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New Walkthrough in ID

An example of the revised walkthrough in iD 1 | © Mapbox, OpenStreetMap contributors CC-BY


  • Bryan posted a blog entry, A friendlier introduction to editing OpenStreetMap, which emphasizes on improving the iD editor walkthrough, a tutorial that guides new users through some basic editing tasks and teaches them the skills and confidence to improve OpenStreetMap.
  • GeoMappando wrote (it) (automatic translation) a great introduction to OSM, that includes data quality, licensing, database layout and the tagging system. This post is the beginning of a series: stay tuned for the second post about database exports and file formats.
  • The proposal to extend the ‘aeroway’ tagging with spaceport infrastructure has been accepted with 15 to 3 votes.
  • The tagging list discusses an appropriate tagging of restrictions for vehicles fueled by liquefied or compressed gas. This applies to underground parking facilities as well as the Chunnel, for instance.
  • This thread on the tagging mailing list reviews tags for truck parking.


  • Ouizi notes (fr) that OpenStreetMap is more detailed than any other map provider.
  • User piligab from Peru, published an OSM diary, “My first year at Mapbox working with OpenStreetMap”. She talks about her experience working in Mapbox and how to make OSM the best map of the world. By the way, she regularly contributes to the Spanish version of weeklyOSM as well. 😉
  • Chris Hill noticed new notes around Hull created by Street Complete. He installed the app and expressed dismay that it: added unnecessary information, such as surface=asphalt; and does not inform the user that they are adding them to OSM.
  • Various events took place for the students throughout Avignon as a part of the Education OSM program for this year’s SotM-FR. More information here.
  • The first #Geobeers get together of the Paraguayan OSM community took place in Asunción to discuss new projects.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • After a failure of the current hard disks, the company Metanet donated 8 SAS disks to the Swiss OpenStreetMap association. This ensures the operation of the server for the next 1 to 2 years. A big thank you to Metanet!
  • Simon Poole released the first draft of the geocoding guidelines. Feedback can be given until the end of June.


  • This year’s AGIT, the “largest yearly conference and fair about geoinformation” will take place (automatic translation) from July 5th to 7th in Salzburg (automatic translation). OSM will be featured.
  • Some nice items from the SotMFR 2017 in Avignon:
  • State of the Map US 2017 will be held in Boulder, Colorado, this year over the weekend of October 19th-22nd. Check out their website for more information.

Humanitarian OSM

  • David Luswata of HOT US reports about LEGIT team completing the field mapping in Zwedru City.
  • The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) is currently seeking a Short Term Consultant (8 month) who will work in Kampala, Uganda. Attention deadline: June 9th, 2017.
  • Melanie Eckle published the meeting minutes of the HOT board meeting that happened on 1st of June 2017.
  • The Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) is hiring a full-time consultant for their office in Washington D.C.


  • uMap prepared custom Avignon maps in occasion of SoTM-France.


  • The development (coding) phase of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) started on May 30th. OSM has five accepted projects. In addition students from OSGeo, KDE and Green Navigation will work on applications using OSM data.
  • Andy Allan describes his work on “Factory Refactoring”, a significant change in OSM website codebase that makes the test suite more reliable.
  • OSM data are now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as snapshots, historical archives and changesets.
  • Anita Graser reports about a prototype for pedestrian navigation using OSM data. Novel features include: routing through areas, and navigation by landmark (“turn left at the school”).


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Naviki iOS *3.602017-05-16Stability in recording increased, reports revised and bug fixes.
Mapillary iOS *4.6.172017-05-31Bugfix release.
Naviki Android *3.602017-05-31Stability in recording increased, reports revised and bug fixes.
Locus Map Free *3.24.12017-06-01Please read release info.
Komoot Android *var2017-06-02No infos.
Kurviger Free *10.0.272017-06-02Map styles, avoiding unpaved roads and other improvements.
Mapillary Android *3.592017-06-02Improved images upload process and some fixes.
OsMo Android2.4.112017-06-03OsmAnd integration, new remote commands and some bugfixes.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist. Timestamp: 2017-06-05 17:28:17+02 UTC

(*) unfree software. See: freesoftware.

Other “geo” things

  • A recent post on the Reddit, Data is Beautiful which went viral, shows community animating the transformation of subway maps of 15 cities to actual geography.
  • Wired publishes an article about air quality mapping at hyper-local scale and transboundary impact of global air pollution.
  • Mapbox developer Antonio Zugaldia worked on a connection for Amazon Alexa for navigation and traffic information.
  • Apple plans to improve (automatic translation) their maps by trained crowdworkers. A comment on Heise wonders why Apple wouldn’t use the much better OSM data instead, supporting the OSM community in return, which could mean a win-win deal.
  • The European Space Agency (ESA) announced the release of information, satellite imagery and associated geodata under the CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO licence, as well as an unprecedented prize for Copernicus Masters, the largest international competition in the commercial use of Earth observation data.
  • Last Thursday Japan sent the second of four satellites of their Quasi-Zenith Satellite System into space. They will send GPS compatible signals and augmentation values. Because of their elliptical, geosynchronous orbits the satellites will stay for a long time in the zenith over Japan and will provide highly accurate positioning around 10 centimeters.

Upcoming Events

Berlin#CompletetheMap – Mapillary photo mapping25/05/2017-15/06/2017germany
RussiaTula Mapping Party, Tula10/06/2017-11/06/2017
Tokyo第1回 東京!街歩かない!マッピングバーティ10/06/2017japan
ManilaSan Juan City Mapa-thon by MapAm❤re – Juan more time!, San Juan10/06/2017philippines
RennesRéunion mensuelle12/06/2017france
NantesRencontres mensuelles13/06/2017france
LyonRencontre mensuelle libre13/06/2017france
FreibergStammtisch Freiberg15/06/2017germany
LeipzigStammtisch Leipzig15/06/2017germany
ZittauOSM-Stammtisch Zittau16/06/2017germany
Tokyo東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第9回 旧芝離宮恩賜庭園17/06/2017japan
BonnBonner Stammtisch20/06/2017germany
LüneburgMappertreffen Lüneburg20/06/2017germany
NottinghamNottingham Pub Meetup20/06/2017united kingdom
ScotlandEdinburgh20/06/2017united kingdom
LübeckLübecker Mappertreffen22/06/2017germany
Essen8. FOSSGIS Hacking Event im Linuxhotel23/06/2017-25/06/2017germany
EssenSommerCamp 201723/06/2017-25/06/2017germany
BremenBremer Mappertreffen26/06/2017germany
KampalaState of the Map Africa 201708/07/2017-10/07/2017uganda
Champs-sur-Marne (Marne-la-Vallée)FOSS4G Europe 2017 at ENSG Cité Descartes18/07/2017-22/07/2017france
BostonFOSS4G 201714/08/2017-19/08/2017united states
Aizu-wakamatsu ShiState of the Map 201718/08/2017-20/08/2017japan
PatanState of the Map Asia 201723/09/2017-24/09/2017nepal
BoulderState of the Map U.S. 201719/10/2017-22/10/2017united states
Buenos AiresFOSS4G+State of the Map Argentina 201723/10/2017-28/10/2017argentina
LimaState of the Map LatAm 201729/11/2017-02/12/2017perú

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