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Logo Map of Brexhill – UK; a fork of Humitos’ upoi.org 1 | © OpenStreetMap Contributors CC-BY-SA 2.0


  • Mapbox joined last weekend’s Rio mapathon to help map the city where this year’s Olympic Games will be held.
  • In the OSM wiki, the voting for the “extended Kneipp water cure” tagging proposal has started.
  • There’s a large discussion on the tagging mailing list about the different restrictions for learner drivers that exist in different countries (another new wiki proposal).
  • Mapbox has developed a JOSM plugin to allow the tagging of turn lanes. It implements the current turn:lanes scheme which was also used during the German Weekly task.
  • Martin Koppenhoefer wonders whether the amenity=nursing_home tagging is really deprecated (as someone has marked the wiki page) or if it still sometimes makes sense to use it.
  • Mapbox Bengaluru conducted a satellite workshop which involved imagery processing using QGIS. The tutorials related to the workshop can be found here.


  • JB has created a board game based on OSM, using French cathedrals (picture). He briefly describes the process and tools (QGIS) on the French mailing list. (Französisch) (automatic translation)
  • Boris Gruschko has produced a video to visualize the creation and aging of nodes in OpenStreetMap. (via talk)


  • On the 13th of July there will be a GraphHopper meetup in Berlin.
  • The schedule of SotM 2016 Japan (August, 06) has been published. (Japanisch) (automatic translation).

Humanitarian OSM

  • On the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s blog there is a report about a mapping workshop which was held at the end of April in Uganda.


  • [1] This very detailed map of Bexhill (UK) by Dr-Mx is available on github. It is a fork of the Spanish language upoi.org by Manuel Kaufmann aka humitos.
  • Josh Cohan (Next City) describes a new “AccessMap Seattle” map, currently accessible as a beta version. Parts of Seattle are very hilly, and AccessMapSeattle shows that, and other barriers to accessability. The map is of course using OSM data.
  • A new version of OpenRouteService has been released. Timothy Ellersiek describes it here in the University of Heidelberg’s GIScience News Blog.
  • Caleb Pershan writes in SFist about some special “typographic” maps of American cities that have been created. All municipalities, roads, and water areas are exclusively represented in writing, and all are OSM based.


  • Google tightens the terms of use for their Maps APIs. We naturally think this is a good time to switch to OSM.

Open Data

  • The city of Bonn has made a CC0 dataset available containing the location, type and age of urban trees. The coordinate system does need a little conversion, but that is described here by Josef Schugt.



  • Kepta, who is working on lane tagging support for the iD editor, explains in several blog posts about the progress that he is making.
  • The Routing API of GraphHopper has just received a bunch of new features.
  • Mapzen was able to “prevent a new war” between Sweden and Denmark (due to their geocoder misclassifying Copenhagen as in Sweden).


SoftwareVersionRelease DateComment
GraphHopper Routing Engine0.72016-06-15Java 7 support, new translations and many more
Mapbox GL JSv0.20.12016-06-21Bugfix
OpenStreetMap Carto Style2.402016-06-21No info
Osmose Backend1.0-2016-06-232016-06-23No info
OSM Buildings3.0.02016-06-244 changes and 2 fixes
OSRM Backend5.2.62016-06-24Bugfix
Cruiser for Android1.4.82016-06-25Multilingual vector maps
Cruiser for Desktop1.2.72016-06-25
Locus Map Free3.18.02016-06-27New function added

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

  • … the EmojiMap by Merten Peetz?
  • Le Portail IGN, a site for map comparisons? It’s similar to BBBike’s Map Compare, but has some different maps.
  • …about the Mexican project Mapeaton. A Mexican pun on the words “mapathon” and “peaton (pedestrian)”. The project’s aim is to take pictures of problems related to infrastructure for pedestrians.

Other “geo” things

  • GeaCron has published an interactive political world map which allows you to travel through the centuries. It’s a bit Eurocentric (I doubt much of the Americas and Asia were uninhabited 400 years ago) but it’s fun nonetheless.
  • Fastcompany has published a lengthy article about Ed Parsons (chief geographer at Google). OpenStreetMap and some of the companies in OSM’s ecosystem get a mention too…
  • Mapzen is hiring a “tiles engineer” in San Francisco or New York. Experience with OpenStreetmap is apparently a “bonus”!
  • Watch as the world’s cities appear one-by-one over 6,000 years (a visualisation by Metrocosm).
  • Mumbai’s “Mid Day” newspaper contains an article about new cartographers visualising individuality in maps (based on volunteer-led mapping and OpenStreetMap data).
  • Marco Viviani reports (Italian) on Wikimania 2016. The Wikipedia Conference took place from June 22-28 in Esino Lario, Lecco, Italy. (automatic translation)

Upcoming Events

NantesMissing Maps Nantes #1 @Médiagraph30/06/2016france
BengaluruOSM Hack Weekend in Mapbox02/07/2016-03/07/2016india
ShizuokaOpenStreetMap??????? in ??? (Nihondaira)02/07/2016japan
Roma”’mAppiaM!”’ Mapping of Appia’s Monuments Appia Antica09/07/2016-11/07/2016italy
TaipeiTaipei Meetup11/07/2016taiwan
LyonRencontre mensuelle mappeurs12/07/2016france
TrentinoPresentation of a hiking map done using OpenStreetMap data, Storo15/07/2016italy
Kyoto???????????????????? ?????16/07/2016japan
NottinghamNottingham19/07/2016united kingdom
Seattle”’State of The Map US 2016”’23/07/2016-25/07/2016united states

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