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One of many OSM maps used by radio amateurs. [1] © EA6VQ, Gabriel Sampol | OpenStreetMap contributors



  • adreamy has started a collection of places that mimic terrain or are shaped like something, for example a peninsula in a park in North Korea that has the shape of South Korea.
  • The Turkish OSM community has published a collaborative map on Felt for crowdsourcing. Its imagery layer is more up-to-date based on location. A blog post explaining how to contribute is also available.
  • jmty8 has done a nice job in repairing a roundabout in OSM.
  • KingViks reflected on their journey with the HOT Field Mapping Tasking Manager, gaining invaluable experience in data collection within the Shyira Sector, Nyabihu District, of Rwanda.
  • The community has taken OpenStreetMap’s 19th birthday as a reason to congratulate, reflect, and look back in several blog posts.
  • Dean Howell acknowledged OSM’s 19th birthday on Neowin with an outlook, ‘As OSM approaches its 20th year, its growth and commitment to providing access to high quality map data is a shining example for other open source projects’.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • You are welcome to join the next monthly video-meeting of the OSMF board that will take place on Thursday 24 August at 15:00 UTC. The video room opens 20 minutes before the meeting starts. The preliminary agenda is on the wiki and is also where the draft minutes will be added.

    The topics to be covered are:

    • Treasurer’s report
    • Secretary’s report
    • Strategic plan
    • Moderators’ recommendation to the Board of Directors
    • Monthly presentation – Map4SaintLucia and/or OSM community in the Caribbean.
  • The OpenStreetMap Foundation pointed out the different membership types or donations available to support OSM’s stability, quality, and independence.


  • On 12 July Marcel Reinmuth and Alec Schulze-Eckel, from HeiGIT, held a workshop introducing open geodata and its use in humanitarian aid and disaster risk response at the Summer School Disaster Risk Reduction 2023 event hosted by the Environmental Campus of UAS Trier. During the workshop, participants learnt how to visualise and create their own web map by querying and extracting OSM data, and combining that data with other geospatial information. The workshop resources are available upon request.
  • The Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology has provided a guide on how to visualise ohsome quality analyst API results in QGIS using the ohsome dashboard.

OSM research

  • Lars Reckhaus has examined the suitability of OpenStreetMap for location analyses in the context of residential real estate projects.
  • The Big Spatial Data Analytics team at HeiGIT has combined data from their OSHDB and the OSM changeset database to produce a more enriched and comprehensive database for exploring OSM editor statistics. The dataset allows investigation of the number of edits, active contributors and the editing software used for mapping in OSM.
  • Sachit Mahajan has published a preliminary article on greenR (Green Index Quantification), an open source R module that uses OSM data to quantify urban greenery on streets.
  • The Big Spatial Data Analytics team at HeiGIT has developed, in cooperation with the Humanitarian OSM Team (HOT), a new dashboard for monitoring contributions to OSM in real time called ohsomeNow stats. The dashboard replaces the Missing Maps Leaderboard and provides a comprehensive overview of how much mapping took place at certain mapping events and campaigns.


  • LySioS discovered a type of walking map made in the style of a metro map called Metrominuto in Pontevedra, Spain (we reported earlier). Inspired by that, they have created their own maps and described the process in detail.
  • Piotr Strębski presented their ‘OpenStreetMap for pets’ project – mapping places related to pets: animal shelters, veterinary offices and clinics, animal parks/runs, crematoria, and cemeteries.
  • Ilya Zverev shared his opinion on present and future map development.


  • David Rutland gave six important reasons he sees to use OSM instead of GMaps.
  • The NHVR Route Planner of the Australian National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is now powered by OpenStreetMap.

Open Data

  • UndueMarmot analysed the accuracy of Overture’s POI data around their home.


  • After a six month development process, Sarah Hoffmann (lonvia) presented the rewritten search frontend now available on Nominatim. She also explained the changes that have been made to the Nominatim API.


  • K.Sakanoshita has improved their Easy Changeset Viewer, which helps visualise OpenStreetMap edit history for a specified time.

Did you know …

  • [1] … that amateur radio operators are keen to explore new technologies and mapping is one of them? Many applications make use of OSM, such as the APRS position tracking service with its APRS-Map, which shows the location of KiwiSDR receivers, or the popular Repeater Map, which shows the position of amateur radio repeater stations. But amateur radio operators are not just consumers of OSM, they are also contributors. You can find them everywhere, writing for weeklyOSM, just mapping, or on the OSMF board. So it is not surprising that there are amateur radio features in OSM community projects, such as the optional QTH locator layer, a special geographic co-ordinate system, on the OpenTopoMap. Radio amateurs have also produced their own map to check the propagation conditions on the various radio bands they use.

OSM in the media

  • Noraly, aka ItchyBoots, arrived in Ghana and is planning and navigating with OsmAnd.

Other “geo” things

  • Michael Grothaus claimed, on FastCompany, that Google Maps has become an eyesore. He outlines five examples of how the app has gone astray.

Upcoming Events

Recording milk churn stands for Ireland’s National Heritage Week 2023 2023-08-12 – 2023-08-20
Salt Lake CityOpenStreetMap Utah Birthday Map Night 2023-08-17flag
Lorain CountyOpenStreetMap Ohio Meetup 2023-08-17flag
SingaporeOpenStreetMap and Wikimedia: Awesome Together! 2023-08-17sg
SingaporeGiving Contexts to Places We Love – The Power of OpenStreetMap and Wikidata 2023-08-17sg
WindsorEvery Door Mapping Party: Walkerville 2023-08-18flag
The Municipal District of Kilkenny CityHeritage Week Heritage Mapping Clinic 2023-08-17flag
ZehdenickGetting started with OpenStreetMap (talk) 2023-08-18flag
Localidad TeusaquilloVolvamos a cerrar notas de OSM en Colombia – Notathon 2023-08-19flag
HannoverMaker Faire Hannover 2023 2023-08-19 – 2023-08-20flag
2nd OSM Delhi Mapping Party 2023-08-20
OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting 2023-08-23
MaricáMapathon – Maricá City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2023-08-24 – 2023-09-24flag
Rapperswil-Jona14. Mapathon & Mapping Party Rapperswil 2023-08-25flag
Town of CottesloeSocial mapping Saturday: Cottesloe 2023-08-26flag
Localidad TeusaquilloJunta Bimensual OSM LATAM – Agosto August 2023-08-26flag
Kalyani NagarGeoPune OSM Mapping Party 2023-08-26flag
BremenBremer Mappertreffen (Online) 2023-08-28flag
SalzburgSalzburger Stammtisch 2023-08-29flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night 2023-08-30flag
DüsseldorfDüsseldorfer OpenStreetMap-Treffen 2023-08-30flag
Localidad TeusaquilloVolvamos a cerrar notas de OSM en Colombia – Notathon 2023-09-02flag

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