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About us

  • Kai Michael Poppe has extended his multi-purpose-bot to also inform the D-A-CH Telegram group when a new issue of weeklyOSM is published.
    • Kai invited other Telegram groups that are interested to make use of this service too, using a new bot.
    • We have created a spreadsheet in which we ask administrators to enter the Telegram group that they want to be served directly when a new weeklyOSM is published.


  • Managing imagery alignment has always been a problem; bdhurkett found a solution for Burnie (Tasmania) as suburb polygons are well aligned with fences and other property boundaries. They outline how they are incrementally adjusting OSM objects to match these alignments more consistently.
  • SherbetS showed a setup for river mapping using a PlayStation controller and JOSM.
  • SK53 continued his examination of how natural=heath is used in Wales with a detailed example of a small hilltop heathland which was previously unmapped.
  • Voting is underway for the following proposals:
    • motorroad=yes (ja) > en, to formalise a definition of motorroad for Japan, until Saturday 4 December.
    • ref:EU:bwid=*, to record the unique identifier of a bathing site, until Monday 6 December.


  • Canadian cartographers discussed, on the forum, the relevance of special mapping for flood disasters and landslides in various areas of British Columbia.
  • The Local Chapters and Communities Working Group presented the ‘OpenStreetMap Welcome Tool’. The tool is designed to make it easy to welcome new mappers to your country or region.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • On the OSMF mailing list Heikki Vesanto suggested a ‘made with OSM logo’ along the lines of those of Natural Earth and QGIS. Note that this is subtly different from an OSM mark, an idea which was recently revived (as we reported earlier), in that it would be additional to, not a replacement for, existing attribution requirements.
  • Michal Migurski, candidate for the OSMF Board, asked on MetaFilter about ‘organisations that form in spite of their grassroots counterparts’, and asked how ‘new members’ could ‘circumvent a community organisation to form something larger and more organised’.


  • Both State of the Map Africa and the HOT Summit occurred last weekend (20 and 22 November), a little too late for inclusion of highlights in this week’s weeklyOSM. One talk several people noted on Twitter, was by Alazar Tekle from AddisMap, one of the earliest OpenStreetMap startups anywhere in the world. No videos, at present, but you can view their, virtual, presentation at State of the Map 2010 on YouTube.


  • Pascal Neis left a message on the changeset of a Chinese newcomer to ask why they deleted lots of data. Another user in the comments pointed out that this was OSM mapping homework assigned to students by an instructor at Central South University. Other mappers from China also showed their disappointment (zhcn) > en with these homework changesets. Should teachers be responsible for such improper behaviour of students? How should we deal with the teacher’s assignment of editing in OSM as homework?
  • Videos of presentations by Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT), given at the recent FOSS4G conference, are now available online. Subjects include: an OSM Confidence Index developed using the ohsome.org framework, and an introduction and update on MapSwipe .

OSM research

  • Alexander Zipf’s group has received funding to start a new project related to climate change actions – ‘GeCO – Generating high-resolution CO2 maps by Machine Learning-based geodata fusion and atmospheric transport modelling’.


  • Here are some selected OpenStreetMap-based maps from the penultimate week of the #30DayMapChallenge, which we have been following all month:


  • The website Visionscarto announced (fr) > en the launch of three tools built with OpenStreetMap and uMap to identify available agricultural lands and their uses by the association ‘Terre de liens’.
  • Hauke Stieler created a web application called OSM Open to find POIs that are open at a selected point in time. The data can also be filtered by tags and the source code is available on GitHub. He has chosen to hide the OpenStreetMap attribution by default.

Did you know …

  • … the existence of the xmas:feature key? While scarcely used (about 2000 items) and mainly in Germany, this ‘in use’ tag was introduced in 2009 and grows each year by a few hundred or so. Its use has been debated and a merging proposal with the temporary: namespace was made, but the proposal has been inactive since 2016.
  • [1] … the Open Indoor Viewer called ‘OpenLevelUp‘?
  • … there is a list of new keys recently created in OSM? Most of them involve typos or ignorance of established tagging principles. Comes with direct links to correct them.
  • OSM Streak, the gamified web application that encourages you to do small tasks in OpenStreetMap every day? There is also a Telegram account named @osm_streak_bot, which you can configure to remind you of your daily task.

