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  • BushmanK feels the need to explain the differences between tag values, value lists and separate keys.
  • HermannstadtGeographer tries to argue for mapping cell towers in OSM. Though not every comment likes his reasoning.
  • Kaxtillo points out (Spanisch) (automatic translation) the availability of Strava data for OSM mapping and Joost Schouppe explains how he utilizes these GPS traces to map forest trails.
  • Arun Ganesh summarizes the convention for multilingual name tagging in India.
  • [1] Grant Slater shows a picture of his high precision OpenStreetMap survey kit.


  • The user HermannstadtGeographer announces the start of a laboratory for creating the Big Map of Sibiu , Romania and calls for volunteers.
  • Steve Coast looks for new challenges by finding a private chatroom for GIS professionals and experts, including the most highly ranked luminaries for only 99$. Update: Shortly before our release Steve Coast cancelled the project even though the funding goal had been reached.
  • Gregor MacLennan writes about Mapeo, a fork of the editor iD, which helps people in the Amazonas to map their neighbourhood.
  • PRX_MPK explains Facebook’s results of automatic detection of streets from aerial imagery.
  • Even though not mathematically correct or equivalent, Minh Nguyen’s compares our progressively ever more elaborately detailed mapping to fractals.
  • Skippern presents his homemade Mapillary camera mount for his car.
  • Mapillary reworked their user interface and the website’s viewer from ground up.
  • More than 40 Videos from State of the Map US 2016 available now. From twitter feedback, recommendations goes to: Katherine Maher from Wikipedia, Wikipedia Maps, OSM Past & Future from Alan McConchie, Field Papers from Lindsey Jacks, Portable OSM and OpenStreetView from Navicat
  • Clémence Maret (LaCroix)blogs (French) about Vincent, Vice President of the French OpenStreetMap association and his penchant for hydrant mapping. (Automatictranslation.
  • Maarten Deen believes that the formula 1 uses OSM data for their rainradar overlay. Several pictures confirm it’s true.


  • Maning Sambale reports about the progress of importing buildings in Los Angeles.

Humanitarian OSM


  • Mapzen shows on a map, which of its produced extracts get downloaded most often.

Open Data

  • After extensive research, the LabGIS, has compiled an extensive base of 587 links to free geographic data for viewing and download. This base is now open to the public and can be accessed by anyone.
  • Jan Erik Solem underlines Mapillary’s commitment to OpenStreetMap and open data.


  • On legal-talk there’s a thorough discussion, if the new hotel information and reservation feature in Maps.Me is compatible with the OSM license.


  • GSoC student, Zabot shows his latest extensions to OSM2World.
  • A new version of Vespucci just arrived. However, due to problems with Google/Android, this version is only available via Github and not via Google’s play store.
  • Jennings Anderson presents his tool collection to analyse contributions to OpenStreetMap. These tools are created for the work of his PhD thesis. More details can be found in his user diary.
  • The editor OSM2Go got a patch to work with IDs larger than 32 bit.
  • Anita Graser publishes a CKAN-Browser-Plugin for QGIS that allows to access the CKAN-data of “Deutsche Bahn”. (via @underdarkGIS)


  • Rory McCann from the Geofabrik presents his port of the OSM-Carto style to vector tiles.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Naviki Android3.45.22016-07-20Fixed: Google Cloud Messaging
Mapillary iOS4.4.52016-07-21Some fixes
Maps.me iOS6.2.12016-07-22Minor bug fixes, updated map data
OSRM Backend5.3.02016-07-22Many improvements and some fixes
Maps.me Androidvar2016-07-25Minor bug fixes, updated map data

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

  • … Daniel Hänßgen’s tactile maps? The German newspaper “Die Welt” reported on this work from 2012. (Deutsch) (automatic translation). He also wrote a book based on his master’s thesis paperback book named “HaptOSM”.
  • … the first “Welcome Map” for refugees in Paris? CitizenPost writes (Französisch) about students Blandine Richard of the Sorbonne university, wo programmed a multilingual (5) map with their friends and who would like to develop it further. (Automatic translation)

OSM in the media

  • #MappingEcuador was a citizen initiative started in response to the earthquake disaster, where people from around the world added data to OpenStreetMap, that would help them not only in cases of natural disasters but also to get a better overview of the surrounding territory. Free maps were generated after the earthquake.
  • Volunteers work together to map neighborhoods and tell their stories.

Other “geo” things

Upcoming Events

Tokyo”’State of The Map Japan 2016”’06/08/2016japan
TaipeiTaipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space08/08/2016taiwan
Essen”’SommerCamp 2016”’12/08/2016-14/08/2016germany
BallerupOpenStreetMap 12th Anniversary13/08/2016denmark
Kyoto京都国宝・浪漫マッピングパーティ:第2回 特別編 サントリー京都ビール工場、恵解山古墳、ねじりまんぽ20/08/2016japan
BremenMappingparty POI im Hackerspace Bremen20/08/2016germany
BonnFOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint20/08/2016-22/08/2016germany

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