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Global Noise Pollution Map

The Global Noise Pollution Map of Lukas Martinelli 1


  • User Markus writes about the Bing and Google ariel photos in China and highlights the importance of verifying the data that is added locally. This can be done by contacting travelers who would like to learn more about OSM and start contributing.
  • Nikhil writes about how to up your skills on OpenStreetMap with JOSM plugins using ‘reverter’ and ‘geochat plugings’.
  • A presentation by Galante about Mapping the Roman Villa of Patti Marina (an archaeological site in Palermo, Italy) in OpenStreetMap.
  • User moenk writes in the forum about a tool called Mapradar which can be used to map using Mapillary.
  • A proposal about Marine shops, which are shops “where one can buy various pieces of boats equipment and replacement parts”. The proposal is about adding the tags shop=marine (shops selling marine hardware) and shop=boat (shops selling boats).
  • A user in the tagging mailing list asks about the presence of two tags sport=shotput and sport=shot_put in the database, but is not sure as to which is the most relevant one to use as there are no clear instructions about them in the OSM wiki.
  • Voting has begun for the proposed feature amenity=internet_cafe, all the votes until now are in favour of this tag.


  • On the talk-gb list, EdLoach suggested that buildings without addresses and farmland without infrastructure such as hedges and gates should be deleted to better allow the “proper mapping” of those features. Almost no one realized that the date was actually April 1st and it was a prank! 😉
  • The OpenCage Data Blog interviews four mappers at a time to report about the state of the map and the local community in the Czech Republic.
  • OSMHelp feeds a troll until Simon stops the feeding.
  • Little Social Projects is asking for volunteers to help them map sports facilities in Galicia. More info here.
  • A presentation about OpenStreetMap past(s) and future(s) (on the AAG2016) by Alan McConchie.
  • Zoltan Sylvester illustrates how rivers change with the passing of time by using Landsat images of the last 30 years.
  • Rob Nickerson starts a discussion about the future of OSM in contrast to the opening up of more and more official data in GB.
  • Steve Coast proposes having an official OSM Slack, he also includes details of existing OSM related slack instances. This has started a wider discussion about usage of Slack within the OSM community.
  • Wanted a student or a graduate student for the development of a digital sustainability map for Karlsruhe. Good german is required part of a project from Quartier Zukunft a project from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • State of the Map organizing committee writes about the attacks in Brussels where this year’s State of the Map is organized.


  • OSM US offers scholarships for the State of the Map US, deadline to apply for scholarships is 24th of April.
  • Mapillary is hosting an event Fotocaminata in Lima (Peru) on the 17th of April in collaboration with OpenStreetMap Peru and GDG Lima.

Humanitarian OSM

  • A joint effort between the World Bank’s Dar Ramani Huria and Mapillary aims to start mapping unmapped streets in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



  • INRIX Traffic 6.0 has redesigned it’s traffic information application which uses OpenStreetMap. This app learns preferences and daily routines of the user and based on the learned activities makes a daily personalized itinerary with the anticipated tours and frequently used routes.


  • Vladimir Agafonkin explains how the Supercluster API works. This API allows to cluster and visualize even huge sets of points.
  • The classifier for maps of public sources (OpenStreetMap) is updated, new styles are available when working in programs like the GIS “Panorama 11” and Panorama-editor.


Software Version Release Date Comment
Basecamp Mac 4.6.3 2016-03-28 2 bugs fixed
Mapillary for Android 1.8.4 2016-03-29 2 Crash fixes and other improvements
Maps.me iOS 6.0.2 2016-03-29
SQLite 3.12.0 2016-03-29 10 improvements in performance, 6 new features and bug fixes 3
PostgreSQL 9.5.2 ff 2016-03-31 Security update release
Atlas 1.2.4 2016-04-01 Updated map and routing engines, various improvements
Maps.me Android 6.0.3 2016-04-01
OpenLayers 3.15.0 2016-04-04 Features and fixes from 136 pull requests since the v3.14.2 release.

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

  • Minimalist raw editor allows you to modify OpenStreetMap XML data without using any editor.
  • OpenPOIMap is a tool that helps in querying for points of interest in OpenStreetMap for a particular bounding box and allows the user to download the results of the query.
  • OpenStreetMap announced the launch of Coaster – the first product from Phaethon, the OpenStreetMap driverless car project.

Other “geo” things

  • Amazon is showing interest in using “here” maps which are used by German carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler.
  • A German association that takes pictures of tombstones and registers cemeteries leads to a bit of confusion. The collection of tombstones had been a topic in OSM in the past, too.
  • Ujjwal Singh believes to have prior art on What3Words patent and now hopes to invalidate their patent.
  • Gretchen N. Peterson offers a book for adults to coloring your own maps.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Buenos Aires FOSS4G Argentina 05.04.2016-09.04.2016 argentina
Berlin 94. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 08.04.2016 germany
Numazu ????????????in?????????????(Code for Numazu ???)? 09.04.2016 japan
Berlin Missing Maps Berlin 10.04.2016 germany
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 12.04.2016 france
Landshut Niederbayerntreffen 12.04.2016 germany
München Stammtisch München 12.04.2016 germany
Colorado Humanitarian Mapathon Front Range Community College, Longmont 13.04.2016 us
Stuttgart Openstreetmap Einführung der FOSS@HFT 13.04.2016 germany
Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark 14.04.2016 austria
Kyoto ???????????????????? ??? ?????????? 16.04.2016 japan
Moscow Schemo.hack 03 Hack Weekend 16.04.2016-17.04.2016 russia
New Jersey National Park Week Mapping Party Sandy Hook 17.04.2016 us
Cluj-Napoca Cluj Mapping Party 17.04.2016 romania
Urspring Stammtisch Ulmer Alb 19.04.2016 germany
Nottingham Nottingham 19.04.2016 united kingdom
Bonn Bonner Stammtisch 19.04.2016 germany
Lüneburg Mappertreffen Lüneburg 19.04.2016 germany
Karlsruhe Stammtisch 20.04.2016 germany
Newcastle FoMSF Missing Maps Mapathon 21.04.2016 united kingdom
Santiago International Space Apps Challenge 22.04.2016-24.04.2016 chile
Seattle Missing Maps Mapathon 23.04.2016 us
Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 25.04.2016 germany
Düsseldorf Stammtisch 27.04.2016 germany
Berlin Hack Weekend 30.04.2016-01.05.2016 germany
Essen Stammtisch 30.04.2016 germany

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