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Intarsia in Vancouver 1 | © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap Contributors ODbL

About us

  • The weeklyOSM team is looking for new members to join the team. weeklyOSM publishes 52 issues per year currently in eight languages, regardless of holidays or public holidays. To do this we need to get reinforcements. As a part of weeklyOSM, you can work on: collecting and evaluate links belonging to OSM, writing articles, translating and proofreading, editing images, etc. Please drop an email to ( blog at openstreetmap dot de ) with your OSM account.


  • DigitalGlobe and Mapboxshared two new global satellite imagery layers for live tracing on OpenStreetMap. Now, mappers will have even more sources of high quality, recent imagery layers to trace, identify, and validate roads, places, and buildings to continue to expand this free and open database of the Earth’s features. In JOSM, you have to activate it explicitly under BackgroundBackground Settings. For more information read DigitalGlobe’s employee Kevin Bullock’s diary entry, the discussions in the German forum and the mailing lists: Talk-en and Talk. The License Terms are available in the OSM Wiki.
  • There is an interesting discussion in the OpenStreetMap forum about tips, tools and apps that can be used for videomapping while biking.


  • Roland Olbricht highlighted three suggestions for improving data protection, which were discussed at the FOSSGIS conference in Passau. There were related discussions in the German forum (automatic translation) and on the mailing list Talk-de (automatic translation) and later on the mailing list talk.
  • Yuri Astrakhan writes about the SPARQL (rdf) database with both OSM and Wikidata being ready for testing. It allows massive cross-referenced queries between two datasets. This service is a test, and needs a permanent home to stay alive.Oleksiy Muzalyev points to his Web app, in which one click on the map shows the associated Wikipedia articles.
  • Jinalfoflia shares her experience of being a part of the mapping party hosted by the Ottawa OpenStreetMap community.


Humanitarian OSM

  • The Guardian reported on an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pete Masters and Claire Halleux have published the tasks. Nicolas Chavent summarized the priorities on two wiki pages in English and in French.



  • At Rotterdam Central Station, OpenStreetMap is shown on a big screen where people can explore the city by dragging and tapping the screen. It is the only interactive map in the station, so it has been consciously chosen.
  • The French National Institute for preventive archaeological research provides a visualization tool based on OSM for its archaeological sites.

Open Data


  • Baran Kahyaoglu from Mapbox writes about the creation of geo coordinates data structure to match Unity World Space with the real world. Read more about this and other things that have been added in the latest Mapbox Unity SDK release.


SoftwareVersionRelease dateComment
Mapserver7.0.52017-05-09Please read release info.
Vespucci0.9.82017-05-09Please read release info.
OpenStreetMap Carto Style3.3.02017-05-10Many changes, please read release info.
Overpass-Turbo2017-05-112017-05-11Many changes during the last days, please read release infos.
PostgreSQL9.6.32017-05-11This release contains a variety of fixes from 9.6.2.
iD2.2.12017-05-12Three bugs of the freshly released version 2.2.0 eliminated.
Kurviger Free *10.0.242017-05-12Various enhancements.
Maps.me Android *var2017-05-12No infos.
Komoot Android *9.12017-05-13Synchronization tool Komoot Connect available, improved collections and
Route Converter2.202017-05-13Many changes, see release info.
Traccar Client Android4.22017-05-13Allow new general top level domains.
QMapShack Lin/Mac/Win1.8.12017-05-14No infos.
iOsMo1.82017-05-15Updates of group points and tracks data on map.
Komoot iOS *9.12017-05-15Tour planning revised and simplified, improved difficulty assessment and
color design for backgrounds and path types.
Naviki Android *3.592017-05-15Texts and translations have been revised, two mistakes have been eliminated.

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist.  Timestamp: 2017-05-15 22:00:37+02 UTC

(*) unfree software. See: freesoftware.

Did you know …

  • Casio started the sales of a new Smartwatch, named “Pro Trek”. The watch loads OSM maps powered by Mapbox.

Other “geo” things

Upcoming Events

BremenBremer Mappertreffen22/05/2017germany
GrazStammtisch Graz22/05/2017austria
DerbyDerby Pub Meetup23/05/2017united kingdom
LübeckLübecker Mappertreffen25/05/2017germany
VancouverVancouver mappy hour26/05/2017canada
Leuven2nd Leuven Monthly OSM Meetup31/05/2017belgium
DusseldorfStammtisch Düsseldorf31/05/2017germany
AvignonState of the Map France 201702/06/2017-04/06/2017france
LvivMap Solutions 201703/06/2017ukraine
TaipeiOSM Taipei Meetup, MozSpace05/06/2017taiwan
TorontoMappy Hour05/06/2017canada
RostockRostocker Treffen06/06/2017germany
LondonMissing Maps London Mapathon,
Royal Geographic Society
KampalaState of the Map Africa 201708/07/2017-10/07/2017uganda
Champs-sur-Marne (Marne-la-Vallée)FOSS4G Europe 2017 at ENSG Cité Descartes18/07/2017-22/07/2017france
BostonFOSS4G 201714/08/2017-19/08/2017united states
Aizu-wakamatsu ShiState of the Map 201718/08/2017-20/08/2017japan
PatanState of the Map Asia 201723/09/2017-24/09/2017nepal
BoulderState of the Map U.S. 201719/10/2017-22/10/2017united states
Buenos AiresFOSS4G+State of the Map Argentina 201723/10/2017-28/10/2017argentina
LimaState of the Map LatAm 201729/11/2017-02/12/2017perú

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