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OSMCha with new feature founded by Wikimedia Italy [1] © OSMCha | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

Mapping campaigns

  • It is with great sadness that we learn of the sudden death of Innocent Dibloni Soungalo, OSM contributor from Burkina Faso. A geographer by training and a geomatician by profession, a former volunteer of the Francophonie in Senegal, Innocent had worked hard to strengthen OpenStreetMap in West Africa since his debut in 2015. From Cotonou to Dakar, via Ouagadougou, Bamako, Lomé or Bouaké, many people have benefited from his teachings and will mourn him. In his memory, the African OSM community has decided to map Gaoua, his hometown.
  • Christoffs reports that OSMP (OSM Poland) has recently established contacts with the blind community in Poland. This has identified their special needs and the potential for OSM support. The next step is to encourage contributors to pay special attention to tags that support the mobility of blind people when mapping.


  • French news agency Agence France Presse reports (fr) about the collossal work of a volunteers’s team in Ukraine that scans buildings deemed of interest with a 5 mm resolution both for historical and rebuilding purposes. Similar method has been used for the Notre-Dame de Paris’ cathedral in France, before the 2019 fire.
  • Franjo Lukezic wrote a guide to make before/after GIF for OpenStreetMap.
  • Proposal Voting WN620
  • Sammyhawkrad built a simple tool to help OpenStreetMap contributors see statistics of their most common editing issues as flagged by osmose_qa.


  • French mapper Djiril shared (fr) main takeaways after 1 month into OpenStreetMap. Future updates will be on Github (fr).
  • François Lacombe posted (fr) a call on LinkedIn asking for data about communications and power poles in France. Following a partnership between OpenStreetMap France and Enedis, french energy provider, more than a million pole has been mapped of an estimated total of 24 millions.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The Board intends to take action on new memberships and update a plan for membership requirements. The discussion is controversial and ongoing. In particular, the fact that only 15 edit days for life is already sufficient is said to be far too low.
  • Cristoffs’s Diary | An open letter to OSMF board members concerning problems with OpenStre…
  • The OSMF Engineering Working Group has commissioned Jochen Topf to write a report outlining the problems with the current OSM data model, their impact on OSM systems, and possible improvements. Steve Coast already thinks there is nothing to fix. If the discussion on Y Combinator is any guide, this is not an universally held view.


  • The State of the Map Working Group is happy to announce that tickets and program are now accessible through the SotM 2022 website.

OSM research

  • Here you will find the 4 accepted student projects for the Google Summer of Code 2022.

Humanitarian OSM

  • The HOT unSummit is offering travel funding for active HOT and humanitarian open mapping / open data contributors and community members to attend two of the conferences we are supporting, FOSS4G and SOTM.


  • The AdV working group Smart Mapping has developed a bilingual map ((uk)/(de)), simply as an aid for refugees and as an experiment for future applications.
    More about AdV projects in basemap.de (de) > en and adv-smart.de/index_en.html (en).
  • SomeoneElse’s Diary | What’s new at map.atownsend.org.uk? | OpenStreetMap


  • Big Tech’s maps led ride-sharing giant Grab astray, which now builds its own and says it has become the largest contributor to OpenStreetMap in Southeast Asia.

Open Data

  • Cristiano Giovando writes about the state of affairs with OpenAerialMap version 2.


  • OsmAnd invites you to celebrate 12 years with OsmAnd! You share a photo with your trip story on Instagram with hashtag #12YearsOsmAnd, OsmAnd will choose the best and gift a prise.
  • OSMCha now allow users to search changesets that affect a certain OSM tag. For example: you can find changesets that created, modified or deleted restaurants. For more details, see the Development Seed blog post.
  • sammyhawkrad developped, an utility tool showing issues related to an user contributions as flagged by Osmose-QA.


  • Eugene Kizevich reports on what’s new in version 4.2 of OsmAnd for Android.

OSM in the media

  • French dataviz company WeDoData tweeted (fr) about the Arte series “Europe, un continent bouleversé(fr) regarding european people’s driven solutions showcasing the transportation theme. They explain how they used OpenStreetMap to fetch the bicycle network at continental scale and computed its evolution since 2014.

Other “geo” things

  • Jules Grandin made (fr) a serie of maps comparing humans and different livestocks populations in french departments using data (fr) from the institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE).

Upcoming Events

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