM, the CC-BY-SA-Fork of OpenStreetMap from the year 2012, when OpenStreetMap changed the license? Congratulations FOSM for the first known use of their data. (via @Anonymaps)
  • Maptime, an idea that was created by Stamen Design in San Francisco now runs as MaptimeBER in Berlin as well.


  • The videos of the presentations from the « State of the Map » conference in Buenos Aires are available. If you don’t have Flash, you need to download the videos to view them. We find that rather irritating!

Humanitarian OSM


  • [1] inkatlas.com (currently in beta) generates high-quality b/w PDF documents for predefined areas in OSM – ideal for printing.
  • As he does every year, Jan Tappenbeck (User Lübeck) has launched his XMAS map, with Christmas markets and Christmas trees in the public domain. (via talk-de)





  • Michal Migurski reports on the visualisation of the Open-Addresses project, whose goal it is to collect as many open-data address lists as possible (such lists are undesirable in OSM as mass imports).
  • An example of how not to work with professionals 😉 – producing a mouse pad with a world map and forgetting New Zealand! (ESRI (US software developer of geographic information systems, turnover 794 million USD) (via @Anonymaps)