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OpenAddress-Data in Europa

State of the OpenAddress data coverage in Europe 1 | © Michal Migurski © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap Contributors ODbL


  • Dieterdreist wrote a proposal on aeroway=spaceport. The voting is open until May 30th.
  • Yo paseopor calls to use the traffic sign recognition of Mapillary in OSM as nodes to capture traffic signs.
  • On the tagging mailing list, Dave F wonders about the existence of toilets:wheelchair and wheelchair_toilet in the iD editor. After some discussion, he gets the information that a pre-selection for free texts information comes from Taginfo and thus can contain typos.


  • User Hakuch published WikiRever, a tool that looks up who inserted or deleted a specific phrase from an OpenStreetMap Wiki page. He claims that it is easier to use than Wikiblame. (automatic translation)
  • The American Red Cross announces a job as “American Red Cross GIS Analyst” in Bogota, Colombia.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • OSM France has applied for recognition as a regional representative of the OSM Foundation.


  • The Dresden OSM-Community is planning an OSM Summer camp on a weekend in August or September and is seeking expressions of interest (DE) before booking the venue.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Geoffrey Kateregga writes in the HOT blog about the malaria elimination mapping campaign, in which youth mappers from five universities in Uganda mapped 800,000 buildings. The three most active users got a scholarship to the SotM Africa.
  • The Jakarta Post reported on the collaboration of several humanitarian organisations to support disability and the poor in Indonesia.
  • Rebecca Firth searches on the HOT mailing list for experienced mappers to validate tasks in the District of Salima, Malawi.
  • C J Hendrix of the Centre for Humanitarian Data reported on the new automatic OSM exports for the HDX (Humanitarian Data Exchange), which were created in cooperation with HOT.


  • Are you searching for geolocations of Wikipedia articles on the OSM map? Alex-7 created a web app.
  • Black is beautiful: A bug in the latest carto style caused waterways with intermittent=yes to be rendered in black instead of dashed blue. The issue has been solved.


  • Via Staziun is a project of the SBB and the Foundation My Handicap with the aim “to facilitate orientation at train stations: with current photos and information from all Swiss railway stations, collected and shared by other travellers”. The pictures are available in Mapillary but all other information is not available under a free and open license.

Open Data

  • [1] Michal Migurski presents the OpenAdresses project on the Mapbox blog and garnishes it with some nice statistics.



  • The Mapbox Mobile SDK can be enhanced by plugins.
  • Christoph Lingg asked whether there is an easier-to-use OSM data format other than PBF. He would prefer the data in GeoJSON. Jochen Topf explained in detail where the problems are and suggested his export-branch of osmium which can export to GeoJSON.


Software Version Release date Comment
GeoServer 2.11.1 2017-05-19 37 bugfixes and some enhancements.
Traccar Client iOS 4.2 2017-05-15 Report by distance and angle.
Naviki iOS * 3.59 2017-05-16 Offline maps, Google login and some more bugs fixed.
Traccar Client Android 4.3 2017-05-16 No infos.
Kurviger Free * 10.0.25 2017-05-17 Address search and other improvements.
OpenMapTiles 2.3.0 2017-05-17 Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements.
Komoot Android * 9.1 2017-05-18 No infos.
MapContrib 1.7.10 2017-05-19 Display the localized version of the tag value in popup content.
Mapillary iOS * 4.6.16 2017-05-19 Fixed basemap bug that could result in empty map.
Maps.me Android * var 2017-05-19 No infos.
QGIS 2.18.8 2017-05-19 No infos.
StreetComplete 0.11 2017-05-21 New languages: Malayalam, Czech, Portuguese (PT)
Komoot iOS * 9.1.1 2017-05-22 Tour planning revised and simplified, indication of a fitness level for route selection.
OpenStreetMap Carto Style 3.3.1 2017-05-22 Bugfix release.
SQLite 3.19.0 2017-05-22 13 enhancements and six bugfixes.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist. Timestamp: 2017-05-22 19:23:05+02 UTC

(*) unfree software. See: freesoftware.

OSM in the media

  • João Pedro Leite blogs on GeekTime about the three map monopolists and why OpenStreetMap is a way out.

Other “geo” things

  • Andy Dearing explains why open source GIS software is so important and a driving factor, especially in the IoT (Internet of Things) environment.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Manila San Juan City Mapa-thon by MapAm?re , San Juan 29/05/2017 philippines
Leuven 2nd Leuven http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/asthma/ Monthly OSM Meetup 31/05/2017 belgium
Dusseldorf Stammtisch Düsseldorf 31/05/2017 germany
Dresden Stammtisch 01/06/2017 germany
Avignon State of the Map France 2017 02/06/2017-04/06/2017 france
Lviv Map Solutions 2017 03/06/2017 ukraine
Taipei OSM Taipei Meetup, MozSpace 05/06/2017 taiwan
Toronto Mappy Hour 05/06/2017 canada
Rostock Rostocker Treffen 06/06/2017 germany
London Missing Maps London Mapathon, Royal Geographic Society 06/06/2017 uk
Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch 07/06/2017 germany
Montreal OSM monthly meetup at BANQ 07/06/2017 canada
Praha/Brno/Ostrava Kvartální pivo 07/06/2017 czech republic
Munich Münchner Stammtisch 08/06/2017 germany
Falkensee 108. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 09/06/2017 germany
Russia Tula Mapping Party, Tula 10/06/2017-11/06/2017
Takatsuki ?????#05???????????????????? 10/06/2017 japan
Passau Mappertreffen 12/06/2017 germany
Nantes Rencontres mensuelles 13/06/2017 france
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle libre 13/06/2017 france
Salzburg AGIT2017 05/07/2017-07/07/2017 austria
Kampala State of the Map Africa 2017 08/07/2017-10/07/2017 uganda
Champs-sur-Marne (Marne-la-Vallée) FOSS4G Europe 2017 at ENSG Cité Descartes 18/07/2017-22/07/2017 france
Boston FOSS4G 2017 14/08/2017-19/08/2017 united states
Aizu-wakamatsu Shi State of the Map 2017 18/08/2017-20/08/2017 japan
Patan State of the Map Asia 2017 23/09/2017-24/09/2017 nepal
Boulder State of the Map U.S. 2017 19/10/2017-22/10/2017 united states
Buenos Aires FOSS4G+State of the Map Argentina 2017 23/10/2017-28/10/2017 argentina
Lima State of the Map LatAm 2017 29/11/2017-02/12/2017 perú

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