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Streets in Lima, Peru named after women

Streets in Lima, Peru named after women. 1 | Image © Mapbox © GeoChicas © OpenStreetMap.org


  • ENT8R has developed a website called Notes Review. It enables you to perform a full text search of OSM Notes and view them quickly.
  • Following up his earlier message about mapping underrepresented features (reported earlier) Rory McCann has launched a survey via the Diversity mailing list to select suitable topics for quarterly challenges.
  • Robert C. Danziger (user RCD49) asks mappers not to use satellite imagery to map Larabanga, Ghana, as they are outdated. He has also prepared a wiki page with the current mapping workflow and tips on how/what to map remotely.
  • Pascal Neis updated his “Find Suspicious OpenStreetMap Changesets” with new indicators.
  • Vote on the public transport hail and ride proposal until April 24th.


  • Pascal Neis mentions on Twitter that changeset 51820940 is the one that had the most comments (113). The issue is that Belarusian is the official language on the ground in Minsk, Belarus, but the local population speaks Russian there, so all the names were added in Russian in the name tags.
  • Dominique (@dominique_hoavo) presents on Twitter a review of the Girls Map for Togo initiative (#GirlsMap4Tg) that occurred April 11th to 13th.
  • User Escada interviewed Andrew Harvey from Australia for his Mapper of the Month series.
  • Jakub Klaučo explains how he created a high-resolution world map poster, using Python and TileMill. He is currently accepting suggestions on how to wrap around the 180th meridian.
  • Daniel Begin, Rodolphe Devillers and Stéphane Roche published a paper called The life cycle of contributors in collaborative online communities – the case of OpenStreetMap in the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. The paper published in 2018 is based on a four-year old full history planet dump.


  • Cascafico Giovanni wants to import petrol stations in Italy from an official source.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The Data Working Group has published its Activity Report for the last quarter of 2017.
  • OSM US has engaged Allen Gunn to help them find an executive director.


  • The Call for Proposals and Call for Scholarships for State of the Map Asia, happening in Bengaluru this year on the 17th-18th of November, is out. You can submit your proposals by the 10th of June 2018 midnight UTC.
  • The call for venue for the State of the Map 2019 is open until May 6th. So far only Tunis has applied.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Fred Moine informs (fr) that he conducted a training in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo) at the initiative of OSM-Kinshasa to develop a local community there. He thanks “Les Géographes libres” for the training material.
  • Blake Girardot rounds up a few tweets @hotosm over the last weekend.


Open Data

  • The beta version of the Wheelmap now includes information about the operating status of elevators and escalators of Deutsche Bahn. (via Twitter)


  • In the previous issue we reported on Arne Johannessen’s thesis on the generalisation of roads. A small discussion about generalization in general has started on the osm-dev mailing list as a result.
  • Leaflet developers are considering to drop support for versions 8 to 10 of Internet Explorer.
  • Andy Allan posts about his work on refactoring the code of osm.org, so that it will be easier to add new features: This should help to attract new developers.
  • The Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) released a new open source microservice for searching OSM points of interest (POI) through specifying feature-buffers, polygons or bounding box. It returns GeoJSON features or simple statistics of categories. Are there any Python developers interested in contributing?


  • Komoot’s open geocoder Photon reaches version 0.3.0, which includes major updates of software dependencies and a number of improvements on reverse geocoding, house number handling and location bias computing.

Other “geo” things

  • Jessica Sena posts the process behind the Streets of Women (#LasCallesDeLasMujeres), a project by GeoChicas using Mapbox and NamSor APIs.
  • Páraic and Pearse McGloughlin created “Arena”, a mesmerising film made with satellite imagery from Google Earth.
  • Despite Australia’s rather accurate mapping on OSM, some people insist on believing it doesn’t actually exist. This theory is only the last of many conspiracies or jokes that deny the existence of countries and cities around the world, listed in this article from The Guardian.
  • Mapillary announces a new, 15 million USD round of investment with BMW i Ventures, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and NavInfo joining in as investors.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Shizuoka 静岡!街歩かない!マッピングパーティ2 2018-04-22 japan
Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 2018-04-23 germany
Grenoble Atelier Cartographie de terrain 2018-04-23 france
Nottingham Pub Meetup 2018-04-24 united kingdom
Essen Mappertreffen 2018-04-25 germany
Dusseldorf Stammtisch 2018-04-25 germany
Departamento del Cauca Popayán 2018-04-25 colombia
Lübeck Lübecker Mappertreffen 2018-04-26 germany
Graz Grazer Linuxtage 2018-04-27-2018-04-28 austria
Bochum OSM Einführungsworkshop für Anfänger mit praktischer Umsetzung 2018-04-28 germany
Rome Incontro mensile 2018-04-30 italy
Toulouse Réunion mensuelle 2018-05-02 france
Montreal Les Mercredis cartographie 2018-05-02 canada
Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch 2018-05-02 germany
Bochum Mappertreffen 2018-05-03 germany
Dresden Stammtisch Dresden 2018-05-03 germany
Urspring Stammtisch Ulmer Alb 2018-05-03 germany
Grenoble Missing Maps mapathon 2018-05-03 france
Dortmund Mappertreffen 2018-05-06 germany
Arlon Réunion au Pays d’Arlon 2018-05-08 belgium
Munich Münchner Stammtisch 2018-05-09 germany
deutscher Mumble-Server öffentliche Vorstandssitzung FOSSGIS e.V. 2018-05-09 germany
Berlin 119. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 2018-05-10 germany
Shiki 東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第19回 出張編 小江戸と浅草の中継点「志木」 2018-05-12 japan
Kyoto 幕末京都マッピングパーティ#04:薩摩藩士と寺田屋騒動 2018-05-12 japan
Disneyland Paris Marne/Chessy Railway Station FOSS4G-fr 2018 2018-05-15-2018-05-17 france
Bordeaux State of the Map France 2018 2018-06-01-2018-06-03 france
Milan State of the Map 2018 (international conference) 2018-07-28-2018-07-30 italy
Dar es Salaam FOSS4G 2018 2018-08-29-2018-08-31 tanzania
Bengaluru State of the Map Asia 2018 (effective date to confirm) 2018-11-17-2018-11-18 india

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