Your submissions for weeklyOSM have become easier!

Propose a link:

If you have a link that should be published in the weekly – you can propose it via this form.

Background and manual:

Our editorial system allows everyone in the community to share articles to weeklyOSM – thanks to TheFive who created this amazing feature.

Until now, if there was some interesting news, community members would reach out to us by email. The latest version of our editorial system now gives you the opportunity to post these articles directly into our system, and suggest an initial formulation in Markdown, and experience the further development and translation of the article “live”.

 All you need is an OSM account, and you’ve got one!

You can do this in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Did you come across some interesting news that could benefit the community by sharing and has a link? Add this link to our amazing editorial system -> OSMBC

and select Submit Link in the menu bar.

Step 2: Insert the link you want to give us in the search line

and click Search.


OSMBC will check if this link has already been published. If so, you will be informed! See below Step 2.1 😉


  • a category,
  • a title, which briefly describes what the article is about. (The title is not published anywhere – it is a reference for the editors to quickly  identify the content)
  • and save it in the system.

Step 2.1: Check if some fellow community member has already added this article, if it’s a duplicate (doublet), then click on cancel and you’ll be directed to the same article. If you have another link to be added, please go ahead and add it using the same procedure.

Step 3: You are welcome to formulate the article in Markdown on the following page, you can choose the languages in the upper right corner.

Finally, click Save.

The OSMBC editorial system has your article/s and then the team will go through them and filter, recategorise (if necessary), write (if not written) and translate the articles into different languages if not done before. Post that there would be a final review by the team to maintain the quality.

Note: You can also leave comments to your article. As with various Internet Messengers (IMs), it is also possible to write to a user or user via @Username or @Language. 


A picture is worth a thousand words:

Something to know about: When logging in to OSMBC, a user record is saved in the software. Changes to articles are documented with time stamps, as it is in usual editorial systems.


Looking forward to more amazing articles and content from the community. Let us know if you have any suggestions and questions on the same!