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Example of wikipage containing the new Taginfo feature Taginfo extended to show an example rendering in
the taglists on the OSM-wiki 1 | Screenshot OSM-Wiki under CC-BY-SA 2.0


  • [1] Jochen Topf extends his Taginfo to display example renderings in the wiki’s taglists. Matthijs Melissen tested this for some pages. If you would like to help Matthijs, please contact him directly.
  • ImproveOSM is now based on the editor iD.


  • User PlaneMad explains the great advantage of wikidata IDs in OpenStreetMap and links to Mapbox’ workflow to add such IDs. Others following these kind of edits got to discuss such edits upfront as they have to be considered automated edits.
  • User Joost Schouppe highlights the importance of community action which can shift the focus of the dev team to issues that would otherwise be lower on their priorities list. Community builders worldwide were asked and tried to answer questions about: main dilemmas when organizing communities, the tools needed to build them, and what is actually working. One of these tools is the Belgian Welcoming Tool, which the Spanish community is now implementing. (we reported last week)
  • FOSS4G and State of the Map Argentina 2017 will be held jointly in October at the National Geographic Institute with the support of OSGEO.
  • Chris Hill explains how he used the OpenStreetMap tool chain to build a great map for the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong without using OpenStreetMap’s best, its data.
  • The OpenStreetMap blog reports about the release of version 2 of the iD editor and it going live on the main page. In the Mapbox blog, Bryan Housal gives more details including some of the new features.
  • Sebastian ponders about the meaning of all those place=locality tags that he discovered in rural Spain.
  • Nelson asks for help from the wider community about tagging “dangerous roads”. The Brazilian community can’t find a broad agreement on how to tag roads in (for example) favelas so that routing software won’t route through such “dangerous” areas.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • In an Interview with OpenCage Data, OSMF board member Martijn van Exel talks about running the donation drive and why it is important. He says that the funding is essential to remain independent and not entirely rely on corporate donors. It also gives the grassroots community an opportunity to help balance the OSMF revenue streams.


  • A ‘girls only’ get together took place on 24th November, ahead of the State of the Map Latam, for the women in the community to talk, discuss and get to know other women who participate in the project.
  • The call for papers for the FOSSGIS 2017, which will be held at Passau from 22 to 25 March, is open here. Talks concerning ideas or project experiences are welcome both at the beginner and advanced levels. Talks about geo-data and its processing are also welcome.
  • The first edition of the “SysInfoLibre Abidjan 2016 (automatic translation): Yunohost, SI Libre for librist collectives, open data and OpenStreetMap of West Africa” with the collective LesLibresGéographes, the EOF project and the Direction Francophonie Économique et Numérique of the International Organization of Francophonie (DFEN-OIF) took place from 11 until 20 November in Abidjan.

Humanitarian OSM


  • On the occasion of the second anniversary of the routing engine Valhalla, Mapzen summarizes the highlights, introduces the developer team behind it and announces the version 2.0 of Valhalla.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Cruiser for Android *1.4.142016-11-15Various improvements.
Cruiser for Desktop *1.2.142016-11-15Various improvements.
Mapillary Android *3.0.62016-11-15Fix dialog text and image dates on some devices.
Komoot Android *var2016-11-16Minor enhancements.
PyOsmium2.10.22016-11-16Three extensions, two bug fixes and use actual libosmium.
iD2.0.12016-11-17Bug fixes of the just released 2.0.0.
Mapbox GL JSv0.28.02016-11-17Three new features and improvements, six bug fixes.
Vespucci0.9.8r12142016-11-18See release info.
Traccar Server3.82016-11-19No Info.
libosmium2.10.32016-11-20Please read release info.
Osmium Tool1.4.12016-11-20Two extensions, four changes and three fixes.
Leaflet1.0.22016-11-21Many bug fixes and enhancements, please read release information.
Maps.me iOS *6.5.32016-11-21Bug fixes.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist.

(*) unfree software. See: freesoftware.

OSM in the media

  • Routefifty reported about Santa Catalina, southwest of Los Angeles County, which remained void on Google Maps. The article discusses the problems and challenges of missing on commercial maps and the fortunes of OpenStreetMap and Mapillary.

Other “geo” things

  • Richard Harris interviewed Anthony Calamito, the main developer of the OpenSource GIS platform Boundless.
  • Smithsonian has published an article with an interactive map illustrating volcanic activity and earthquakes over time and links to the occurrences.
  • The University of Maynooth, Ireland, is proposing a new protocol for the vectorization of geospatial data which has been created by crowdsourcing.
  • Katherine Anderson talks about the 13th GEO Plenary Meeting in Russia, which has taken place, among other things, for the launch of the new GEOSS portal.
  • The procedure for the creation of the map of AuthaGraph (we reported last week) has not been published. Marcin Ciura describes, in his blog, the mathematical methods for the development of pseudo-authagraphs. The source code is published on Bitbucket. For the sake of completeness we refer to Dymaxion Projection by the brasilian architect Sérgio A. J. Volkmer.
  • South Korea has rejected Google’s request to use local mapping data in the company’s global maps service due to concerns about national security if the mapping data got exported to Google. South Korea bars exporting local mapping data to foreign companies which do not have domestic data servers.
  • A Combinatorial Optimization course at Bonn University was set up to find the shortest route to visit about 24,727 pubs in the UK as an illustration of the travelling salesman problem. Google Maps was used and the pubs data was provided by the Pubs Galore. An interactive map shows the optimal short path to visit all pubs.

Upcoming Events

LübeckLübecker Mappertreffen11/24/2016germany
Sao PauloGeoChicas11/24/2016brazil
Sao PauloState of the Map Latam 201611/25/2016-11/27/2016brazil
TrentoSAT e OpenStreetMap – Sentieri e Cartografia libera – novità, opportunità e prospettive future11/25/2016Trentino
MatagalpaFiesta de mapeo en UNAN Matagalpa11/25/2016nicaragua
AlaMappAla! party11/26/2016Trentino
BremenBremer Mappertreffen11/28/2016germany
RennesRencontres mensuelles11/29/2016france
ColoradoOSM Brown Bag Talk Colorado State University, Fort Collins11/29/2016us
ViersenOSM Stammtisch Viersen11/29/2016germany
RostockOSM Stammtisch Rostock12/06/2016germany
MünchenStammtisch München12/08/2016germany
UrspringStammtisch Ulmer Alb12/08/2016germany
Berlin102. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch12/09/2016germany
Pergine ValsuganaMappatura sentieri del Lagorai Cima Asta12/09/2016Trentino
LyonRencontre mensuelle mappeurs12/13/2016france
NottinghamNottingham12/13/2016united kingdom
LandshutLandshut Stammtisch12/13/2016germany

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