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Disaster Map Ecuador from GIS Science Heidelberg [1] | important features for rescue teams in a map from the University in Heidelberg, Germany


  • Chethan Gowda explains how to solve edit conflicts with JOSM.
  • Aarthy Chandrasekhar explains how the two JOSM plugins that she wrote (The task configuration and the changesetID plugin) help her greatly in her daily work.
  • User Keder publishes a very detailed Proposal (Education 2.0) to rework the tagging scheme for educational facilities.
  • Christoph Hormann notes that ASTER imagery (known from DEM data) is _now_ (UPDATE) open to the public.
  • User PT-53 complains on the German forum that a mapper from Mapbox has mistakingly deleted a newly constructed roundabout which is not visible on Bing imagery.
  • Malcolm Herring again tries to define the tags tower and mast.
  • Jerome wrote a proposal to extend the tagging of Kneipp facilities, and did start the RFC (request for comments).
  • Tom Pfeifer points to his “mini vote” about adding new subvalues to the service tag.


  • Oliver Ritter wrote in his blog post about Geopedia as an universal tool (automatic translation).
  • FredM points to a job offer in Nepal, asking for OpenStreetMap knowledge.
  • Bjørn Sandvik publishes his planning of a hiking trip in the Alps using OpenStreetMap data.
  • Gregory Marler wrote a review of Steve Coast’s OSM book.
  • James Masts asks on the Talk-us mailing list how to contact students and their instructor whose edits are damaging OSM data.
  • The German project Wheelmap.org receives €825,000 from Google.org (via @GoogleDE)


Humanitarian OSM

  • The severe earthquake on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast with about 500 casualties is edited by many helpers from the OSM scene. Because of the considerable volume of messages we focus on some key points, and we are asking the community to help with the folders in the crisis region.
  • The communication of mapping actions runs in several channels in Telegram

    The communication on Twitter via Hashtag #MappingEcuador.

    The List of upcoming Mapathons will be updated in the wiki. The OSM Calendar will be updated as well.

  • [1] In order to provide emergency and rescue forces in Ecuador with routing data the GIScience Heidelberg team set up an OpenStreetMap disaster routing and crisis map collecting and visualizing latest OSM information.The OpenRouteService Disaster Map and the routing graph will be updated regularly.Most importantly, the additional OpenRouteService SOS – route profile currently considers passable and impassable tagged ways and dynamically adjusts the graph weights of OSM streets accordingly.ORS also provides an Accessibility Analysis Service for a given location, the possibility to export GPS tracks to be used offline on mobile device and the interactive Avoid Feature Area Tool (in case areas are severely effected by debris and not accessible at all). These features are thus potentially valuable for Search and Rescue (SAR) units.
  • Escada reports about a large “missing map mapathon” in Belgium. It took place at the geography departments of seven universities and with about 190 participants, it produced a good press echo.
  • John Whelan starts a discussion on the HOT mailing list about the rectangular building outlines, how to produce them and how often they are not squared.
  • There is a MSF & Missing Maps Mapathon in Barcelona on 28 April 2016
  • Martin Dittus shows in a video the impact of humanitarian mapping projects on OpenStreetMap community engagement.


  • Andrew Hill created a map using the 2014 USA census to show how many women live (in percent of the total population).
  • Meggsimum shows an interactive map of the German Wine Road and its villages in Palatinate (Germany).
  • Argentina en Python publishes weekly generated maps for Garmin devices for Ecuador and Peru.

Open Data

  • Miranda Katz produced a map to show which countries’ diplomats have the most unpaid parking tickets in New York city.


  • The email client Thunderbird now also uses OSM (starting with version 45.0).


  • Like every year OSM will participate to the Google Summer of Code. Six students will have the opportunity to work on one of the proposed topics.
  • MapJam launched developer API with Open Source maps targeting Google Maps and Mapbox customers.
  • Nathanael Long released his bachelor thesis “pedestrian routing with OSM” (PDF) at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (supervised by Geofabrik). In it there is a routing graph charged synthetic pavements and road crossings, although these are not recognized as separate footpaths in OSM.


