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OpenLinkMap will be shut down on January 27
Shortest way from Dyserth, Wales to Kamienna-Stara 1


  • Osmose was released in mid-December for Australia. Andrew Davidson notes that the most common mistake is “approximate waterway”.
  • Hakuch proposes to remove the tagging of name_1 and alt_name_1 from the wiki.
  • The Belgian-Dutch border might change this year. There is already a discussion on this change in this note.
  • Take part in the MapRoulette Challenge which is about checking if there’s a pedestrian street crossing (crosswalk) or not. This verification goes on until it’s all done.
  • This site evaluates the number of POI’s for a given city.
  • Votings on proposals:
    topiclinkend date
    amenity=swimming_pool versus leisure=swimming_poolvote2016-01-22


  • Bruno Veyckemans proposes to start Quarterly projects in Belgium.
  • Miguel Garcia from the Spanish blog Culturatorium, which deals with art, technology and culture in general, has portrayed Manuel Torío and his activities in OSM.
  • OpenCageData interviews Kokou Elolo Amegayibo (and others) about OpenStreetMap in Togo (West Africa)
  • Paul Norman identified the total number of currently active Mappers from 2007 to the end of 2015 and displays these as a graphic in his blog. One can clearly see a constant increase with seaonal fluctuations.
  • Andy Allan shares his thoughts about OpenStreetMap as a global infrastructure in the Gravitystorm blog.
  • As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A video however is much better than a picture! OpenStreetMap in 3D Video!
  • Richard Fairhurst proposes to close the newbies mailing list, on which in the last three months nothing was posted.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Steve Coast resigned from his position as honorary Chairman of the OSMF.


Humanitarian OSM

  • Santiago La Rotte published in the Colombian magazine “El Espectador” an article entitled “Discover what digital maps can serve.”He describes the situation after the avalanche of Salgar of 18 May 2015. (automatic translation)
  • Nice Video about how to host an OSM mapathon available also in the HOTOSM channel.


  • The OpenRailwayMap Blog reports that Austrian main semaphore signals and speed light signals have been rendered for a few weeks.
  • The developer of Luna Render (announced in one of the recent weeklyOSM reports) now presented a map style related to old Soviet military maps.
  • Alexander Matheisen reports at talk mailing list that OpenLinkMap will be shut down on January 27. A successor and maintainer is very welcome. The code is on github.
  • You can’t be everybody’s darling. Nevertheless Google tries it with GoogleMaps, if it comes to China.


  • Carnaval is very important in Germany, especially in Cologne. The city of Cologne published a special/temporary map for the so called 5th season. 😉
  • On the OSM wiki: A collection of Dutch applications with OSM data or maps.
  • Falk, a former producer of printed maps launched Tiger Geo – an Outdoor GPS navigation device which uses OSM based maps.


  • Thanks to OpenStreetMap and beautiful Overpass API you now can get all information for a particular point with the brand-new QGIS plugin. OSMInfo shows information about objects from OpenStreetMap using Overpass API.
  • Vectiler is a OSM vector tile obj builder and exporter with ambiant occlusion baking
  • Releases
    SoftwareVersionRelease DateComment
    Mapillary for Android1.702015-12-18Bug fixes
    Locus Map Free3.14.22016-01-05Minor extensions
    iD1.8.42016-01-0620+ enhancements and new presets
    PostGIS2.2.12016-01-06Focus is on bugs, breakages, and performance issues. Esp. Topology
    SQLite3.10.02016-01-06Enhancements and performance optimizations
    JOSM93292016-01-07Improvements to partial fill areas, corrections in presets and others
    Mapillary for iOs4.1.22016-01-07Bug fixes
    PostgreSQL9.5.02016-01-07UPSERT, Row Level Security, Big Data Features


Did you know …

Other “geo” things

Upcoming Events

LondonLondon pub meet-up12/01/2016UK
LyonRencontre mensuelle mappeurs12/01/2016France
GrenobleRencontre mensuelle mappeurs14/01/2016France
Serata OpenStreetMap A Pergine Valsugana15/01/2016Italy
Mapping Party palazzi dell’antico distretto minerario a Pergine Valsugana16/01/2016Italy
SeattleMissing Maps Mapathon17/01/2016US
LeobenStammtisch Obersteiermark21/01/2016Austria
GentMissing Maps Mapathon23/01/2016Belgium
ManilaOSM Mapathon by #MapPHL23/01/2016Philippines
GrazStammtisch Graz25/01/2016Austria
RennesRencontres mensuelles25/01/2016France
BrusselsFOSDEM Conference, Brussels30/01/2016-31/01/2016Belgium

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