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Pascal Neis OSM-Suspicious to monitor Building Imports quality by country/region 1 | © Pascal Neis under CC-BY-SA 3.0


  • The voting for the proposal camp_site=camp_pitch was started, exactly 4 years after it was drafted by user n76. The proposal allows mappers to mark locations of individual sites for tents or caravans within a camp site.
  • User amilopowers suggests surface=whispering_asphalt or surface=silent_asphalt that would allow noise pollution assessments for roads. However, most responders on the tagging mailing list prefer other ways of tagging such as asphalt:type=* or asphalt=whisper or noise_reducing_surface=yes.
  • iD now has a tag for something that is not allowed to exist in many countries: shop=cannabis
  • Valor Naram’s proposal to mark the possibilities to change the baby’s nappy with changing_table=* received mixed feedback after it was moved for voting.


  • Enock Seth Nyamador, founder of OSM Ghana, has been accepted on a masters GIS course in Munich. Unfortunately he was not successful in obtaining a scholarship through Erasmus Mundi, and is now trying to raise funds to enable him to follow the course by crowd-funding on Go Fund Me.
  • The Mexican TV station TV UNAM aired an interview with Miriam Gonzales and Céline Jacquin from the Mexican OpenStreetMap community about OSM.
  • Valeriy Trubin started a series ([1](automatic translation), [2](automatic translation)) of interviews with Russian OSM mappers. They talk about how they came into OSM, how they see its future and what they would like to change in OSM.
  • In Russia, an initiative, „Spring staircases” (automatic translation) took place at the end of April. During the one week, contributors mapped entrances of staircases in residential buildings and associated flat numbers. As a result (automatic translation), fifteen hundred staircases were added to OSM.
  • Maitraye Das, a PhD researcher, at North-western University in Evanston, Illinois reports, at ACM CHI 2019, a conference of the Association for Computing Machinery, about an investigation of gender-biased contributions to OpenStreetMap in the USA. Where possible a gender was assigned to the top 2000 contributors, and scored mapping of 'masculinised’ and 'feminised’ (their terminology) points of interest. In line with other studies OSM contributors were identified as predominantly male (~95%), but „we do not see evidence of gender-based self-focus bias in their contributions”.
  • Pokhara, a metropolitan city in Nepal, launched Map Book, a paper atlas made using OpenStreetMap. The atlas was created using new and existing data uploaded to the Secondary Cities (2C) projects’ Geonode web portal and OpenStreetMap (OSM). The local geospatial data was generated by Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL), supported by the 2C Pokhara project. KLL worked directly with the local administration to add many POIs related to health, water supply, education, and business.


  • Robert Bell (Itsamap! on OSM & bjjptq on Reddit) provides a highly detailed view of how they approached obtaining access to local data and then imported it into OpenStreetMap. Persistence and extended dialogue with local officials (especially in the GIS department) were key to obtaining data. In addition there is a lot of detailed advice about how to then structure the import.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The minutes of the OSMF Board meeting on 24th April, with the exception of a non-public item concerning GlobalLogic, have been published.


  • Srikar Arepalli is looking for someone to talk about OSM at the VNR GNU/Linux Users Group in Hyderabad, India during July.
  • The SotM Africa conference will take place in Grand Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire, from 2019-11-22 until 2019-11-24. Deadlines are :
  • During the ESA Living Planet Symposium conference two tasks (on the teachosm platform) will be presented and launched. The tasks are concerned with climate change, rising sea levels and deforestation.
  • OSM France announced (fr) details of the Annual General Meeting of the association to be held in Montpellier in the course of SotM-FR 2019. The deadline for proposing candidates for the General Council and motions for the meeting is June 1st.
  • In two blog articles geologist recaps his experience with the Maker Faire Vienna 2019 where OSM AT participated as exhibitor (day 1 automatic translation, day 2 automatic translation).
  • OpenSaar e.V. organizes together with Doctors Without Borders, Germany and the Erasmus+ project of BBS Saarburg euYoutH_OSM in the run-up to LGM2019 a first mapathon in Saarland on May 29th from 15:00 to 18:00. Please register.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Kuo-Yu Chuang introduced HOT and Missing Maps to hundreds of participants at one of the biggest mapathons ever held in Taiwan.
  • Melanie Eckle from the Heidelberg University’s GIScience Research Group will join the Multi-Hazard Early Warning conference on 13th -14th May to provide insights into the benefits of Missing Maps and to the disaster related services which are already been provided by the University.
  • During the past months a team of HOT has analysed the mapping and validation workflows of the Tasking Manager to prepare it for the next big update with machine learning and more open data support. In a blog post Leihla Pinho details the undertakings to improve data quality, increase the speed of mapping, and improve user return rate.


