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(English) weekly 236 – 20.01.–26.01.2015

Вибачте цей текст доступний тільки в “English”, “Čeština”, “Deutsch”, “Español”, “Français”, “日本語 і “Turkish”.


Screenshot Taglocator
Taglocator from marczoutendijk shows where which tags are used. [1]

Some news about us

  • In December last year, Stephan interviewed  the people who started weeklyOSM, our international offshoot (a summary is available in English). We’ll schedule an interview with those behind the French and Czech editions later.




OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The new Membership Working Group is working on the migration of the OSMF membership management to CiviCRM.


  • Bonn and Dublin have completed the first round of the application process for the FOSS4G 2016 successfully and may now submit their applications.

Humanitarian OSM


  • The end of the Google Maps Engine API  is apparently to be set for January 29, 2016. Gary thinks about what should happen next.



  • OsmAnd gathers money at BidforFix to implement new features.
  • Osmaxx, new software to convert OSM data into other common GIS file formats, is now in development.
  • Tim Sutton shows in Kartoza‘s blog how to build QGIS with Python and a GIS applications (which does not look like QGIS). 😉
  • Is Merkaartor still alive? The development of the formerly very popular offline editor (“orphaned” since March 2013) might actually be restarted. Ladislav Laska is looking for help on the mailing list.
  • User Polyglot is planning a Mapillary plugin for JOSM, and asks on the JOSM-Dev mailing list if anyone is working on such a plugin.
  • Pawe? Paprota has completed a version of the OWL Activity tab for It depicts changes in an area better than the present History tab and uses the API of the OpenStreetMap Watch List.

Did you know …

  • to fix by MapBox. To-fix is similar to the good Maproulette, but only allows changes using the default editor of a user, usually iD.
  • … Lacking Proper Attribution (lack sufficient attribution) on the wiki, where is the admonition of license violations documented and organised ?