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New York on an OSM Map with Wikipedia content [1] | more info at Geopedia


  • Joost Schouppe asks whether airports need a relation.
  • BushmanK blogs about the current natural=water scheme inconsistency.
  • Panier Avide presents (automatic translation) iD-indoor, a fork of the iD editor, which is aimed at addressing the needs of indoor mapping.
  • Ilya (Zverik) blogs about Maps.me which has recently added the ability to edit OpenStreetMap from within the App. The (Android and iOS) app received a lot of positive feedback.
  • The vote on the new relation “Associated Addresses” is open.
  • Marco Predicatori is working on a proposal about fake speed cameras.
  • Arun writes about vandalism in OSM and discusses possibilities for tracking vandalism.
  • The proposal to shop=boat/marine is open. However, there are still issues with the naming.


  • Sterling Quinn’s Crowd Lens is a rich viewer of changeset history for OSM in specific areas. Currently five locations are supported.
  • Not every reader got the April Fool’s hoax. Though OSM is significant in any case!
  • Diana S. Sinton describes in Direction Magazine the overall development and the global movement of OpenStreetMap, mixed with many interesting links.


  • Andrew Davidson starts a discussion on “Refreshing NSW place names from the GNB database”.
  • Joe Sapletal asks for support for doing an import of buildings and address data in Dakota, US.


Humanitarian OSM

  • Pete Masters of Médecins Sans Frontières? France explains the practical benefits of humanitarian mapping.
  • The NOAH project focuses on prevention and forecast of natural disasters in the Philippines. A report shows the activities of the project in the field of OSM mapping.


  • [1] Michael Schöne has published Geopedia.info. It displays georeferenced Wikipedia articles on an OSM layer, it is available as an Android App. An iOS app is under construction.
  • OpenRailwayMap now also supports some railway signals in Finland.
  • OpenRouteService published version 3.1 on April 11th. The new features are shown in a video.

Open Data

  • Deutsche Bahn has revised (automatic translation) its “Fotoerlaubnis” (photographing permission) has rules on non-commercial photography on railway stations. The new version mentions drones and forbids publication of cab ride videos. The rules are discussed (automatic translation) on a forum of German railway enthusiasts.


  • The Swedish Supreme Court ruled against Wikimedia Sweden this week, deciding that Swedish copyright law does not allow the chapter to post images in its online database without permission from the artist. So, the Swedish map offentligkonst is illegal and the works of art are no longer shown on the map.


  • Zsolt published a beta version of MapHub, which allows users to generate interactive maps very easily. Similar to uMap but has more features in several areas.


Software Version Release Date Comment
Mapillary for iOS 4.2.1 2016-04-05 Changes for GoPro
Locus Map Free 3.16.2 2016-04-06 Bugfix version
SQLite 3.12.1 2016-04-08 3 bugs fixed
Osmose Backend 1.0-2016-04-09 2016-04-09

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

  • The new Wahoo ELEMNT a GPS Bike computer with OSM maps.
  • YouthMappers has local chapters at Universities around the world, and trains young people in mapping OSM.

Other “geo” things

  • Amazing interactive 3D map from F4map. More information on free tools to generate 3D maps(in Spanish)
  • Flightradar24 discontinued their Google Earth plug-in and developed a replacement 3D view. The new view is built on WebGL using Cesium and Mapbox for amazingly detailed imagery and terrain.
  • Heikki Vesanto operates the Scottish site GIS for thought. He writes on many topics including wallets, QGIS applications and the UKRailMap.
  • Kenneth Field, a professional cartographer, complains about people doing cartography without a cartographic education it includes a mention of OSM.
  • Brian Kilmartin published an interactive world map that summarizes the countries mentioned in the “Panama Papers”.

Upcoming Events

Dónde Qué Fecha País
Buenos Aires FOSS4G Argentina 05/04/2016-09/04/2016 argentina
Numazu ????????????in?????????????(Code for Numazu ???)? 09/04/2016 japan
Berlin Missing Maps Berlin 10/04/2016 germany
Landshut Niederbayerntreffen 12/04/2016 germany
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 12/04/2016 france
München Stammtisch München 12/04/2016 germany
Stuttgart Openstreetmap Einführung der FOSS@HFT 13/04/2016 germany
Colorado Humanitarian Mapathon Front Range Community College, Longmont 13/04/2016 us
Leoben Stammtisch Obersteiermark 14/04/2016 austria
Kyoto ???????????????????? ??? ?????????? 16/04/2016 japan
Moscow Schemo.hack 03 Hack Weekend 16/04/2016-17/04/2016 russia
New Jersey National Park Week Mapping Party Sandy Hook 17/04/2016 us
Cluj-Napoca Cluj Mapping Party 17/04/2016 romania
Nottingham Nottingham 19/04/2016 united kingdom
Colorado GIS in Higher Ed. Humanitarian Mapathon Nighthawk Brewery, Broomfield 21/04/2016 us
Newcastle FoMSF Missing Maps Mapathon 21/04/2016 united kingdom
Santiago International Space Apps Challenge 22/04/2016-24/04/2016 chile
Seattle Missing Maps Mapathon 23/04/2016 us
Salta Charla OSM en Flisol 23/04/2016 argentina
Buenos Aires Taller de mapeo OSM en Flisol 23/04/2016 argentina
Bogotá Mapping party – Bogota: Usaquén 07/05/2016 colombia
Milano State of the Map Italy 2016 20/05/2016-22/05/2016 italy
Clermont-Ferrand State of the Map France 2016 20/05/2016-22/05/2016 france
Brno State of the Map CZ+SK 2016 21/05/2016 czech republic
Salzburg FOSSGIS 2016 04/07/2016-06/07/2016 austria
Salzburg AGIT 2016 06/07/2016-08/07/2016 austria
Seattle State of The Map US 2016 23/07/2016-25/07/2016 united states
Tokyo State of The Map Japan 2016 06/08/2016 japan
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint”’ 20/08/2016-22/08/2016 germany
Bonn ”’Workshops at FOSS4G 2016”’ 22/08/2016-23/08/2016 germany
Derby Derby 23/08/2016 united kingdom
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016”’ 24/08/2016-26/08/2016 germany
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II”’ 27/08/2016-28/08/2016 germany
Brussels State of the Map 2016 23/09/2016-26/09/2016 belgium

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