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Multimapas – a combination of many historical, topographic, satellite and road maps 1 | © CC BY 4.0 – Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España | © Leaflet | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


  • The latest version of “How Did You Contribute” by Pascal Neis now uses osmose to display information about the quality of the user’s edits.
  • Facebook’s Maps Team announced the RapiD Editor based on iD, which enables mappers to convert data they extracted using machine learning into OSM features.
  • WiGeoGIS, a contractor of the fuel station chain OMV, announced plans to improve and maintain fuel stations of the brands OMV, AVANTI, Petrom, FE Trading and EuroTruck in OSM. See also the discussion on the Talk mailing list (May, June).
  • Valor Naram put a revised version of changing_table=* tagging to a vote.
  • Developers of the Maps.me navigator, which uses OSM data, created a validator for underground railways (subways/metros) all over the world.


  • Simon Poole made some suggestions on the Tagging mailing list on how to deal with the increasing number of messages and proposals there. There were lots of replies.
  • Recently the Kazakhstan OSM community created a Telegram chat.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Joost Schouppe reports about the OSMF Board meeting in Brussels (including discussing the survey that was carried out beforehand) on the OSM Foundation’s blog.


  • OpenStreetMap Argentina announces a local State of the Map to be held on Saturday 27th July in Santa Fe.

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT shares on their blog about an experimental version of the Tasking Manager which incorporates machine learning assistance for various tasks.
  • Simon Johnson writes on Medium about how “big data” in the humanitarian community is often at odds with the idea of “minimum viable data” – the idea that less data is actually more valuable because it’s better quality and easier to verify.
  • In Better Bombing with Machine Learning Frederik Ramm points out that computer vision/machine learning could be used by military forces for aerial bombing, and the OSM community should consider whether we should be so jubilant regarding companies that use those technologies for improving OSM.


  • Richard Fairhust tweets an example of using Lua to automatically transliterate names whilst processing OSM data for rendering. Post-processing OSM data in this way often removes the need for many name:<iso-code> tags.
  • The map of electoral districts on the website of the Magnitogorsk City (in Russia) is based on OSM.
  • A map of roads that are or will be repaired has been posted on the website of the Russian federal program “Safe and high-quality roads”. It is based on OSM but first you need to choose a region.


  • A new stable JOSM version (15155) was released. Category icons and a field for filtering background image settings have been added. Dynamic entries in the Background Images menu are displayed in submenus as well as many more improvements.
  • The OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker has been updated to version 0.5. New features are contact search, proxy settings, GPS settings and active markers.
  • Thanks to v2.0 of Babykarte, babies will not lose their way anymore. Or rather, it will become easier for parents to find baby and toddler friendly amenities (map).

Did you know …

OSM in the media

  • This short podcast from BBC Radio 4 asks the question: are there more stars in the universe than grains of beach sand on Earth? A contributor to the programme, using the OSM Planet File, computed an approximation for the amount of beach sand on the planet Earth.
  • An interview with Russian mapper Ilya Zverev has been posted (ru) on Habr. He spoke about what he did during his two years on the OSMF Board, why the American OSM society is the most friendly and why you need to participate in offline conferences. (automatic translation)

Other “geo” things

  • How to make a Simpsons-inspired map with expressions.
  • John Murray has been using the recent release of Rapids AI, a data science library for GPUs, to compute distances to everywhere in Great Britain from a point in a few seconds.
  • An extract from a forthcoming book by Barbara Tversky discusses “What makes a good map?”
  • An outdoor clothing company has been sneakily adding photos of its products to Wikipedia articles, in an attempt to get their brand higher up in Google image results. Just another danger of an open wiki system that we must be aware of.
  • Daniel J-H announced the release of a new version of RoboSat, which can detect roads and buildings in aerial imagery.
  • Die Welt has an article (automatic translation) about the best apps for water sports enthusiasts.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Rennes Réunion mensuelle 2019-06-10 france
Bordeaux Réunion mensuelle 2019-06-10 france
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle pour tous 2019-06-11 france
Salt Lake City SLC Mappy Hour 2019-06-11 united states
Zurich OSM Stammtisch Zurich 2019-06-11 switzerland
Bordeaux Réunion mensuelle 2019-06-11 france
Hamburg Hamburger Mappertreffen 2019-06-11 germany
Wuppertal Wuppertaler Stammtisch im Hutmacher 18 Uhr 2019-06-12 germany
Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark 2019-06-13 austria
Munich Münchner Stammtisch 2019-06-13 germany
Bochum Mappertreffen 2019-06-13 germany
Berlin 132. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 2019-06-14 germany
Montpellier State of the Map France 2019 2019-06-14-2019-06-16 france
Essen 5. OSM-Sommercamp und 12. FOSSGIS-Hackingevent im Linuxhotel 2019-06-14-2019-06-16 germany
Kyoto 京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第9回 光明寺 2019-06-15 japan
Dublin OSM Ireland AGM & Talks 2019-06-15 ireland
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Ca. Mapping Party 2019-06-15 California
Cologne Bonn Airport Bonner Stammtisch 2019-06-18 germany
Lüneburg Lüneburger Mappertreffen 2019-06-18 germany
Sheffield Sheffield pub meetup 2019-06-18 england
Rostock Rostocker Treffen 2019-06-18 germany
Karlsruhe Stammtisch 2019-06-19 germany
London #geomob London 2019-06-19 england
Leoberdorf Leobersdorfer Stammtisch 2019-06-20 austria
Rennes Préparer ses randos pédestres ou vélos 2019-06-23 france
Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 2019-06-24 germany
Angra do Heroísmo Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting 2019-06-24-2019-06-29 portugal
Salt Lake City SLC Map Night 2019-06-25 united states
Montpellier Réunion mensuelle 2019-06-26 france
Lübeck Lübecker Mappertreffen 2019-06-27 germany
Mannheim Mannheimer Mapathons e.V. 2019-06-27 germany
Düsseldorf Stammtisch 2019-06-28 germany
London OSMUK Annual Gathering including Wikidata UK Meets OSM 2019-06-29 united kingdom
Kyoto 幕末京都オープンデータソン#11:京の浪士と池田屋事件 2019-06-29 japan
Santa Fe State of the Map Argentina 2019 2019-07-27 argentina
Minneapolis State of the Map US 2019 2019-09-06-2019-09-08 united states
Edinburgh FOSS4GUK 2019 2019-09-18-2019-09-21 united kingdom
Heidelberg Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting 2019-09-18-2019-09-23 germany
Heidelberg HOT Summit 2019 2019-09-19-2019-09-20 germany
Heidelberg State of the Map 2019 (international conference) 2019-09-21-2019-09-23 germany
Grand-Bassam State of the Map Africa 2019 2019-11-22-2019-11-24 ivory coast

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