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  • MapLibre Teams Up With Stamen to Work on Native SDK — Lat × Long

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Mapping campaigns

  • Cristoffs’s Diary | The way to obtain AED sites in Poland | OpenStreetMap


  • Proposal voting results WN642


  • Mapper of the Month: Patricia Solis (USA) – OpenStreetMap Belgium


  • The 30-Day Map Challenge (#30DayMapChallenge) began, as always, on 1 November. Topi Tjukanov opens the challenge on Day 1 with windfarms. Unfortunately, we can only pick out a few not representative examples.

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    **If you are taking part in the 30-Day Map Challenge, please replace the numbers 1,2,3 with your favourite map **

    • Day 1: Points

    | samia @samiasab90 * Languages of London | @gontsa * Destroyed cultural heritage of Ukraine | @Julian_H0ffmann * From Points to Map |

    • Day 2: Lines

    |Abdoul Madjid @issa_madjid * Every African airport connected to
    its 10 nearest neighbors
    | Eric Armijo @rcrmj * Rios en Bolivia | @nordaufnordost * Flights to Madagacar |

    • Day 3: Polygons


    • Day 4: Colour Friday: Green


    • Day 5: Ukraine


    • Day 6: Network


    • Day 7: Raster



  • The TomTom location technology company announced its new mapping platform and ecosystem called the TomTom Maps Platform. The new map will be a pool of different databases, including OpenStreetMap, in order to become “the smartest map on the planet”. Public release is to be expected by summer 2023. A discussion in the OSM Forum is already started.

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