Our onboarding process

You are willing to particicate?
  1. OK – please visite [https://osmbc.openstreetmap.de](https://osmbc.openstreetmap.de) – OSMBC recognises you in GUEST mode
  2. send an email to nordpfeil @ online dot de and Peter will upgrade you to FULL mode
What means **FULL** mode in OSMBC?
  • You are set to full access in our Content Management System called OSMBC – (it is hosted by FOSSGIS e. V. that’s why we have a .de domain)
  • Full access means – we all are equal and we all have the same rights – without the guest mode you know already – and there is no boss 😉
  • you can collect links
  • you are able to write articles
  • you will be able to do proofreading
  • Please check the help-system
  • You will get an email, when proofreading starts via OSMBC … This function is triggered when someone presses the blue button “Set WNxxx(EN) to review“.
  • IMPORTANT …. beginners please do NOT press this button!

Peter sends you an invitation to our internal communication system MatterMost.

I would be nice to present you in MatterMost Town Square

  • Bonjour/Hello … or whatever in your language
  • My name is: Real Name – OSM Name
  • My native Language is: ABC
  • I am from: ABC
  • I live in Singapore ** 😉

Please look around in MatterMost and join the channels you like.
You should join your language channel – “(fr, it, ru ….) ” – and we strongly recommend the channels osmbccomments and osmbcarticles
Feel free to enter in private conversations as well with all of the whole team.

Configuration of your OSMBC

To start – we strongly recommend to configure “your personal OSMBC” like described here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Configuration.pdf

Some explaining videos are here: https://osmbc.openstreetmap.de/osmww/wiki/Beginner’s-How-To
BTW if you find an old one or a bad one, please talk to Jinalfolia via Mattermost, she will do a newer and better one very quickly. Any other question, don’t hesitate to ask in the language channel or even in Town Square.

Something is missing

Please do not hesitate to ask or make suggestions in Town Square in Mattermost. We are all just people and have our daily work to earn bread and butter.

about OSMBC accounts

An OSMBC account that is inactive for two months without excuse is set to “guest mode” without warning. There are some exceptions, e.g. editors who do not translate to OSMBC but create their own version, e.g. Czech language.

A new account without any edit will be set to “guest mode” after one month without consultation.