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Logo JOSPublic Transport Plugin for JOSM [1]


  • Lars-Erik Wessman would like to add a functionality to their taxi driver app, that would enable taxi drivers to provide missing house numbers along with GPS locations.
  • Zverik created a web frontend for his revert scripts. It allows to revert a maximum of 200 objects. No way/relation membership changes are possible though. On the plus side, it does allow a 3-way merge instead of just restoring older versions, so you won’t run into any conflicts.
  • The OSM wiki proposal for “extended Kneipp water cure” tagging has been approved.


  • An analysis of tagging practices and patterns in urban areas in OpenStreetMap.
  • Jonathan Schleuss asked on talk-us mailing list about what we should do after the Erskine Wildfires.
  • Pergamino Municipality (near Buenos Aires, Argentina) contributes to OSM.
  • In Switzerland, Geometa Lab have started a project observing the places in OpenStreetMap that people are looking at (by counting actual tile views). There’s also an article in the Geoawesomeness blog about it.


  • Rafael Avila Coya wants to perform an import according to the rules of OSM. First he described the import details in the OSM-wiki, then he submitted his intention to the import mailing list asking for comments.
  • The Madrid City Council released the data of drinking water fountains in the city. Santiago Crespo who manages the import data of Madrid in a wiki table, already created a page for these imports .
  • Christian Ledermann proposed a semi-automatic import of school data from Ordnance Survey (UK).
  • Maning Sambale reports about the work and the tools developed for building imports in Los Angeles.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Paul Norman published the meeting minutes for the board meeting of June.
  • Christoph published a detailed summary of the public OSMF board meeting.
  • The OSMF will from now on be holding its board meetings on the 3rd Friday of each month at 6pm London time publicly on mumble.
  • Thomas Skowron tweets “I think I solved the financing problem of the OpenStreetMap Foundation”. For those who haven’t seen it, there have recently been a series of display-once-per-browser conference advertisements in that space (SOTM, SOTM-US and FOSSGIS).


Humanitarian OSM

  • Tyler Redford published a blog from HOT which focusses on the role and the efforts made by HOT to achieve the UN goals for their 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all states.
  • HOT Summit (22nd of September 2016) early bird registration ends on July 9.


Open Data

  • NOSOLOSIG explained the fastest way to view and download images from Landsat 8. (Spanisch) (automatic translation)



  • Federico Mena Quintero has published Mapería. It is intended to “produce beautiful OSM maps for printing”. Mapería is available on github.
  • MAPS.ME now includes navigation for bicycle riders (beta).


  • [1] Polyglot published a blog article documenting how to use the new JOSM Plugin for Public Transport, that’s being built by Darya Golovko during this year’s Google Summer of Code.
  • Disastermappers Heidelberg created a tool in Python to monitor data as it is added to the OSM database. This means mappers at mapathons get feedback on their efforts during the event, which is cool and very motivating.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Maps.me Androidvar2016-06-27Book hotels with booking.com, test bike navigation
Mapillary Android2.312016-06-28Some extensions and some bug fixes
Maps.me iOS6.2.02016-06-28Book hotels with booking.com, test bike navigation
Locus Map Free3.18.22016-06-30Bugfix release
OpenLayers3.17.12016-07-04Patch the recently published 3.17.0
Mapbox Android SDK4.1.02016-06-29Customizable marker views and new ways to customize the user location layer

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • Colin Marshall presented some historic transit maps in “Open Culture”.
  • The 3D Modeling Software Esri CityEngine 2016 now offers a simplified import of OSM data.
  • Gabriele Gargantini (Ilpost.it) blogs (Italian) (very extensively) compellingly about the small village of Esino Lario in Lecco Province, which hosted Wikimania the most important event of Wikipedia for a few days . (automatic translation)
  • Google Earth and Maps get sharper satellite imagery with new update.
  • Fernando Quadro reported in his blog about the fact that mappers work feverishly on OSM data in Rio de Janeiro in preparation for the Olympics. (Brazilian Portuguese) (automatic translation)
  • The company Lichenecker presents a schematic map for the EM, that visualizes emotional tweets.
  • mAppiaM! (Italienisch) will take place from 09th to 11th July in Rome along the “Via Appia”. Three groups will map Roman monuments in OSM and collect geoinformation for Wikipedia. (automatic translation)
  • Chris Hormann described the “new Google Landsat mosaic”.

Upcoming Events

Roma”’mAppiaM!”’ Mapping of Appia’s Monuments Appia Antica09/07/2016-11/07/2016italy
TaipeiTaipei Meetup11/07/2016taiwan
LyonRencontre mensuelle mappeurs12/07/2016france
LyonMissing Maps Lyon @Maison des associations12/07/2016france
QuitoMappingEcuador Quito13/07/2016ecuador
TrentinoPresentation of a hiking map done using OpenStreetMap data, Storo15/07/2016italy
Kyoto京都国宝・浪漫マッピングパーティ:第1回 北野天満宮16/07/2016japan
NottinghamNottingham19/07/2016united kingdom
Seattle”’State of The Map US 2016”’23/07/2016-25/07/2016united states

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Long Term Dates

SalzburgAGIT 201606.07.2016-08.07.2016austria
Roma”’mAppiaM!”’ Mapping of Appia’s Monuments Appia Antica09.07.2016-11.07.2016italy
Kyoto京都国宝・浪漫マッピングパーティ:第1回 北野天満宮16.07.2016japan
SeattleState of The Map US 201623.07.2016-25.07.2016united states
BonnFOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint20.08.2016-22.08.2016germany
BonnWorkshops at FOSS4G 201622.08.2016-23.08.2016germany
BonnFOSS4G 201624.08.2016-26.08.2016germany
AiglunOpération libre27.08.2016-28.08.2016france
BonnFOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II27.08.2016-28.08.2016germany
BrusselsState of the Map 201623.09.2016-26.09.2016belgium
Metro ManilaState of the Map Asia 201601.10.2016-02.10.2016philippines
BerlinHack Weekend15.10.2016-16.10.2016germany

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