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Can you escape from the traffic in a city? 1 | © Hans Hack map data © OpenStreetMap



  • For several weeks now the desirable contributions in the OSM user blogs have sunk under a deluge of spam. There are people who are calling for countermeasures, such as forced moderation for all new user accounts. alexkemp, who has been involved with forum spam for some time, suspects that the current wave of spam is just the beginning.
  • OSM Foundation Japan had a meetup (ja) between board members and local mappers to build a better community. Many proposals for improvements were made holding mapping parties and the promotion of OSM.
  • Ilya Zverev in his blog “SHTOSM” ponders (automatic translation) why anyone in the 21st century would need paper maps.


  • As Laura Mugeha has tweeted, SotM Africa, which will take place on 22-24 November 2019 in Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast, needs more workshop proposals.
  • So far only one of talks for the State of the Map US has been submitted by a woman. The organisers are determined to change that, though the target of more than 50 percent of all talks to be submitted by women appears challenging.


  • Heidelberg University’s GIScience Research Group has used the example of health-related amenities to explore the development of OSM data over time. The results provide deep insight into mapping patterns such as the saturation of an area with a given tag, spin-offs in the form of tag diversification such as amenity=hospital -> amenity=clinic and the erratically increasing usage of the tag as usually seen when a country gets into the scope of the humanitarian sector.


  • Can you escape from traffic in a city? Hans Hack has created (de) a map for Berlin showing the places which are farthest away from a road.
  • The public Swiss geoportal, which has recently introduced an OSM-based vector tile test map with customisable map style, has updated its map with the Mapbox rendering engine. Jeff Konnen from Luxembourg announced that geoportail.lu will “copy” this. Gonza from Argentina reports in a tweet that mapa.ign.gob.ar has also integrated OSM into its base map.
  • Greenpeace has created a map of air quality in Russian cities. It uses OpenStreetMap as a basemap.

Open Data

  • …Almost a year ago Tolyatti city administration (Russia) made its official GIS-portal “EMGIS” open to everybody. The portal is now under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. Moreover, the OSM community received permission (automatic translation) to use the portal.


  • OSGeoLive 13.0 has reached Alpha status and the developers are looking for volunteer testers. OSGeoLive is a Linux Live distribution, which is equipped with current Open Source GIS programs.
  • Peermaps wants to become a distributed, offline-friendly alternative to commercial map providers such as Google Maps. It plans to use peer-to-peer network techniques to share the hosting of files. The project has received funding to build an initial prototype which will display a regularly updated OSM-based map.
  • Russian OSMers Alexander Pankratov and Alexander Istomin have developed a JOSM map style “Building_Levels_Labels” for highlighting objects without specified “floors” attributes. The map style has been translated into English.

Did you know …

  • … Pascal’s blog post #100? Pascal’s tools are an integral part of the OSM ecosystem.
  • … the Russian company NextGIS developed an interactive map showing the dynamics of the political borders of Russia and its predecessors. Also they share insights about how this map was created.
  • … how to tag shops offering vegan, halal, kosher or gluten-free products? The keys diet:vegan, diet:halal, diet:kosher, diet:gluten_free and several more can be added to mark them.
  • Long-serving OSMers may still remember how the Maxheight map started in 2012. In its current form, the map not only shows worldwide missing maxheight= tags, but also provides overlays for other truck-related tags. The documentation on the Wiki describes the various ways you can help improve the map.

Other “geo” things

  • In the Strike Tracker project, Amnesty International used satellite imagery and crowdsourcing to analyse air strikes on the Iraqi city of Raqqa. More than 3000 volunteers collected the data; an analysis website including an OSM map summarises the results.
  • Mapillary’s #CompleteTheMap is back. The challenge kicks off in June—read more in the Mapillary blog.
  • Microsoft follows Niantic, who has published the augmented reality games Ingress and Pokémon GO, and announced an AR version of Minecraft, called Minecraft Earth. The announcement had extensive press coverage, for instance in Wired and CNN. The game is expected to use Microsoft’s Azure Spatial Anchors , which is Azure’s cloud system combined with OpenStreetMap data, rather than GPS for positioning. It remains to be seen what impact the game will have on OSM.
  • Garmin launched a device with an OSM-based topo map pre-installed. The Garmin Overlander comes with a proprietary road navigation and topographic OSM map and costs €699. OSM as a map source is only mentioned in the German press release (de) (automatic translation).

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