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The OpenStreetMap Foundation ask for donations. 1

SotM 2016

  • Geofabrik has published a blog entry about State of the Map in Brussels.
  • User Escada shares his experience of attending State of the Map conference in Brussels.
  • Mikel Maron reported on the “Local Chapter meeting” in Brussels and presented the notes.

About us

  • [1] OSM Foundation asks you to donate to help preserve OpenStreetMap’s continued independence as a project.
  • Happy to announce that weeklyOSM now appears in Italian language as well thanks to sabas88 and Martin Koppenhöfer. Both are still looking for collaborators.


  • Miami Herald reports on mapping activities on Havana for local mappers and the Mapillary executive Cossio.
  • Ever been confused about using amenity=bar vs amenity=pub vs amenity=restaurant? Check out the latest discussion on the talk-US list.
  • Mapaton Xalapa 2016 is a series of coordinated events mapping public transport routes in Xalapa, Mexico. The project has an android app MapMap also available for download.
  • The user rdacardenas provides detailed progress report mapping in Arequipa, Peru.
  • Helge Fahrnberger opened a proposal Piste:type=connection that would allow you to connect ski lifts to ski pistes.
  • At the end of September the summer Quarterly Project “farmyards” came to an end and Mappa Mercia summarized the results. On the mailing list Talk-GB the quarterly project for the autumn will be presented: Mapping using the UK Food Hygiene Ratings dataset.
  • People on the German OSM users forum discuss whether a bunker below the city centre of Dortmund, which is partially secret and cannot be accessed, should be deleted. (Deutsch) (automatic translation)
  • Aun Johnsen makes the argument that highway=road is an annoyance, why editors and presets should remove it, and why the wiki should warn about its use.
  • The Swiss OSM Association has purchased aerial imagery of canton of Aargau as it happens every second year. Simon Poole asks (Deutsch) at Talk-ch mailing list for donations to cover the expenses. (automatic translation)


  • Mapbox is looking for an English teacher to hire for their data team in Ayacucho, Peru. In return, he/she will learn how to map.
  • After a remark on the problems with addresses in Brussels by Sarah Hoffmann, Glenn Plas developed a tool to detect those problems, i.e. mismatch between addr:street and name due to the bilingual names of the streets
  • Walter (wambacher), is looking for a new server for the international project Boundaries Map FOSSGIS probably pays a rented server. He asked unsuccessfully for four months for donations. Restrictions per IP address and per user will be established.
  • The UK community ask for final comments on their proposed Articles of Association following review by pro bono lawyers.
  • Maning compared some cities in Asia with regard to their node count and made some observations in these graphs.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • In 2014, the OSMF approved a program for people who have difficulty paying the annual membership fee, to allow them to be members for free, but this has never been implemented. If you are interested in helping to define the rules of this program, please contact the Membership Working Group
  • Simon Poole announced the new privacy policy of the OSMF. In another post he gives a round up of future work of the License Working Group due to changes in EU-data privacy laws.
  • Following Simon Poole’s suggestion on the Osmf-talk mailing list to ‘spend some money’ to increase development activity on OpenStreetMap’s core website, there was a discussion on possible next steps.

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT is going to activate and update map data in Haiti and Jamaica following Hurricane Matthew. Start mapping and spread the word about these high priority projects.
  • HOT is hiring a part-time Operations Coordinator. The deadline for applying is October 11th, 2016.


  • monochome.com is now selling pillows, skirts, and tablecloths with self-selectable map excerpts.

Open Data

  • Linda Poon (Atlantic-CITYLAB) reported about Mapbox’s new “mentor program” for American cities to integrate OpenData via OSM into appropriate urban platforms.


