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Trending countries, cities and topics of the OpenStreetMap world 1 | © Pascal Neis | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors



  • The local OSM chapter in the United States published the minutes of its board meeting on 29 April 2020.
  • The Russian OSM community mapathon ’How to get to the village(ru) (automatic translation) continues. The initiative is for contributors to draw roads to those villages that are currently not connected to the rest of the world in OSM. Now they are mapping in the Southern Federal district (Russia). Previously, they finished work in the Privolzhskiy Federal district.
  • SomeoneElse has created scripts which create ranked lists of topics for a given OSM mailing list. He used it to find the most popular subjects of the tagging mailing list in May 2020, of talk in May 2012 (in the middle of the licence change turmoil), and the top posters on talk in May 2007.
  • Valeriy Trubin continues his series of interviews with OSMers. This time he spoke with Yevgeniy Katyshev (ru) (automatic translation) about how new tags are approved in OSM and Nikolay Paruhin (ru) (automatic translation) about translating tools for OSM into Russian.
  • Ivan Kiryushkin explained (ru) (automatic translation) how he used OSM and QGIS to build isochrones of accessibility for Rosa Khutor and Alpika-Service ski resorts.
  • As we reported earlier (#498), OSM user Vascom has started to assemble maps from Maps.Me on a weekly basis. Not so long ago, he added (ru) (automatic translation) 6 new countries: Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, he started making daily builds. However, these are for only two locations: Moscow and the West of the Moscow region.


  • The Russian company NextGIS reported (ru) (automatic translation) that they have completed the import of all hypermarkets of the large Russian chain Lenta. As noted on the OSM forum, they used the OSM Conflator tool for the import. The process was documented on the OSM Wiki. The import was pre-approved by the Russian community on the forum and via Telegram chat.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Edoardo Neerhut blogged about the efforts to create a formal OSMF local chapter for the Oceania region. An application by OSGeo Oceania Ltd to be recognised as the legal body of the local chapter has already been submitted.
  • OSMF and GraphHopper have published a joint press release announcing the release of version 1.0 of the open source GraphHopper routing engine after 7 years of development.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Missing Maps is promoting the collection of open healthcare data and describes healthsites.io and their approach to designing the platform in a blogpost.
  • HOT announced the first round of recipients of its COVID-19 Rapid Response Microgrant program.
  • An interview with Wille Marcel focuses on his work helping to develop the new release (4.0) of the HOT Tasking Manager.
  • Neglected and Unmapped is the title of an article at the online presence Pulitzer Center. It describes the fate of Makoko, a slum neighbourhood in Nigeria, as being quasi non-existent. HOT’s efforts to map the area and increase the visibility of people and the existing, or non-existing, infrastructure makes up large part of the interesting story.


  • Pavel Gavrilov has made two long video tutorials (1, 2) (ru) about working with multipolygons in JOSM. (Blog post 1 (automatic translation), 2 (automatic translation))


  • Nikita Slavin in his article (ru) (automatic translation) on Habr tells how he created a map of the ages of houses in St. Petersburg (Russia).
  • Where to move(ru) (automatic translation) is a map with stories from different countries. It is based mostly on the stories of people from Russia about their life in other countries and various cities of Russia. OSM is used as a base map. Unfortunately, it does not attribute OSM properly.
  • A map (ru) of the locations of evacuated people during the Second World War hospitals in Kemerovo region (Russia).


  • Hokkaido Takushoku Bus announced (ja) the publication of their bus route map (ja) (automatic translation). The basemap is OSM.
  • The Bavarian region Freising is using OSM for its tourism marketing (de) (automatic translation) on its new web presence.
  • An interactive map (ru) (automatic translation) of waste collection sites has been created in Minsk (Belarus). OSM is used as a basemap.
  • It turns out that the famous Russian social network Vkontakte uses (ru) (automatic translation) data about POIs from OSM.

Open Data

  • The Baltic Metallurgical Company shared (ru) (automatic translation) images of its industrial site with the RU-OSM community.
  • The Posterstein castle in Germany is interested whether cooperation exists between OSM and Wikimedia in Germany, as they have learnt about the Swiss Castle map, made by Wikimedia CH and OSM CH. Stefan Keller pointed (de) them to some contacts in Germany but without any response so far.
  • Guillaume Rischard announced that new hillshades are now available to the OSM community in Luxembourg. The most recent hillshade was computed using LiDAR open data.
  • Florian Lohoff is concerned (de) (automatic translation) about OpenStreetCam. He is taking new images faster than he can upload them, as it takes several days to process new images on the server.
  • The German city of Herrenberg has created (de) (automatic translation) a local mobility platform called stadtnavi, using OSM data and free software, to support the move towards more environmentally friendly transport modes such as public transport, car sharing, cycling or simply walking.


  • OsmAnd announces the release of its 'custom package’, a new way to customise the app beyond the usual routing profile dependent settings. It allows you to specify your own rendering files, fonts, routings, maps, and other data in a plugin.
  • The browser extension OSM Smart Menu has returned to being in active development.


  • Quincy Morgan, maintainer of the iD editor, is thinking about releasing iD as a mobile app.

OSM in the media

  • Sarah Scoles writes in Popular Science about OSM in general, the Denver building import, archaeologists, relief organisations, deforestation, 'Geoint Singularity’, and much more.

Other “geo” things

  • Possibly the first abstract traffic network by Franz Raffelsperger, 1826.
  • Wulfgar the Bard, best known for his satirical cartoons about Donaeld the Unready, actually works as an archaeologist. He provides a great Twitter thread on how aerial photos and LiDAR are used in his day job.
  • Perhaps maps of Germany from 1989 are now particularly inexpensive. 😉
  • Meander is a procedural system for generating historical maps of the course of rivers that never existed.
  • The tool 'Widen My Path – CycleStreets’ allows anyone to annotate a map with places in the UK where cycle paths should be widened.
  • The Russian state corporation Roscosmos has released a new issue (ru) of the scientific journal Remote sensing of Earth from space in Russia.
  • Moscow authorities have published (ru) (automatic translation) a map of 'immunity’ to coronavirus.
  • From 1 June walks and outdoor sport activities are now permitted in Moscow. However, the authorities advise people to go out according to the special schedule made for each residential building in Moscow. You can find the schedule on the city administration’s website (ru) (automatic translation).

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Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark (cancelled) 2020-06-18 austria
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Guarda EuYoutH OSM Meeting (cancelled) 2020-06-24-2020-06-28 spain
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