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9/8 – 9/14 2015

Africa Year of edit [1]



  • [1] Ramani Huria published a „Year of Edits” video showing OSM growth in Africa between 2013 and 2015.
  • User MeisterLampe from Brazil is happy. His new home town of Blumenau in southern Brazil is better mapped on OSM than on Google. However, as houses and house numbers are missing, he had to start on a more detailed mapping project and he’s pleased with the community’s support (post in German – automatic translation to English).
  • baditaflorin produced a top 25 list of cities by counting the number of POIs in them. Note the comment section on counting methods.
  • SK53 reports about news channels thinking that Google owns OpenStreetMap.
  • The Dutch community is discussing public transport data in their country and comparing it to nvloket data. A lot of data is still in an old standard.
  • Pierre-Yves Berrard discovered an area on the Bano rendering which is far too busy to be useful. Christian Quest will have a look whether it is a bug. Other proposed to render the data in a different way. (via talk-fr)
  • How much do you know about OpenStreetMap? Here’s an OpenStreetMap Quiz.
  • The United States Peace Corps expands their student mapping program from a pilot for 140 students to a US wide offering.
  • Vincent Vaneyken is the Belgian Mapper of the Month.
  • The students of AgroTIC improved OpenStreetMap as part of a geography module. The focus was this year on accessibility for wheelchair users in Gignac (34). Last year they focussed on taking photos for Mapillary. (via René-Luc D’Hont on talk-fr, automatic translation)
  • The Asia Foundation (TAF) organised an OSM workshop for the region of Dumaguete in the Philippines.
  • Stefan Keller created a Wiki page for “Geohashing”. Geohashing is an outdoor activity inspired by the web comic xkcd. While Google Maps are often used for Geohashing, among the many „achievements” in the game there is an OSM-Achievement for contributing to OSM.
  • Anonymaps shows why tagging roads in the US using only ref won’t work.
  • Daniel Koć is asking on the Talk mailing list about the goal of the project „main page” openstreetmap.org. He proposed uMap-like functionality on GitHub, which was faced rejection. Steve Coast commented on the topic in the discussion.


OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • OpenStreetMap US elections take place from October 12th to 18th 2015. Current president Alyssa Wright explains why you should run for the OpenStreetMap US board.


  • The first „Engineers Without Borders” Map-a-thon will take place on September 26 at the University of Sydney, Australia and will focus on mapping the Maubara province in Timor Leste.
  • Frederik Ramm is announcing an OSM-HackWeekend on October 17 and 18 in the Geofabrik in Karlsruhe.
  • Hawkeye lists the 10 most important reasons, why You should join the State of the Map Scotland. The conference, which is just a stone’s throw off the English Channel will take place on the 30th of September!
  • The videos of State of the Map LatAm are now online (however, all videos are uploaded with the same description).

Humanitarian OSM

  • Guido from Doctors Without Borders thanks all volunteers from HOT and Missing Maps for their work in south Sudan and explains the importance of this mapping work for him as an epidemiologist.
  • User Athaikdin from the Missing Maps Project blogs about mapathons in Zimbabwe and Bangladesh and writes about the difficulties that can arise with remote mapping, even with good satellite imagery.


Open Data


Other „geo” things