(English) weekly 233 – 30.12.–05.01.2015

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30.12. – 05.01.2015

Video from Thomas Konrad to improve the road network in Styria [1]

Video from Thomas Konrad to improve the road network in Styria [1]


  • From version 2.26.0 of the OpenStreetMap-Carto style sheet onwards (this is the default style in osm.org), amenity=place of worship and aeroway=terminal without building tags are not rendered. However, this was changed back to version 2.26.1 for place_of_worship, so these also now appear back on the map, without the building date.
  • User malenki, who is familiar with Scout/skobbler, draws a conclusion about Scout Signs and shows how it could be improved.
  • Rob Nickerson talks about two proposed amendments and asks how the OSM Communnity handles it. A discussion about the maturity of OSM started on the talk-mailinglist.



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Did you know …

  • … that Landkartenarchiv has a large number of old maps? – Not only German maps. 😉