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OSMTagChallenge [1] © Jean-Louis Zimmermann | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

About us

  • weeklyOSM collects relevant OSM news from all over the world and informs the community every week. We announce each new issue via Twitter, Mastodon, mailing lists, Telegram, and we also want to announce it at community.openstreetmap.org.However, some mailing lists are relatively low volume, and list admins may wish to limit how many ‘weekly’ announcement messages appear there. If that is the case, could list admins please let us know via ‘lists at weeklyosm.eu’?

Mapping campaigns

  • User sahilister reported, in his blog, about his systematic mapping of schools in Chandigarh, North India.


  • LuxuryCoop presented (ko) > en use cases for the place tag in Korea and suggestions for improvement.


  • Hayden Clarkin discovered that using overpass turbo makes it easy to analyse parking space land use, and asked how to find other cool OSM tools.

OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • European deputy Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg, made official (de) / (fr) > en the Bio.Vélo.Route., a cycle route from Stuttgart to Strasbourg celebrating the 60th anniversary of their town twinning. As shown on the website, the route made full use of OpenStreetMap data through Komoot and uMap. A route relation stub has been created and may benefit from contributions along it.
  • Tracestrack has released an Osm-Carto/OpenTopoMap hybrid map style. With a demo page using Mapbox Globe, it shows the OSM-Carto style enriched with colour relief, hill shades and contour lines from OpenTopoMap. As a background layer, various existing label layers can be overlaid.


  • Sarah Hoffmann described how type annotations have been added to Nominatim’s Python code in order to improve software maintainability, and also explained some lessons she learned in the process.
  • korobkov outlined a five-step workflow which allows you to quickly complete a series of similar MapRoulette tasks for OpenStreetMap using the keyboard only, with little to no manual intervention, in a matter of seconds per task via browser automation plug-ins using regular expressions.
  • PhysicsArmature suggested a design for a JOSM extension to map a large area of something that has distinct colour.

Did you know …

  • … there is a video on working with Mapillary and RapiD?
  • … all of the ways to join the OpenStreetMap Foundation?
  • [1] … OSMTagChallenge (fr) > en? OSMTagChallenge (by Jean-Marie Favreau of the University of Clermont-Ferrand) is a daily tagging challenge at noon UTC to collectively find the most appropriate tags for rare objects recorded in France. The code is available on GitHub.
  • … on UN Mappers’ Instagram stories you can find quick guides with helpful tips on how to map roads, buildings and waterways?

Other “geo” things

  • Qiusheng Wu presented a new feature of geemap: calling 3rd-party #EarthEngine JavaScript libraries from Python, built upon the Open Earth Engine Library (OEEL) from Mathieu Gravey. For example, running the JS grid module by Gennadii Donchyts.
  • OpenCage Geocoder shared their insights about commonly unknown geographical facts about France.
  • Christopher Beddow wrote about the possibilities unlocked by Visual Positioning Systems (VPS), citing the developer tools and latest features from Google ARCore and Niantic Lightship on his Worldbuilder blog.
  • In what is essentially an advertisement for the UK’s Ordnance Survey, the Guardian reported that three-quarters of UK adults can’t read a map and gave readers hints on how to get better at it.

Upcoming Events

大阪市ひがよどの街を世界にシェア #01 osmcalpic2022-07-23flag
京都市京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第32回 妙心寺 osmcalpic2022-07-24flag
Plano PilotoState of the Map Brasil 2022 (online) – Sessão 1 osmcalpic2022-07-27flag
DüsseldorfDüsseldorfer OpenStreetMap-Treffen osmcalpic2022-07-27flag
[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors – public videomeeting osmcalpic2022-07-28
臺北市COSCUP 2022 OpenStreetMap x Wikidata 聯合議程軌 osmcalpic2022-07-30flag
iD for Beginner Training osmcalpic2022-07-30
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires4a reunión bimestral de OSM Latam (organiza OSM Argentina) osmcalpic2022-07-30flag
ErnakulamOSM Kerala Community Meetup 2022 osmcalpic2022-07-31flag
OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting osmcalpic2022-08-01
MapRoulette Monthly Community Meeting osmcalpic2022-08-02
StuttgartStuttgarter Stammtisch osmcalpic2022-08-02flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night osmcalpic2022-08-03flag
LondonMissing Maps London Mapathon osmcalpic2022-08-02flag
Salt Lake CityOSM Utah Monthly Meetup osmcalpic2022-08-04flag
OSM Africa August Mapathon: Map Rwanda osmcalpic2022-08-06
新北市OpenStreetMap 街景踏查團 #3 osmcalpic2022-08-07flag
WashingtonMappingDC Mappy Hour osmcalpic2022-08-10flag
HamburgHamburger Mappertreffen osmcalpic2022-08-09flag
Köln25. Stammtisch Köln osmcalpic2022-08-10flag
MünchenMünchner OSM-Treffen osmcalpic2022-08-10flag
Salt Lake CityOSM Utah Monthly Meetup osmcalpic2022-08-11flag
Zürich143. OSM-Stammtisch osmcalpic2022-08-11flag

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