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Demo: Real Time Public Transit Routing in Portland 1 | © Graphhopper © map data OpenStreetMap contributors


  • User warin asks for clarification about the water body tags seasonal, ephemeral and intermittent. The answers show how difficult it is to map irregular water flows in various climates, and to agree on unambiguous tags worldwide.
  • User DeBigC shares his experiences with Mapillary in Ireland, where he has, to date, collected the most photos among all contributors.
  • Christoph Hormann (imagico) shares his views about the various ways OSM tags can be used, or, more realistically, abused, to cause labels of various degrees of prominence to be rendered on the Carto-CSS map layer.
  • Currently there is a vote for tagging amenity=lounger, for non-moving sunbeds.


  • Tim Frey, one of the creators of the STAPPZ app, asks for feedback on their open sourcing plan of the app’s content.
  • OpenStreetMap US now has a dashcam for loan. The camera is the Waylens Horizon which will be used to take street level photos for OpenStreetCam. After a certain threshold one could keep the camera.
  • Kathmandu Living Labs opened a job vacancy for OpenStreetMap Coordinator.
  • Nikolai Janakiev wrote an extensive article on predicting Economic Indicators with OpenStreetMap. Python source code is included.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The OSMF board and OSM working groups are preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is in effect in Europe since May 25th, 2018.


  • The official dates for the State of the Map Latam are out! The event will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September 24th to the 25th, during the Open Data Week.

Humanitarian OSM

  • On April 16-18, HOT Indonesia hosted a mapathon in collaboration with the State University of Semarang (UNNES). 25 students mapped over 47000 buildings and 290 roads, they learned to use validation and the buildings_tools plugin, as well as possible ways for exporting the data and use it for their research.
  • Julie Zeglen from Generocity highlighted Annaka Scheeres’ work and how it might have helped save lives with her data storytelling.
  • While the Ebola outbreak has spread from the countryside into the city of Mbandaka, 600 km north of Kinshasa, urgent mapping tasks await remote OSM contributors. More than 350 remote OSM contributors have collaborated to date to support epidemiologists,Claire Halleux of Kinshasa and the OSM-RDC community coordinate this OSM response and intensify actions in support of the DRC Health Ministry, MSF, the various humanitarian NGOs and various UN agencies with remote mapping and support to the collection of essential field data and addition in OSM.


  • Stefan Grotz has presented his farm shop map www.farmshops.eu on the mailing list talk-de and Reddit and received plenty of feedback.
  • Christoph Hormann has written a blog post about how forest areas are displayed in the OSM-Carto style.

Open Data

  • The JungleBus team published a study comparing OSM data and Open Data GTFS Public Transport feeds for Paris and its surrounding region.
  • The public transport associations of Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr in Germany inaugurated their Open Data Portal.


  • The European Commission announces a review of the Database Directive. OSM data is currently protected under this legislation.


  • Michael from Graphhopper presents a demo of their new real-time public transit routing feature. His blog post unveils a few technical details behind the scenes.
  • The Overpass API has some exciting new features. Roland started a blog series to explain the new additions. One of the new features is the nwr directive, which simplifies queries to fetch all nodes, ways and relations for the set of conditions specified and avoids having to repeat them.


  • Robert Kaiser has created an OSM-based virtual reality demo based on Mozilla’s A-Frame library and presented it on the talk-at (de) mailing list. The source code is available on Github.
  • User demonshreddder explains how to adapt and render the OSM Carto style to your own native language.
  • In his OSM diary, Martijn van Exel announces that Telenav released the source code and training data sets of OpenStreetCam’s traffic sign detection. They also sponsor a competition for the improvement of automatic detection of map features from over 45,000 images.

Did you know …

  • … the Pic4Review tool to make mapping fun? The beta version comes with map editing missions, points and much more.

OSM in the media

  • The Atlantic has interviewed various actors from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including Claire Halleux from OSM-DRC. They work closely with the Ministry of Health to respond to the Ebola crisis, 600 km north. Various OSM products such as printed, offline and navigation maps are already available, continuously updated by the OSM community.

Other “geo” things

  • Steve Bennett created a tool that can help you find the right geocoder for your project.

Upcoming Events

BremenBremer Mappertreffen2018-05-28germany
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DerbyPub Meetup2018-05-29united kingdom
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MoscowSchemotechnika 162018-06-06russia
Potsdam120. Brandenburg-Berlin Stammtisch2018-06-08germany
Tokyo東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第20回 江戸開城の地 芝2018-06-09japan
RennesCartographie des bâtiments en 3D2018-06-10france
RennesRéunion mensuelle2018-06-11france
Lyon12 Jun.2018-06-12–2018-06-13
Rencontre mensuelle pour tous2018-06-12france
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MilanState of the Map 2018 (international conference)2018-07-28-2018-07-30italy
Dar es SalaamFOSS4G & HOT Summit 20182018-08-29-2018-08-31tanzania
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BengaluruState of the Map Asia 2018 (effective date to confirm)2018-11-17-2018-11-18india

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