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About us

  • We are sad to inform everyone about the loss of our very dedicated member of the weeklyOSM team, Dr. Bogus Zaba aka bogzab. He passed away this week after a short illness. He will always remain in thoughts and we’ll always remember him for his contribution and dedication towards weeklyOSM and OpenStreetMap. We’ve lost a friend. Adieu Bogus, Jinal from Bangalore. Es una pena perder un miembro tan valioso, un saludo de Laura de La Habana de Cuba.


  • In an article in geops.de, the authors of TRAVIC discuss why there are differences in traffic routes between TRAVIC and reality. The authors encourage users to help improve the routing by correcting the routes in OSM, adding transportation vehicles types (bus, tram, etc) and names.
  • Many mappers who used the new JOSM 9900 had problems with the OAuth certification. Solution in JOSM:
    • Edit -> Preferences, Connection Settings (Second Icon from top – looks like a globe).
    • Go to the Authentication tab (oAuth) -> New Access Token
    • Choose from the dropdown menu -> Semi-automatic
    • Select Retrieve Request Token (a new browser window will open, select grant access.) and then again select Retrieve Access Token -> Accept Access Token. (Video)

    The upcoming release from 10. 03. should remove the OAuth problem. UPDATE: the new 9963 should be free of OAuth problems. The .jnlp-file  starts already the version 9979. 

  • Matthijs Melissen reports that office=government tag has been approved. The proposal also suggests marking the alternatives tags amenity=public_building and office=administrative as ‘discouraged’.
  • On the OpenRailwayMap mailing list Alexander Matheisen proposes a tag to map the importance of train stations. This is based on a proposal by user Skunk from 2009 modified to be more useable in large countries (e.g. USA).
  • User Rub21 writes his diary post on how to use OSMLint to detect errors in OpenStreetMap based on vector data tiles.
  • TIGER data (which had been imported to OSM) often shows questionable quality and accuracy.
  • Users Warin has made a proposal to tag the product ranges of POIs on the tagging mailing list, but this has been criticised on several points. The developers of iD and Vespucci are bothered by the use of an unlimited number of keys. Frederik Ramm speculates about importing a supermarket’s entire product list (and the dangers of inviting this). He points out that OSM is not a business directory and is not the right place to map ontologies.
  • The UK Quarterly Projects is supported by MapRoulette. (click Sign inPick another Challenge, then scroll down and select UK schools). Additionally, the UK mapped the most number of new schools in one day, on the 2nd of March.
  • user bjoern262 is asking in the OSM Forum for help on how to effectively map diversions in public transportation routes so that they can be “deleted” easily.


  • A chat with Stephane Branquart about OpenStreetMap in Morocco.
  • MarkusHD published a Greasemonkey script that helps to keep an overview of comments on diary entries.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The annual general meeting of SOSM (Swiss OpenStreetMap Association) will take place on the 2nd of April. One point of the agenda will be the to vote for SOSM to become an official Local Chapter.


  • A talk about making large heterogeneous datasets available will be presented at the theme day “Geoinformation / Geodesy / Land Management / Cartography” at the CeBIT 2016 fair.
  • The call for venues for SotM 2017 is now open!
  • The State of the Map US 2016 will take place in Seattle, Washington, from July 23rd to 25th. More regional SotM conferences can be found on the OSM blog.

Humanitarian OSM


  • Though there are no user visible changes, the OpenSnowMap was rewritten from scratch to have a cleaner codebase. They have also asked the users to make feature requests and report bugs.
  • The “Alianza Libres Sin Violencia” (Free Alliance without violence) is an association of 50 organizations in Bolivia which opposes violence against women. In this map you can find contacts for psychological counselling centres, police and state institutions to which women can apply.
  • In Mapzen’s company blog you can read about the new features of Mapzen’s vector tile service. Feedback is appreciated.
  • The OpenLinkMap returns again for the second time. (As reported in “German Wochennotiz” issue 73 and 286)


  • A platform exists which can tell you how long it would take for civilisation to collapse if you were patient zero in a catastrophic smallpox outbreak. It is based on data from OpenStreetMap and IATA flight routes. The creatives were Vincent Blachere, Raphael Perrollier, Adrien Héron, Alban Gallée and Simon Lamasa.

Open Data


  • The new 2.3 version of OsmAnd has planned to add a new service called OSM Live. However, this is considered harmful by many, not only because of missing OAuth.


  • [1] BMW Car IT published the Java library Barefoot, allowing Offline and Online map matching on OpenStreetMap data.
  • After announcing the new Raspberry Pi 3 user mmd pointed out on the Overpass mailing list on his experiments with the Raspberry Pi 2 and he searches for applications in which a Raspberry Pi could be useful with a Overpass API.


SoftwareVersionRelease DateComment
OpenLayers3.14.22016-02-03Some patches of 3.14.1
QGIS2.14.02016-02-26LTS release
Mapillary for iOs4.1.42016-03-01Removed memory problems, action cam errors fixed
Maps.me Android5.6.52016-03-02
OpenStreetMap Carto Style2.392016-03-02
osm2pgsql0.90.02016-03-02Many changes for windows, integration of LibOsmium
OSMBuildings2.3.12016-03-02Bug fix release
iD1.9.12016-03-03Bug fixes of version 1.9.0 from 2016-03-01
SQLite3.11.12016-03-03Some improvements and bug fixes

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Other “geo” things

  • A book from Gretchen Peterson and Anita Graser titled: “QGis Map Design“. The subtitle “Take Map Design to the Next Level with QGIS” is promising. The Price is 40.10 €uro, £27.99 in the UK and $33.72 in the US or ₹ 3,109.00 in India.
  • FIONA – Framework for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Assistance is a satellite based navigation systems with a software framework that will make it easier, quicker and cheaper to develop and deploy personal navigation assistants for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The next version of Google Maps tries to predict your next destination.
  • Emily explains isodistances, the points on a map that all are reachable after the same driven distance.
  • GeoHipster publishes an interview with Jan Erik Solem, the CEO and co-founder of Mapillary.
  • Mapillary closed a further financing round, getting access to 8 million US Dollars for further expansion.
  • Mozilla Foundation writes about their future being the internet of things.

Upcoming Events

WyomingHumanitarian Mapathon University of Wyoming, Laramie09/03/2016us
BogotaMapping party – Bogota: Lourdes12/03/2016colombia
Kyoto京都世界遺産マッピングパーティ:第12回 特別編 延暦寺12/03/2016japan
MoscowSchemotechnica 0215/03/2016russia
BrusselsMissing Maps Mapathon16/03/2016belgium
ChemnitzChemnitzer Linux-Tage 201619/03/2016-20/03/2016germany
AntwerpMissing Maps Mapathon23/03/2016belgium
RennesRencontres mensuelles23/03/2016france


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