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Statistik der meisten Edits Earthquake in Italy – please map in Italy 1 | OSM Tasking Manager – Wikimedia Italia

About us

  • The OpenStreetMap Foundation is seeking donations to finance the Foundation’s expenditures in 2017. The fundraising drive though, has only raised 42,000 euros of the target 70,000 euros after a few weeks.


  • User Bharata from Mapbox writes about the usage of the offset database while aligning roads in Taiwan.
  • The slave databases of the OpenStreetmap API experienced replication delays on Tuesday and Wednesday. This caused difficulties to editors who when editing write to the master database but then read from a slave which might be up to 10 hours out of date, causing spurious editing conflicts.
  • On MapRoulette, there are seven new tasks of the project Zebrastreifen-Safari (automatic translation). This project is validating automatically detected pedestrian crossings in Switzerland.
  • Thomas Skowron argues that the syntax of opening_hours=* is overly complex.
  • Sven Geggus, the maintainer of the German OSM-style, has started a discussion about the rendering of country names. He proposed a correction of all country names into official languages of the respective countries instead of English names.
  • Richard Welty suggests the creation of a new tag for car manufacturers’ test tracks instead of highway=racing.


OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The Operations Working Group would like to reduce the load on the tile servers of the OSMF (tile.openstreetmap.org) considerably and asks for comments on the Tile Usage Policy. The discussion also highlighted some interesting statistics about the usage of the tile server by embedding in websites and applications of third parties.
  • The official OpenStreetMap blog announced the new offer of memberships for companies and organizations. It will take effect on Jan 1, 2017.
  • The Operations Working Group wants to document the rules for whitelisting of IP addresses on the tile and API servers and asks for comments.
  • Simon Poole suggests to the OSMF Operations Working Group that “the use policies should contain pointers to the new privacy policy and at least the tile usage policy should recommend a suitable link to fix the map“.
  • On the agenda of OpenStreetMap US are the elections in the second half of November.


Humanitarian OSM

  • [1] Once again, a devastating earthquake hit 6.6 in Central Italy. BBC reported that thousands of people were left homeless and many buildings destroyed. The Italian community has its own tasking manager. Please help map Italy!
  • Amelie Baron of AFP describes the drone mapping in Haiti after the hurricane Matthew. News on the devastation were tweeted by Potentiel3_0 with references to the images of Pierzen.
  • On hotosm.org there is now a showcase to collect and show examples of the impact of humanitarian mapping projects. There was a discussion whether only projects from Hot Inc. should be shown, because it would be used for fundraising.
  • The Atlantic’s Citylab explains the concept of the app MapSwipe, its goals and where it’s headed.
  • The presentations at the HOT Summit 2016 in Brussels are online.
  • Severin Menard writes to the HOT mailing list about his experience during the Hurricane Matthew mapping tasks. He also shares his perspective about using drones, remote mapping, involving local mappers and HOT US Inc.


  • Candid Dauth presented the completely redesigned version 2 of the FacilMap based on Leaflet.


Open Data

  • The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced the winner of the OpenDataAwards on November 1st in London. The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), operated by UNOCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), was honored by the Open Data Innovation Award.
  • Punctually to the 4th birthday (Oct. 29th) of Wikidata, user Addshore presented his blog with the new version of the Wikidata map. A lot has happened in the last six months.
  • Ash_Crow congratulates Wikidata on its fourth anniversary and talks about his experiences in the project.


  • Mapbox clarifies who has which rights on a map style for Mapbox GL JS when created with Mapbox Studio. It does not make any demands on styles self-written by its users.


  • The MapsForge developers forked the Java Vectron Library VTM for Android, iOS and desktop systems of the OpenScienceMap and released version 0.6.0.
  • With GEOS 3.6, the C++ API was changed by GEOS. Jochen Topf as a developer of the library libosmium presented on the dev mailing list, three possible ways how to proceed with the functions to generate GEOS geometries in libosmium.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Graphhopper0.82016-10-18Many changes, please read release info.
Mapillary Android *3.0.12016-10-26Bugfix release.
Route Converter2.192016-10-26Many changes, please read release info.
Cruiser for Android *1.4.122016-10-27Alternative routes, round trips, various improvements
Cruiser for Desktop *1.2.122016-10-27No info.
PostgreSQL9.6.12016-10-27This release contains a variety of fixes from 9.6.0.
Komoot Android *var2016-10-28“Tips and comments” accepting videos.
OpenLayers3.19.12016-10-28Patch release that addresses four regressions in the v3.19.0 release.
Gnome Maps3.23.12016-10-29Fixed a typo and a formatting issue, handle a plain 00:00-24:00 opening hour specification as being “always open” for POIs
Mapillary iOS *4.5.02016-10-29New camera mode: Auto, Compatibility fix for latest Ricoh Theta S firmware.
GeoServer2.10.02016-10-31New Style Editor, CSS Styling Improvements and many more.
Locus Map Free *3.20.02016-10-31New maps, this time of Europe and Middle East.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist.

(*) unfree software. See freesoftware.

Did you know …

  • … the GeoHipster map?
  • … the blog post “Become a power mapper” from our correspondent Jinal Foflia from Bangalore? Jinal shows JOSM shortcuts by examples such as splitting and connecting ways, creating circles (for roundabouts), changing these shortcuts and last but not least using filters.
  • the numbers regarding usage of different editors in OSM?
  • … the online tool yohours for determining the opening hours for OSM?
  • … the long article by Alexander Zipf (German) (automatic translation) of the University of Hedelberg about the value of social media and mapping in disaster relief operations.

Other “geo” things

  • On Kickstarter there are posters and t-shirts with OSM design again.
  • Telenav joins the select group of companies granted California Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permits
  • What does New York do with all its trash? This question has been investigated by The Guardian. An interesting Leaflet animation supports the report.

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