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3 Replies to “Editorial Page”

  1. Please consider using the international standard date format ISO-8601. I see that the weekly newsletters have a date range of «16/06/2020-22/06/2020» which is confusing to many different people that all have different formats for their dates. If we could all just standardize on YYYY-MM-DD, it would be unambiguous and would please more people than picking one of the various standards of a particular country/region. Thanks.

  2. good day. I’m subscribed to two talk-xx mail lists, and I receive every week the weekly, and I generally just delete them.

    it’s every week exactly the same email, the only difference is the index in the link to the summary, and I find it mostly useless, in this form. you surely do measure how many people come to the URL from an email link.

    I suggest that the impact would be much higer if you would replace that link (to the index) with the index (including links to the individual articles), straight into the email text. what about testing this for a couple of months, and then if the statistics (how many people do read the weekelyosm) do increase, keep the change, or revert it.

    1. hola. hoy he decidido seguir el enlace y me he dado cuenta que la página pesa 3⅕Mbyte. con mi conexión, eso quiere decir 4 minutos de espera. miren, estoy a toda disposición para escribirle el código que incluya los titulares y los enlaces a los artículos en el correo que distribuyen.

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