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The “Import Project INEGI National Geostatistical Framework” finished [1] | go to the blogl


  • The German forum started a large discussion about bi-lingual names in Sorben (Germany) (automatic translation).
  • Mapbox extends its geocoder by supporting of Wikidata information.
  • Martijn van Exel descibes updates to ImproveOSM JOSM plugin for better usability.
  • The planned server outage and the relocation of the OSM servers lead to slow upload speeds and downtimes of the wiki server. As of now, everything is expected to return to normal.


  • The OpenCage Data blog interviews Laura Barroso (an active member of weeklyOSM and the woman in charge of the Spanish edition) about OSM in Cuba.
  • Presentation of the Importation Project: MGN (National Geostatistical Framework) of INEGI in Mexico by members of Telenav: Miriam Gonzalez and Andres Ortiz. Read more here.
  • In his series Mapper in the Spotlight, Escada interviewed Pete Masters from Scotland, a pioneer of Missing Maps.
  • Johnattan Rupire informed weeklyOSM about a professionally made video showing many aspects of OSM. Subtitles are availabe in French and English.


  • Andy Townsend published on the import mailing list a communication by Kate Learmonth (UNICEF Office of the Pacific Iceland Countries) with the DWG for imports after cyclone Winston on the Fiji Islands.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The OpenStreetMap Foundation is hiring an administrative assistant. Applications can be sent in until June 3rd.


  • SotM 2016 Brüssel – important date Saturday May 21st
  • The SotM US program is online.
  • The 6th International Conference on Cartography & GIS will be held on 13th-17th of June 2016 in Albena, Bulgaria.
  • On 10th – 12th June 2016 the Geocaching GIGA-Event Project Glück Auf 2016 will be held at UNESCO’s World Heritage Zollverein. More than 10000 Geocachers are expected to join the event that features many workshops and guided tours.
  • A report to this year’s FOSS4G NA in Raleigh, NC, USA. Interesting is the communication on the Portable OSM (portable OSM server) for mobile-use in disaster areas. Read more here.

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT is activating to map for support of the relief efforts in Sri Lanka. The first task is already up.
  • Blake Girardot compiles a list of suggestions for improvements to OSM web editor iD. The goal is to help satisfy the needs of the HOT and Missing Maps communities. He is asking for input from the community.
  • Missing Maps in London decided to put more focus on using JOSM.
  • Aline Rosset from the University of Central Asia reported, in a guest post, about “OSM workshops with teachers and high school children of 10 rural villages in Kyrgyzstan” to map the Tien Shan mountains.
  • Blake Girardot searches for an expert in admin boundaries and OSM relations for helping to synchronize data and possibly importing it to OSM.


  • MapContrib is a site similar to uMap that allows a simple generating of your own map. Example maps include fire hydrants, mail boxes andr bicycle parking.
  • Laura Barroso, the weeklyOSM correspondent in Cuba, built the app MapaDCuba for her employer (we reported here). The app is rated recently as the best Cuban map app by a blogger in Cuba, but read it yourself.

Open Data

  • Geolode is a catalog to collect open geodata around the world.


  • Aleks Buczkowski from Geoawesomeness explains the legal situations with maps when published on the web.
  • Tarun Vijay, member of the Indian government got interviewed by The Wire about the new draft bill regarding map data. The Times of India publishes a portrait of Mumbai regarding this topic.


  • TrailBehind publishes DeepOSM, a deep learning net to use satellite imagery and OpenStreetMap data to learn classify and to detect features in imagery.
  • Mapzen’s routing software Valhalla now offers multi-modal public transport routing. A blog post introduces the product (for customers), a second blog post explains the technical background.
  • Tom MacWright explains why CartoCSS is defective and how it’s successor is much better for creating maps.


Software Version Release Date Comment
PostgreSQL 9.5.3 ff 2016-05-12 Update releases fixing a number of issues
Mapillary for iOS 4.3.1 2016-05-15 Added Portuguese and Estonian, added descriptions for new users
Locus Map Free 3.17.0 2016-05-16 Offline search of addresses and more

provided by the OSM Software Watchlist

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • Google adds new features and detailed maps of the venues to Google Maps to catch up with OpenStreetMap for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
Milano ”’State of the Map Italy 2016”’ 20.05.2016-21.05.2016 italy
Rapperswil 7. Micro Mapping Party 20.05.2016 switzerland
Clermont-Ferrand ”’State of the Map France 2016”’ 20.05.2016-22.05.2016 france
Los Angeles L.A. County building import mapathon 21.05.2016 united states
Sax Sax (Alicante) – micro Mapping Party 21.05.2016 spain
Brno ”’State of the Map CZ+SK 2016”’ 21.05.2016 czech republic
Clermont-Ferrand Missing Maps mapathon at SOTM France 2016 22.05.2016 france
Grenoble Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 23.05.2016 france
Graz Stammtisch 23.05.2016 austria
Toulouse Missing Maps mapathon in Toulouse 24.05.2016 france
Derby Derby 24.05.2016 united kingdom
Cusco Semana de Accesibilidad Cusco 2016 25.05.2016 peru
Mantova 2016 Mapping party a Volta mantovana 04.06.2016 italy
Brussels Missing Maps Mapathon @Doctors without borders/Handicap international 06.06.2016 belgium
Trentino Besenello @ library 14:00. With support of Portobeseno and the Besenello Municipality 11.06.2016 italy
Edinburgh Edinburgh 14.06.2016 united kingdom
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 14.06.2016 france
Nottingham Nottingham 21.06.2016 united kingdom
Rapperswil Swiss PG Day 2016 24.06.2016 switzerland
Salzburg ”’FOSSGIS 2016”’ 04.07.2016-06.07.2016 austria
Salzburg AGIT 2016 06.07.2016-08.07.2016 austria
Seattle ”’State of The Map US 2016”’ 23.07.2016-25.07.2016 united states
Bonn FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint 20.08.2016-22.08.2016 germany
Bonn Workshops at FOSS4G 2016 22.08.2016-23.08.2016 germany
Derby Derby 23.08.2016 united kingdom
Bonn ”’FOSS4G 2016”’ 24.08.2016-26.08.2016 germany
Bonn FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II 27.08.2016-28.08.2016 germany
Brussels ”’State of the Map 2016”’ 23.09.2016-26.09.2016 belgium
Metro Manila ”’State of the Map Asia”’ 01.10.2016-02.10.2016 philippines
Berlin Hack Weekend 15.10.2016-16.10.2016 germany
Karlsruhe Hack Weekend 29.10.2016-30.10.2016 germany

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