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  • Jothirnadh explains in his user diary how one can revert changesets in JOSM that would normally trigger a timeout.
  • Christoph Hormann analyzed data quality in the Canadian Arctic and compared it to Greenland in his blog post entitled “OpenStreetMap at its worst”.
  • Michael Tsang suggests a new relation in his proposal for “Through Services”.
  • Johnw asks how one could tag an amphitheatre.
  • Greg wants to add some more stats for the upcoming quarterly project and asks for help on Github.
  • Edits by Telenav employees with the quality assurance tool ImproveOSM are seen very critically by the Canadian Community. User Mihai Iepure requests to provide a short summary of the emails in English as he does not know French.
  • Adam Old, member of a “Tree Board“ in South Florida asks if they may use OpenStreetMap for their collection of trees and meta data of those trees.
  • Denis Stein asks on the OpenRailwayMap mailing list where exactly and how to map points (switches, turnouts), and makes some suggestions.
  • Jojo4u asks if railway=technical_station is obsoleted by railway=service_station.
  • Analysing MAPS.ME changesets, manoharuss found several typical rookie mistakes but surprisingly little misuse of name=*.
  • Krishna Nammala from Mapbox Data Team reported the German forum on the status of their efforts to “missing turn restrictions” in Germany.
  • Jojo4u created a new proposal for tagging mud flat trails.
  • Srividya from Mapbox Data Team reported a notable data offset of 15-20 meters with respect to GPS Traces in Taiwan. Mapbox has therefore provided new satellite images for the larger cities.


  • Joe Morris is a cyclist and interested in public drinking water spots and created a map for that. To increase the data he’d like to create a dedicated site to map such locations and therefore asks for feedback.
  • Søren Johannessen notes that OpenStreetMap reached 200 million buildings in its data base.


  • Gianmario Mengozzi proposes on the import mailing list a boundary Import in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna from a CC-0-licensed source.


  • The application Gnome Maps slowly starts to get usable. After the end of MapQuest Open they started to use Mapbox tiles, they now have aerial imagery, a very basic search function and a routing based on Graphhopper.
  • GeoHipster will again be publishing a calendar in 2017. For that they have asked to send in the maps that might be included in the official calendar.
  • Hans Hack created a poster of the 104 islands in the German capital Berlin.
  • The OSM Carto developers plan to switch to Noto, a new font. They ask for feedback from readers of Asian countries.
  • [1] Thej from India analyzes in his blog, the consideration of Indian languages in OpenStreetMap (Mapnik). Arun Ganesh points among others to the multilingual map by Jochen Topf and his own experiments.


  • It is evident, that Pokémon Go uses OSM data.


  • The OsmAnd maps of September 1st initially ignored turn restrictions. This issue has been fixed, newer maps contain turn restrictions.


  • Ircama did publish tutorials on how to setup your environment if you want to participate in OSM Carto development.
  • Andy Allan asks for help to refactor the original ruby on rails code of the OSM-API.
  • Paul Norman would like to register MIME types for our OSM file formats.
  • Geofabrik now provides separate extracts of every country in Africa on their download server.


Software Version Release date Comment
Nominatim 2.5.1 2016-08-02 Bug fix release with minor fixes
SQLite 3.14.2 2016-09-12 Six fixes
Osmose Backend v1.0-2016-09-13 2016-09-13 No info
QMapShack Lin/Mac/Win 1.7.1 2016-09-14 No infos
libosmium 2.9.0 2016-09-15 see below
Osmium Tool 1.4.0 2016-09-15 Eight extensions, six changes and 2 fixes
Overpass-Turbo 2016-09-15 2016-09-15 Fixed GPX output format, support portuguese, some other fixes
PyOsmium 2.9.0 2016-09-15 Adjustments to actual libosmium
Magic Earth * 2016-09-16 Eliminates GPS problems, improved audio via Bluetooth, further changes and improvements
Komoot Android * var 2016-09-17 No info
Naviki Android * 3.48 2016-09-19 Layout revised
OsmAnd for Android * 2.4 2016-09-19 Improved user interface, refined POI search
OsmAnd+ for Android * var 2016-09-19 Improved user interface, refined POI search

Provided by the OSM Software Watchlist.

(*) unfree software. See freesoftware.

Jochen Topf announces the new features of libosmium 2.9.0 and Osmium-Tool 1.4.0 in his blog. The latter now also allows to change tags with sed and generates human readable diffs.

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • Both Forbes and TechCrunch Network report on the technical assistance, that has done inter alia OpenStreetMap Italy after the earthquake.
  • Paul Groves explains how 3D-Mapping could be used to enhance the accuracy of GNSS in cities. As a data source for the needed 3D models he suggests to use OpenStreetMap data.
  • Peter Richardson of Mapzen reported in his blog post as he generates 3D models with Heightmapper from Mapzen’s high-quality open-source terrain data.

Upcoming Events

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Brussels HOT Summit 2016 22/09/2016 belgium
Brussels HOT Summit Missing Maps Mapathon 22/09/2016 belgium
Brussels State of the Map 2016 23/09/2016-26/09/2016 belgium
Grenoble Rencontre groupe local 26/09/2016 france
Nottingham Nottingham 27/09/2016 united kingdom
Kyoto 京都オープンデータソン2016 vol.2(吉田神社) with 第1回諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティ 01/10/2016 japan
Trento Mapping Party Pieve Tesino 01/10/2016-02/10/2016 italy
Genova Mappalonga Mapathon 01/10/2016 italy
Metro Manila State of the Map Asia 2016 01/10/2016-02/10/2016 philippines
Taipei Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space 03/10/2016 taiwan
Dresden Elbe-Labe-Meeting 08.10.2016-09.10.2016 germany
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs 11/10/2016 france
Berlin Hack Weekend 15.10.2016-16.10.2016 germany
Tokyo 東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第1回 哲学堂公園 15/10/2016 japan

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