Software Version Release Date Comment
Traccar Server 3.5 2016-03-17
OpenLayers 3.15.1 2016-04-07 Patch release that addresses a regression in the v3.15.0 release.

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

  • … the PHP program to visualize difference between versions of OSM objects?
  • … the earth quake map ogee with data from USGS?
  • … Mapnificent, which shows for some pre-selected cities the area which you can reach with public transport in a given time. A video explains the details.
  • … Florian Pigorschs Flopp’s map with some neat geographic functions, mostly to help geocachers.
  • this is a multilingual map of India, with more than 100 languages belonging to four different language families which are spoken in India. A multilingual map of the world will be a challenge for OpenStreetMap.
  • … Pascal Neis’ site to search for specific changeset comments within the last 30 days?

Other “geo” things

  • Ivo is a sports addict and has created a site showing the weather in the world in a bit different style.
  • The Oxford Internet Institute shows some maps with different and quite interesting information, e.g. a map about Github users.
  • The recently opened David Rumsey Map Center library at Stanford University, among others preserved 10,000 antiquarian maps. See this video for more information.
  • Vexcel Holding GmbH in Graz (Austria) buys Microsoft’s ultracam department (the developer of a digital camera for aerial photography).

Upcoming Events

Dónde Qué Fecha País
Zürich Missing Maps: Humanitarian Mapping 20/04/2016 switzerland
Badalona Mapes per ajudar a l’Equador 21/04/2016 Barcelona
Newcastle FoMSF Missing Maps Mapathon 21/04/2016 united kingdom
Heidelberg Ecuador Disaster Mapathon at Heidelberg University 21/04/2016 germany
Colorado GIS in Higher Ed. Humanitarian Mapathon Nighthawk Brewery, Broomfield 21/04/2016 us
Manila ”’OpenStreetMap for Beginners on FOSS4G-PH 2016”’ 22/04/2016 philippines
Santiago International Space Apps Challenge 22/04/2016-24/04/2016 chile
Cochabamba Charla OSM en Flisol 22/04/2016 bolivia
Seattle Missing Maps Mapathon 23/04/2016 us
Salta Charla OSM en Flisol 23/04/2016 argentina
Curuzú Cuatiá Charla OSM en Flisol 23/04/2016 argentina
Buenos Aires Taller de mapeo OSM en Flisol 23/04/2016 argentina
Berlin Hack Weekend 30/04/2016-01/05/2016 germany
Metro Manila Mapping Party: UP Village Quezon City 30/04/2016 philippines
Liguria Genova @ Zenzero, via Torti 20:30 with ALID 02/05/2016 italy
Trentino Ala @ library 20:30 02/05/2016 italy
Manila Metro Manila Mapping Party with #MapPHL, Quiapo 07/05/2016 philippines
Bogotá Mapping party – Bogota: Usaquén 07/05/2016 colombia
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 10/05/2016 france
Trentino Besenello @ library 14:00. With support of Portobeseno and the Besenello Municipality 14/05/2016 italy
Derby Derby 17/05/2016 united kingdom
Clermont-Ferrand State of the Map France 2016 20/05/2016-22/05/2016 france
Milano State of the Map Italy 2016 20/05/2016-22/05/2016 italy
Brno State of the Map CZ+SK 2016 21/05/2016 czech republic
Nottingham Nottingham 21/06/2016 united kingdom
Salzburg FOSSGIS 2016 04/07/2016-06/07/2016 austria
Salzburg AGIT 2016 06/07/2016-08/07/2016 austria
Nottingham Nottingham 19/07/2016 united kingdom
Seattle State of The Map US 2016 23/07/2016-25/07/2016 united states
Tokyo State of The Map Japan 2016 06/08/2016 japan
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint”’ 20/08/2016-22/08/2016 germany
Bonn ”’Workshops at FOSS4G 2016”’ 22/08/2016-23/08/2016 germany
Derby Derby 23/08/2016 united kingdom
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016”’ 24/08/2016-26/08/2016 germany
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II”’ 27/08/2016-28/08/2016 germany

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