(English) weekly 246 – 31.03.–06.04.2015

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Changeset: 30000000 in Nepal by "epic Mapper" Heinz_V
Changeset: 30000000 in Nepal by “epic Mapper” Heinz_V




  • A land use Import in Slovenia is waiting in the wings.
  • User edvac wants to import another 520 Health Centres in the Nigerian state of Borno.
  • The automatic building and addresses Import in Baltimore has begun.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

Humanitarian OSM

  • Mikel Maron calls for mapping to continue in Vanuatu.


  • Konrad Lischka explains in his blog how to get the necessary district polygons from OSM at the district level for open data visualizations. (translation / traducción)




  • On 16/03/2015 Locus 3.7.1 was released.
  • The page turfjs.party provides a kind of playground to test the functionality of the framework Turf. The Javascript library supports GIS functionality for Web-based maps.

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