  • Museos Abiertos is a non-profit organisation that works to open up the heritage of museums and helps different governmental and private organisations to manage their heritage and digital archives efficiently. They have now published a map of the museums in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Jeisenbe has submitted a pull request for the rendering of ridges and arêtes in OSM’s main (Carto-CSS) style. This is still work-in-progress, but the discussion and ideas may be informative for anyone interested in mountainous countryside.
  • National Rail, the association of train operators in Great Britain, have developed a map showing accessibility information for railway stations. The base map uses OSM.
  • In Belgium the four public transport operators worked together to create a Smart Mobility Planner where trajectories can be looked up that take real-time data of each operator account. The itinerary is shown on a background based on OSM.

Open Data

  • The UK Ministry of Industry has been supporting an initiative for local governments to make transport data more readily available for many uses. One transport provider, Nottingham City Transport, has recently announced a suite of open data to meet these objectives. Along with their own data on bus routes, stops, timetables and tickets, they also provide an extract of OpenStreetMap data (in XML format) relevant to their route network.


  • In response to our article last week about Oracle’s licensing changes in Java, the JOSM developers published a statement explaining that nothing changed for the free version of Java, OpenJDK, nor Oracle’s JRE 8. Therefore, the licensing changes do not affect JOSM and the developers recommend that you keep using your current Java version, applying any update and wait for an OpenJDK published by the community that will be available on every platform. weeklyOSM started to translate the statement into German, French, …


  • Bryan Housel announces that the next version of iD will prevent users deleting features with a wikidata tag. The context shown in the twitter thread is that inexperienced users often delete place nodes without realising. The 'child safety lock’ can be bypassed if one deletes the wikidata= tag first.
  • Fabina Kowatsch has published the fifth part of the blog series „How to become ohsome„.
  • [1] Pascal Neis in a twitter discussion about building quality announced the detection of unsquared buildings by osm-suspicious within your country/area . To monitor building imports, it is possible to filter comments for import and key filter for building.


  • This year 5 projects were accepted for Google Summer of Code:
    • Iason Manoloudis: 3D Traffic Sign Rendering in OSM2World
    • Thomas Hervey: HOT Task Manager Integration
    • Tanya Haddad: Adding Wikidata to Nominatim
    • Vishal R: Tool to Generate Bounding Nodes for Buildings and Quality Assurance
    • Ashish Singh: JOSM's PT_Assistant plugin
  • Simon Poole writes in his OSM diary about the potential problems for mapping apps with Google’s introduction of scoped storage for Android.
  • Ilya Zverev writes (ru) (automatic translation) on his blog about the rise and fall of the Open Source Routing Machine, OSRM for short, which Mapbox stopped contributing to after taking over the Valhalla development team a year ago.


Did you know …

  • … that to please Christopher Beddow, Pascal Neis has added Richard Fairhurst’s Deriviste editor to „How did You Contribute” (HYDC) to OSM.
  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a new location-based augmented reality game from Niantic, the creators of Ingress and Pokémon Go. The latter became somewhat famous within the OSM community as a continual source of dubious edits, because it used OSM data for background maps and game data . These edits were mainly parks; added by gamers in the hope of increasing the number of Pokémon creatures in a given area (known as the 'spawn rate’).
  • Richard Fairhurst’s cycle.travel? It is a website dedicated to cyclists using tags such as surface= or bicycle related access restriction to make it as useful as possible.
  • … there are different tags for recycling of appliance batteries (recycling:batteries) and automotive batteries (recycling:car_batteries)? And that our Wiki knows about 70 different things that can be recycled?

OSM in the media

  • Infofunes.com.ar reports (automatic translation) about the work done by Franco Benedetti (@mweper) in the small town of Funes, Argentina. He improves OSM by cycling through the city, taking pictures with Mapillary and enriching his contributions with Wikipedia information.

Other “geo” things

  • Pascal Neis uploaded all his OSM presentations (most of them in German) to github.
  • The History online magazine Entre-Temps reports
    on the work done by Old Maps Online over the last 10 years to digitize and georeference Historical maps from libraries around the world. You can see old maps of your town and even «diamonds» like Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio by Mumoldus Mercator (1587).
  • Guy Shrubshole, of UK Friends of the Earth, has written a book Who Owns England about land ownership in England (reviewed in The Guardian). For several years he has been blogging about aspects of the research done for this book, including a recent post about the surprisingly large area (17% of the country) which is not registered with the cadastral authority, the Land Registry.
  • May 2nd was the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. He drew maps and city plans, as seen from the air, like this one of Imola in 1502. A short film by VOX provides a little more explanation.

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