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The 15th OpenStreetMap anniversary will be celebrated on 10th of August, 2019! 1 | © OSM logo by Ken Vermette


  • Facebook announced that they are making their AI tool available for OSM mappers through their RapiD editor. According to the press, Facebook wants to improve the map data in OSM on which the company relies. Facebook’s AI mapping activities are not undisputed and were a constant source of complaints in the past.
  • Joseph Eisenberg took a step towards improving the proposal process. He created a wiki page on which he documented, explained and categorised the 13 different approval states a proposal can have.
  • The tag waterway=tidal channel, which was suggested by Joseph Eisenberg, after a discussion that took place in September 2018, to map natural tidal waterways has been approved and the documentation has been copied from the proposal page to the OSM Wiki.


  • We would also like to say many thanks to our sysadmins, although we are a bit late for System Administrator Appreciation Day.
  • Erwin asks (de) (automatic translation) on talk-at if there are already mappers who have experience with the tool mapwith.ai from Facebook. Another user pointed (de) (automatic translation) to OSM forum posts from the Thai community, which is not very enthusiastic about this AI-supported tool.
  • Russian OSM user Valeriy Trubin has published a post (ru) „A few thoughts about OSM attribution”, where he describes what he does when he notices that someone is using OSM data without attribution. He suggests not passing by indifferently but contacting developers and explaining everything. His request has already been accepted by the Nizhny Novgorod Сity Administration, travel portal Azur, etc. (automatic translation)
  • Ilya Zverev in his blog SHTOSM tells (ru) us why interactive maps don’t need „plus” and „minus” buttons. (automatic translation)

OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • It is now high time to schedule and advertise your event to celebrate OSM’s 15th birthday, which will be 10 August 2019.
  • Registration has opened for the HOT Summit 2019, which will take place ahead of the State of the Map conference in Heidelberg, Germany on 19 and 20 September.
  • The website GIM International published a review of the recent International Cartographic Conference 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, which had the motto „Mapping Everything for Everyone”. Steve Coast, founder of OSM, now vice president of TomTom, spoke about „The Past, Present, and Future of OpenStreetMap”.

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT announced the winners of its #map2020 challenge, a project to accelerate map data collection in sparsely mapped regions by providing street-level imagery.
  • Government agencies of the Philippines are collaborating with the Pacific Disaster Center at the University of Hawaii to cope with threats from typhoons, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, and emergent risks from climate change.


  • A happy cyclist thanks the OSM community on Reddit for providing the data needed to make their family cycling holiday easier.
  • AllTrails, an online trail guide, has acquired GPSies and merged the services.
  • Rádio Renascença, one of the most popular radio stations in Portugal, launched a page (translation) with maps of the various stages of the Volta a Portugal by bicycle, based on the OSM and with due attribution. 👌🏻


  • The iOS and Android messenger Threema, which has gained popularity for its privacy and encryption features, has reached version 4. The new version includes a new GUI, shows locations on the company’s own OSM-based map and allows users to archive chats.


  • Martijn van Exel wrote a blog post about the new version of MapRoulette. Version 3.3.3 introduces virtual projects to organise challenges that belong together, improves the integration of Mapillary and adds the ability to tag a task with a MapRoulette-specific tag.
  • Quincy Morgan announced the release of a new version of the OSM editor iD. Version v2.15.4 does not reuse the previous changeset comment by default anymore, indicates the direction of weirs and includes many other bugfixes, validation improvements, new localisations and additional presets.

Did you know …

  • According to an article by the BBC, the world’s steepest road is in Wales, UK. The incline value was added to OSM 9 years ago.
  • …that the Russian company Urbica created an app „Walkstreets”. It allows you to find the most comfortable and pleasant pedestrian routes throughout Moscow rather than the shortest ones. It’s available for Android and iOS.
  • …that the Russian company NextGIS created a map of „Do not territories(ru) showing the places in Russia where it’s prohibited to organise mass demonstrations.

Other “geo” things

  • Dr Marco Minghini, from the European Commission-Joint Research Centre, invites community members, on the OSM-Science mailing list, to submit their own research articles for MDPI’s planned special issue Advances in Applications of Volunteered Geographic Information.
  • The US space agency NASA has developed a special receiver that would allow positioning on the moon with the help of the existing GPS satellites. We might need to start the proposal process for mapping craters.
  • The developers of 2GIS (a well-known Russian navigator) shared (ru) (translation) how they collect road signs for their service (spoiler: automatically).

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