OSM in the media

  • The government of France has unveiled (fr) > en its action plan for open source software and digital commons which, as its name suggests, aims to strengthen the use of open source and encourage the opening up of public data. A specific objective is to reference open source software and digital commons such as OpenStreetMap, a free and collaborative digital tool from which other tools such as transport.data.gouv.fr (fr) > en are derived.

Other “geo” things

  • Archival geodata are now available (pl) > en as WMS layers from the Polish national geoportal.
  • The general secretariat of the German Red Cross (GRC), based in Berlin, is looking (de) for a ‘Manager Geoinformatics’. The position is responsible for the implementation of the project ‘Development of geoinformatics for the international humanitarian aid activities of the GRC – Strengthening the cooperation with the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology’. The person chosen will also help develop programmes and basic approaches for the use and support of OpenStreetMap.
  • Reibert wrote (ru) > de about the official state register [uk] > de of permits to harvest timber in Ukraine.
  • SkyNews reported that Mapbox’s route to a stock market listing, through a Softbank SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), has run out of steam.

Upcoming Events

Where What Online When Country
UCB Brasil + CicloMapa: curso de mapeamento osmcalpic 2021-11-16 – 2021-11-26
UN Map Marathon osmcalpic 2021-11-22 – 2021-11-26
[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors – public videomeeting osmcalpic 2021-11-26
Brno November Brno Missing Maps mapathon at Department of Geography osmcalpic 2021-11-26 flag
HOTOSM Training Webinar Series: Beginner JOSM osmcalpic 2021-11-27
Amsterdam OSM Nederland maandelijkse bijeenkomst (online) osmcalpic 2021-11-27 flag
長岡京市 京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第27回 元伊勢三社 osmcalpic 2021-11-27 flag
Bogotá Distrito Capital – Departamento Resolvamos notas de Colombia creadas en OpenStreetMap osmcalpic 2021-11-27 flag
泉大津市 オープンデータソン泉大津:町歩きとOpenStreetMap、Localwiki、ウィキペディアの編集 osmcalpic 2021-11-27 flag
Biella Incontro mensile degli OSMers BI-VC-CVL osmcalpic 2021-11-27 flag
津山のWEB地図作り~OSMのはじめ方~ osmcalpic 2021-11-28
Chamwino How FAO uses different apps to measure Land Degradation osmcalpic 2021-11-29 flag
OSM Uganda Mapathon osmcalpic 2021-11-29
Salt Lake City OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night osmcalpic 2021-12-02 flag
Paris Live Youtube Tropicamap osmcalpic 2021-12-01 flag
Missing Maps Artsen Zonder Grenzen Mapathon osmcalpic 2021-12-02
Bochum OSM-Treffen Bochum (Dezember) osmcalpic 2021-12-02 flag
MapRoulette Community Meeting osmcalpic 2021-12-07
San Jose South Bay Map Night osmcalpic 2021-12-08 flag
London Missing Maps London Mapathon osmcalpic 2021-12-07 flag
Berlin OSM-Verkehrswende #30 (Online) osmcalpic 2021-12-07 flag
Landau an der Isar Virtuelles Niederbayern-Treffen osmcalpic 2021-12-07 flag
Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch (Online) osmcalpic 2021-12-07 flag
CASA talk: Ramya Ragupathy, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team osmcalpic 2021-12-08
London London pub meet-up osmcalpic 2021-12-08 flag
Chippewa Township Michigan Meetup osmcalpic 2021-12-09 flag
Großarl 3. Virtueller OpenStreetMap Stammtisch Österreich osmcalpic 2021-12-09 flag
Berlin 162. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch osmcalpic 2021-12-10 flag
[Online] 15th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation osmcalpic 2021-12-11
Grenoble OSM Grenoble Atelier OpenStreetMap osmcalpic 2021-12-13 flag
臺北市 OSM x Wikidata Taipei #35 osmcalpic 2021-12-13 flag
Toronto OpenStreetMap Enthusiasts Meeting osmcalpic 2021-12-14
Washington MappingDC Mappy Hour osmcalpic 2021-12-15 flag
Derby East Midlands OSM Pub Meet-up : Derby osmcalpic 2021-12-14 flag
Helechosa de los Montes Reunión mensual de la comunidad española osmcalpic 2021-12-14 flag

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