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OSM now with ÖPNV public transport map 1 | © Wikipedia | Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


  • Mateusz Konieczny wants to know whether there is a way of tagging to distinguish between company offices the public can walk into and those where if you tried, it would result in being escorted out by security.
  • Michael Montani has requested comments on their proposal to introduce a natural=bare_soil tag for ‘an area covered by soil, without any vegetation’. (Nabble)
  • Matthew Woehlke wants feedback on his junction=intersection proposal. The new tag would identify portions of a highway which are part of an intersection. (Nabble)
  • Skyler Hawthorne asked the tagging list if there is an accepted way to tag terrace buildings that have names.
  • Mike Thompson has noticed that network has different meanings and possible values depending on the type of route it is added to. They asked the tagging list why the network tag can’t have consistent meaning across all route types.
  • Someone has made a site relation for the Aurelian city walls of Rome. Martin Koppenhoefer asks the readers of the tagging list if this makes sense.
  • Speciality coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available. Jake Edmonds is seeking suggestions for how to tag cafes that serve speciality coffee.
  • Martijn van Exel’s series of Tuesday evening JOSM streams continues. He is looking for suggestions of what he could cover in future sessions.
  • Fabian Kowatsch introduced the new filter parameter available in the OpenStreetMap History Data Analytics Platform (ohsome).
  • higa4 analysed (ja) (automatic translation) the change over time of the OSM map of Japan using ohsome.
  • The Belgian Green Party launched a new tool (automatic translation) to help crowdsource information on nature reserves and forests. The tool uses and contributes to OpenStreetMap directly.


  • On the Talk-at mailing list, the contributor plepe presented (de) (automatic translation) his ogd-wikimedia-osm-checker. It compares (automatic translation) the entries of different OGD datasets with Wikidata, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and OpenStreetMap. The source code is also available.
  • The OSM April Fool’s joke from 2017 (adaptations to plate tectonics) was not recognised as such by ScubbX and a discussion about it was started (automatic translation) on the Talk-at mailing list recently.
  • OSMF Board member Rory McCann reported on his activities in June – both within and outside the Board.
  • Harry Wood intends to end the decade-old tradition of weekly ‘featured images’, unless others are willing to step up and take over his role.
  • Dara Carney-Nedelman blogged about their joy on discovering the OSM community. Dara also calls on all students young and old, if their summer plans may not be what they imagined, to learn a new skill: mapping.


  • Homy is asking for feedback on a proposed import of public bicycle repair stations in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The minutes of the non-public OSMF Board meeting on 11 June 2020 have been published. The agenda included the selection of Microgrant applicants, the membership application of a possible ODbL violator, and responses to the RFC on iD governance.
  • The Data Working Group has published its activity report for the second quarter of 2020. Besides the number of tickets, it contains concise descriptions of some outstanding cases.
  • The OSMF Board has amended its Rules of Procedure.
  • The minutes of the Licensing Working Group meeting on 11 June have been published.
  • John Whelan explained why he prefers TransferWise to PayPal when making payment or donating to the OSMF.
  • The minutes of the OSM System Administrators Group meeting of 4 June have been published.


  • Videos of the State of the Map 2020, which took place online, continue to be uploaded to media.ccc.de.

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT is looking for a Head of Community to manage HOT’s Community Team. Applications close 26 July 2020.
  • HOT is supporting the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development Project to assist in the protection of communities from flooding.


  • Martin Ždila announced that freemap.sk has been expanded to further (European) countries. The map menu is available in English, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian.
  • [1] The public transport map ÖPNVKarte is now available as a map layer on OpenStreetMap.org. The OpenStreetMap Blog features an article on the new layer’s arrival.
  • Are you planning an action and need an off-line map you can distribute? Using Aktionskarten such a map can be created in five minutes.
  • A Dutch user of OsmAnd would like to display 1m contours, a not unreasonable request for a resident of the relatively flat landscape of the Netherlands.


  • Reddit user brezherov asked if Google Maps is copying OSM. Their question arose when they noticed that after adding local businesses and buildings to OSM, within a couple of weeks Google Maps had significantly updated those same areas.


  • Sam Crawford explained how Trail Router works. Trail Router is a route planner whose routing algorithm favours greenery and nature, and biases against busy roads.
  • Openbloc has created a new JavaScript library for the creation of 3D maps. A demo can be found here.


  • SviMik has created a tool to synchronise your Mapillary and OpenStreetCam accounts. There is a discussion thread on the Mapillary forum.
  • User K_Sakanoshita announced (ja) an update to ‘Town Walk Map Maker(ja). The update improves the map representation, POI information, and interface.

Did you know …

  • … you have the opportunity to contribute a little bit to OSM every day? Ilya Zverev will give you a small daily task with his telegram bot ‘OSM Streak’.
  • MapRoulette? It gives you small and easy tasks you can complete in under a minute to improve OpenStreetMap.

Other “geo” things

  • Harald Schernthanner distributed a funny map (automatic translation) via Twitter. It is supposed to show how a Viennese person imagines Austria appears on a map.
  • The wealthier you are the more light pollution you create. Asmi Kumar explains how machine learning can estimate the wealth of an area by comparing daytime and night-time satellite images.
  • The Long Beach Post reported on how they analysed a detailed data log of every person the Long Beach Police Department stopped or detained over the span of 2019. They used OpenRefine for data cleanup and the creation of n-gram fingerprints to reconcile incorrect street names against a canonical list they created using OpenStreetMap data of official street names and intersections in Long Beach.
  • A Standardised Test of university entry of Taiwan, Advanced Subjects Test was held on 3 to 5 July. The geography (automatic translation) quiz had much more geographic technology related material compared to previous years’ tests. The mask map and determining where to buy masks for preventing the spread of COVID-19 was one of the quiz topics which showed the concept of GIS.

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