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10.03. – 16.03.2015


XXL is beautiful [1]



  • irights.info describes in an article “how to use OSM data “correctly. (English,  Spanish, French, Japanese)
  • Jan van Bekkum from Netherlands, travels around with his Landcruiser. On his tours he relies increasingly on OSM. When he gets home, he enters all the collected data in OSM.
  • Daniel Koc writes on his ideas, which – in his opinion – should be addressed in the next decade of OSM.
  • Declaration of Conflicts (HOT) in dkunce’s blog.
  • In addition to MapBox Allryder is another positive example of what good company documentation should look like. It is clear who works for the company in OSM and there is a direct contact person who can be addressed with problems.
  • The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association offers some services especially for the Swiss OSM community. These will now run on their own donated servers and they are calling for donations (English) to finance all of it.
  • There seem to be lots more Google Summer of Code students asking about OSM this year.
  • Gaël Musquet, OSM France spokesperson, was interviewed by France Culture (French public radio).


OpenStreetMap Foundation

Humanitarian OSM




Did you know …

  • An impressive map about apartments for rent in Magdeburg.
  • Lars Lingner published print.mapwebbing an online tool set to print OSM maps in high resolution.

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