(English) weekly 232 – 23.12.-29.12.2014

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SNCF stations in Paris [1]

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Humanitarian OSM

  • With the planned Humanitarian ID the communication between crisis workers should be simplified.  In a crisis helpers can “check in” and reveal their contact details. This is intended to make it faster and easier for foreign experts to come together with knowledgeable local experts. A Lego-Film illustrates how it should work.



Did you know …

  • … Carmen from Mapbox, a vector tile-based Geocoder?
  • … Easymap, a tool to produce your own map with OSM-data?
  • … or Inkata?


  • Esri and the US Geological Survey published “highly detailed ecological land units maps“. Esri created: “Story Map and custom app that allow for additional exploration and insight.”
  • Tim Sutton explains how to use Geoserver with Docker and Fig.
  • Need a mount for your Garmin Oregon? Print it! (via: twitter)
  • In the publication “Erstellung einer Geodatenbank aller Brücken und Straßen Deutschlands in kommunaler Baulast auf Basis von Open-Street-Map-Daten – Dokumentation der Arbeitsschritte und Beschreibung des Ergebnisses” the German Institute of Urban Affairs claims that “It seems that much of the OSM data comes directly from Google Earth / Maps”.  In the German forum there is much debate about this and the publication is, in some parts, strongly criticized. (PDF direct download 13,5 MB).