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OSM Schools Project by Postcode Area by Robert Whittaker
OSM Schools Project by Postcode Area [1] | Map by Robert Whittaker


  • [1] The first GB Quarterly Mapping Project for 2016 is mapping schools in Great Britain; details on the wiki page. Progress can be followed with a number of tools and queries.And a similar effort has begun in Belgium!
  • User MKnight shares notes about some elevators tagged “on top of each other” in OSM and are also tagged as building=yesalthough they are already in buildings.
  • The JOSM reverter is currently buggy. Be careful using it!
  • The pojkenren and Juliavdenbergh accounts. belonging to the SEO company Winlocal, spammed OSM with incorrectly tagged “model houses”. User DD1GJ documented the issue in the OSM Forum.
  • [Tagging] Matthijs Melissen proposes to replace shop=jewelry (US-English) with shop=jewellery (GB-English) for consistency reasons. He describes the procedure for the change so all editors and data consumers can be adapted as well.
  • [Tagging] The discussion about name_1 = * continues on the tagging list, after some list moderation issues.
  • [Tagging] Tijmen Stam is asking for comments about his proposal for pilgrim routes.
  • Roland Ulbricht created a website that shows if lifts (or elevators) in DB train stations, if these are tagged in OSM, and if the routing capabilities of train stations are good enough. He uses the experimental Lift-API from the German Railway Service (Deutsche Bahn). He is also calling mappers to map the missing lifts.


  • An interesting paper on “Contribution Inequality in OpenStreetMap” has been published in the International Journal of Geo-Information. Four countries are compared using different measurements in the study: Germany, France; the United States and the Netherlands.
  • Users Glassman reported in his diary that, since January 2015, he sent messages to 106 Newbies in his area, inviting them to join the local meetup. 9 percent had replied. In comments other mappers report on their experiences.
  • User Maning notes that he has had an OSM account for exactly 10 years and is still active. Maning was the first mapper in the Philippines. In his diary post, he shows a screenshot of the original Java applet OSM editor, and reports on the development of the local community. WeeklyOSM says congrats to your tenth OSM-birthday.
  • The mapper in the spotlight is
    Fredy Rivera (username Humano) who lives in a small town in the Colombian Andes. He maps roads in cities and in the countryside.
  • The Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe (Germany) reversed the ruling in the case of Ulf Möller (previously reported) in most parts and referred it back to the Regional Court. The press release (German) and an automatic translation.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Peter Barth reported on his experiences as a new member of the OSMF Board.


  • FOSS4G Argentina will be held at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional from April 5-9 in Buenos Aires.

Humanitarian OSM


  • A map showing the tram and bus traffic in Berlin, and how relate to the former border between East and West Berlin.
  • A map of all roundabouts in the world has been created.


  • Ministry of Economics and Energy of the German state Brandenburg uses OpenRouteService for calculating travel times.

Open Data

  • Matthias is asking about the best way to publish aerial images under an Open Data license.
  • On the Open-Data-Portal of the German Railways Service DB one also find service facilities for trains (Storage spaces, WC, Electricals etc.).
  • The German state of Baden-Württemberg, at the end of the last year, enacted a freedom of information law which was promised 5 years ago by the ruling majority in local parliament. Compared to other states like Rheinland-Pfalz the content needs to be revised as it is out of date.
  • User SK53 analyses the OpenMap Local buildings dataset in Britain and explains why they can not really be used to increase the data in OpenStreetMap.


  • Releases
    Software Version Release Date Comment
    SQLite 3.10.1 2016-01-14 Added new file control + Bug fixed
    QGIS 2.12.3 2016-01-15 no changelog
    iD 1.8.5 2016-01-18 Fixed address field, bugfixes for IE, presets for man_made tags
    Maps.me 5.5 2016-01-08 Bug fixed

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • The Mapillary app for Android will be available as open source under a free license soon.
  • The Department of Environnement from Lima, Peru has equipped vultures with cameras and GPS to locate illegal dumps. The project is called Gallianzo Avisa “the vulture announces”.
  • south422 shares an animation of earthquakes from 2000 until 2015.
  • dropchop.io works as well with the overpass-wizzard.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Seattle Missing Maps Mapathon 01/17/2016 US
Budapest OpenStreetMap Meetup Budapest 01/18/2016 Hungary
Nottingham Nottingham 01/19/2016 England
Bogota y Pereira Missing Maps Mapaton_Guajira 01/20/2016 Colombia
Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark 01/21/2016 Austria
Manila OSM Mapathon by #MapPHL 01/23/2016 Philippines
Graz Stammtisch 01/25/2016 Austria
Rennes Rencontres mensuelles 01/25/2016 France
Brussels FOSDEM Conference 01/30/2016-01/31/2016 Belgium
Berlin Hack Weekend 02/06/2016-02/07/2016 Germany
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 02/09/2016 France

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