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How to map part-time contraflow road? [1] © marche_ck | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


Mapping campaigns

  • ꞴetaNYC has organised a community project to map public facilities in North Brooklyn, New York, USA.


  • [1] marche_ck has found a complex crossing on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur and sketched out how he imagines he would map it in OSM.
  • iigmir discussed some possible OSM tags for tagging ‘Farmer Community Cooperatives’ that they found in the Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan region. In Indonesia, this is called a ‘Village Unit Cooperative’.
  • Jens-Uwe Hagenah blogged his thoughts on how to best tag long-distance cycle routes and their signposts.
  • barefootstache wrote about their intention to follow up ‘365 days of mapping’ with a series of 100 weekly mapping challenges.
  • Kamil Monicz (NorthCrab) commented about the new donation request banner on the main OSM page and on the OSM 2023 budget.
  • Contributor OMNIBUS has published a status report on his guidelines for mapping wetlands and flood zones.
  • Keen Quispe, of OpenStreetMap Peru, published an essay proposing the integration of OpenStreetMap into the educational system’s curriculum.
  • Robhubi asked himself why Himmelreich, Raaba-Grambach, Germany, is incorrectly mapped in OSM and did some research on this matter. It seems to be an historical anomaly, so he wants to know if it is possible to update its location.


  • Anne-Karoline Distel shared her experience of introducing OpenStreetMap to local communities during Ireland’s Heritage Week 2023.

OSM research

  • HeiGIT tooted some statistics on the age of OSM objects based on the time of the last edit.

Humanitarian OSM

  • A discussion on ‘map data access through HOTOSM Tasking Manager’ has been opened and is seeking public comments on the topic.


  • Brian Sperlongano has announced the release of the tile.ourmap.us community vector tile server. This is a full planet OSM vector tile server that updates approximately every 10 hours, primarily intended for personal, non-commercial use.


  • Josh Carlson tooted that Kendall county, Illinois, is now a corporate support member for OpenStreetMap and celebrates becoming a foundation member.

Open Data

  • The AddressForAll Institute, in partnership with Esri, has begun to release open data packages provided by hundreds of municipalities in Brazil and other countries. These are maps of street, plots, buildings, neighbourhood boundaries, address points, and city blocks, which can be loaded onto QGIS or JOSM to improve OpenStreetMap. The data will be available under CC0 and CC-BY licenses. The first city is Cachoeiro do Itapemirim/ES, Brazil. Feedback for future releases is welcome.


  • MapTiler has released a map style editor to make it easier for users to design their own maps.
  • Ben Clark announced the release of Rapid version 2.1 that includes two new features that will bring more attention to map data gaps:
    • A 3D building renderer in an inset map
    • The ability to load and visualise more custom data with protomaps MPTiles support.
  • Sarabjeet Sodhi blogged about supporting Vespucci preset extensions in JOSM. Vespucci utilises the JOSM preset format but has extended the configuration to work better outside of the narrow realm of JOSM. These extensions include deprecated, regions, exclude_regions, value_type, and alternative.
  • ybon gave an update on uMap, which has been integrated in a French state incubator, and has received quite a few updates: custom overlays, anonymous edit links sent by email, facet search, dashboards, and profile updates – to name only a few. He also listed what is planned next and how you can contribute by coding, testing, translating, or funding.


  • darkonus shared a script that can enhance your experience with JOSM on MacOS by enabling a dark mode theme.
  • miku0 has posted a final update on their Google Summer of Code project enhancing Nominatim’s address search in Japan.


  • Mapilio street-level images are now integrated into the OpenStreetMap iD Editor.

Other “geo” things

  • Yandex is looking for a developer to work on their OpenStreetMap content moderation system. The work is in a hybrid format: 3 days in the office, 2 days at home, flexible schedule; main offices are in Moscow and Belgrade.

Upcoming Events

MaricáMapathon – Maricá City 2023-08-24 – 2023-09-24flag
Localidad TeusaquilloVolvamos a cerrar notas de OSM en Colombia – Notathon 2023-09-02flag
Stadtgebiet BremenMappingparty in Bremen 2023-09-03flag
Missing Maps London Mapathon 2023-09-05
BerlinOSM-Verkehrswende #51 2023-09-05flag
OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting 2023-09-06
StuttgartStuttgarter OpenStreetMap-Treffen 2023-09-06flag
Stadt DornbirnOpenData + OSM Meetup Vorarlberg 2023-09-06flag
AmsterdamMaptime Amsterdam 2.0 2023-09-08flag
BengaluruOSM Bengaluru Mapping Party 2023-09-09flag
KøbenhavnOSMmapperCPH 2023-09-10flag
ZürichOSM-Stammtisch 2023-09-11flag
臺北市OpenStreetMap x Wikidata 月聚會 #56 2023-09-11flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night 2023-09-13flag
MiddelburgFOSS4G-NL 2023-09-13 – 2023-09-14flag
Stainach-Pürgg10. Österreichischer OSM-Stammtisch (online) 2023-09-13flag
Lorain CountyOpenStreetMap Ohio+Michigan Meetup 2023-09-14flag
Potsdam183. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch 2023-09-14flag
MünchenMünchner OSM-Treffen 2023-09-14flag

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