(English) weekly 253 – 19.05.-25.05.2015

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OSM Truck QA Map mit Einblendung von Mapillary Fotos [1]
OSM Truck QA Map with fotos from Mapillary [1]


  • mmd has added a Mapillary window to the OSM Truck QA Map . This link explains how (English). You can click on the the yellow dots on the Mapillary images, and it is often possible to see the „maxheight” traffic signs and map them.
  • Even the beginner-friendly online POI submitter YAPIS can now show corresponding photos from the Mapillary image service.
  • User marczoutendijk continued his mini blog series – he writes about various things, including how to improve the OSM map.  Part1 we presented in weeklyOSM # 242 and, Part 2 and Part 3 in issue # 243.
  • Bryce C. Nesbitt wants to replace amenity=ev_charging  by amenity=charging_station by a mechanical edit.
  • On the mailing list Talk-GB the tagging of university facilities in Cambridge is currently an issue. The university uses OSM data as a key component of their own map and it is very detailed.
  • Thorsten Alge proposes to the tagging mailing list to link to wikidata items instead of wikipedia articles. You can read more here about wikidata. There are also some comments on the OSM survey tool from Harald Hartmann as well.
  • User Werner2101, an Ueber Mapper,  shows how LibreOffice Calc can be used for the organisation of mappings. With a few macros it works particularly well.


  • Robin Tolochko asks for help completing a survey on the organisation of Mapathons. She will give a lightning talk at SotM US in New York .
  • OpenCage Data Blog introduces the Icelandic OSM community, the first officially recognised OSM „Local Chapter” worldwide.
  • OSM is growing: 50.000 new mappers worldwide in the last four weeks. (via rza31)
  • At Geometa Lab of the Hochschule Rapperswil, Switzerland, anonymised log files of OSM Tileserver were analysed.
  • Osm.org now allows you to login via Facebook and Windows Live. Login via Google, WordPress, Yahoo and AOL has been possible for quite some time now.
  • John Röskamp reports on a mapping party at the University of Ndjje (Uganda).



Humanitarian OSM



Did you know …

  • … this isochronous map of Europe. The example shows the times that you need to achieve certain destinations by train from London (Ed: I suspect the frequency of cows on the line between Sheffield and Derby has not been factored in).

Other „geo” things – this week: mainly merger 😉

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