  • User eis_kalt has released a first version of his 3D world model android app UtyMap.
  • Sebastian Kürten introduces a new open source desktop viewer: Jeography is Java GIS toolkit with a focus on OpenStreetMap data. The main GUI is for browsing the map and performing some geo data related tasks.
  • mmd presents a test instance of OverpassAPI previewing of some experimental material


  • On January 31st, 2017, Mapbox will end support for some of its products such as TileMill, Mapbox.com/editor and the v3 endpoint of the Mapbox GeoCoding API.
  • Ilya has offered a EUR 100 reward for the first person to implement a service to subscribe to OSM diary post comments. Mikel Maron and user Stereo added a EUR 100 each.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
PostGIS2.3.02016-09-26Support parallel processing when using PostgreSQL 9.6
Komoot Android *var2016-09-28Swipe-to-pause gesture and minor improvements.
Komoot iOS *8.42016-09-28Modifications for iOS 10
Mapillary iOS *4.4.152016-09-28Two bugs fixed.
Maps.me Android *var2016-09-28Height profiles for pedestrians and cyclists, improvement of search and map editor.
Maps.me iOS *6.4.32016-09-28Height profiles for pedestrians and cyclists, improvement of search and map editor.
Vespucci0.9.8r12002016-09-28No information.
PostgreSQL9.6.02016-09-29Highliht: Parallel support, please read release info.
BRouter1.4.62016-09-30Improved memory footprint, tweaked recalculation timeout logic.
Leaflet1.0.12016-09-30Completely revised version, please read release information.
Magic Earth * specific information.
Mapbox GL JSv0.25.12016-09-30Bug fix of the currently released version v0.25.0
Traccar Client Android ?3.122016-10-01Fix some small issues.
Mapillary Android *2.422016-10-03Bug fixes with login, signup and camera when receiving calls.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist.

(*) unfree software. See freesoftware.

Did you know …

  • … the Android library Lost by Mapzen? It is a free replacement for the proprietary Location APIs which are part of Google Play Services.

Other “geo” things

  • Thomas Skowron had a look at Apple Maps on iOS 10 from the point of view of an active OSM contributor.
  • The popular weather forecast application Dark Sky has re-launched its web version, previously known as forecast.io, with dynamic maps which are using OpenStreetMap data in the background.
  • How open is Mapillary? Richlv poses the question on the Mapillary forum.
  • Mapillary started to use semantic segmentation on its image dataset. This technology makes it possible to partition an image into different regions which get a label (e.g. road, sky, building, vehicle).
  • Pokemon Go players are using an overpass turbo link to collect information on where Pokemon creatures are likely to “spawn” locally. As reported previously there is some evidence Niantic may be using OSM data to decide on spawn points. (Originally from Reddit)
  • EE Times Automotive reported that navigation provider TomTom cooperates with graphics chip vendor NVIDIA to develop a third open cloud-based platform for autonomous driving.
  • Joost Schouppe explains how to use OSM data to improve government data.

Upcoming Events

CagliariArcheofoss 201607/10/2016-09/10/2016italy
LyonRencontre mensuelle mappeurs11/10/2016france
MoscowSchemotechnica 0612/10/2016russia
Tokyo東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第1回 哲学堂公園15/10/2016japan
NantesInitiation à OpenStreetMap, Fête de la Science15/10/2016-16/10/2016france
FavaraMapping party dei vicoli, cortili, scalinate, archi e orti del centro antico di Favara, Organizzato dalla Molitec, Farm Cultural Park e Tivissima16/10/2016italy
NottinghamNottingham18/10/2016united kingdom
ScotlandEdinburgh18/10/2016united kingdom
BrusselsMeetup at Café de Markten18/10/2016belgium
ColoradoHumanitarian Mapathon University of Northern Colorado, Greeley20/10/2016us
TampereOSM kahvit21/10/2016finland
AntwerpMissing Maps @ IPIS26/10/2016belgium
Omihachiman近江八幡漫遊マップづくり 第2回諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティー29/10/2016japan
KarlsruheHack Weekend29/10/2016-30/10/2016germany

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