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Replica of Kansas City in Minecraft [1] | © Minecraft | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors and USGS

Mapping campaigns

  • The campaign to map the flooded areas in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) continues and mappers from all over the world are invited to collaborate on the open projects in the HOT Tasking Manager. Links to the projects and other information can be found on the campaign’s wiki page.


  • SeverinGeo will present > on 29 June at the SotM France 2024 > a service to download OSM data translated into French. This offers users an alternative of accessing the raw English OSM data.
  • CartoCité published > an article showing in detail how to dynamically display OSM data from Overpass on uMap.


  • François Lacombe and Jean-Louis Zimmerman will present > a special keynote about the mapping of hydrography in OSM (‘Cartographier les cours d’eau, ça coule de source!’), on June 29 at State of the Map France 2024 > . The authors will highlight the importance of this topic, particularly in the face of global climate change.
  • State of the Map Nigeria 2024, to be held at the Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria) from 9-11 October, announced an open call for the submission of abstracts for general track presentations and workshops until 31 July. The organisers are also seeking sponsors for the event.
  • Christian Quest presented the special keynote ‘Panoramax: l’alernative libre pour photo-cartographier nos territoires’ (Panoramax: the free alternative for photo-mapping our territories) at the festival ‘Pas Sage en Seine’ (PSES 2024) and showed the Panoramax resources and the prospects for the future of the project.
  • If you’re looking for a reason to go to London in September – Geomob, the geospatial event series organised by OpenCage, is celebrating OSM’s birthday with a very special event on 18 September. The evening will feature five speakers with talks focused exclusively on OSM-related topics. One of the speakers will be Prof. Muki Haklay, who was there at the very, very beginning.
    He authorised the first OSM server for Steve Coast, who was a student at UCL at the time.
  • State of the Map Malawi 2024, to be held at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) between 18-20 July, has an open call for abstracts until 24 June. The organisers are also offering three categories for sponsorship of the event.
  • There is an open call until 30 June, 2024, for OSM communities interested in hosting State of the Map Africa 2025.
  • At the SotM France on 28 June Yohan Boniface will present > an instance of the uMap dedicated to public bodies in France. The project received French public funding from the ‘Accélérateur d’Initiatives Citoyennes’ (Accelerator of citizens’ initiatives) and the ‘Incubateur des Territoires de l’ANCT’ (ANCT territory incubator) programs, thus it was developed in only six months.


  • OSM for Cities is a platform that provides daily updated maps of Brazilian cities using OpenStreetMap data. It features various datasets categorised into areas like cycling, health, education, and more, each showing detailed information with tag coverage percentages. The platform is in early development and aims to expand its coverage and capabilities.

OSM in action

  • [1] A Minecraft builder, AtmosphericBeats, used custom software integrating OpenStreetMap and USGS data to create a 1:1 scale replica of Kansas City, USA, in Minecraft within 36 hours. This innovative project accurately represents buildings, roads, and natural features, demonstrating the potential of combining OSM data with gaming platforms for detailed and realistic virtual recreations.
  • Guess This City is an interactive game in which users click on a blank map to reveal hidden map tiles. Players try to identify the city shown with the fewest clicks.
  • Offensive OSINT discussed the integration of OpenStreetMap into the Open Source Surveillance system, enhancing its geolocation investigation capabilities. It provides a tutorial on using OSM and the Overpass Turbo API to search for various points of interest and objects in the vicinity of specific locations. The update aims to make geolocation easier and more efficient for analysts and researchers by using detailed and up-to-date geospatial data from OSM.
  • Dawn Chorus is a citizen science and art project that invites people around the world to record and share bird songs to document biodiversity, support scientific research, and raise awareness of nature. The Explore page allows users to listen to and explore a variety of bird songs recorded by participants. The interactive map and timeline features allow users to filter recordings by date, location, and species, providing a unique way to experience and study the diversity of bird song across regions and time.
  • TxtDariNAROGONG utilized OpenStreetMap waterway data to visualise the history of Bekasi’s water management system, from the Tarumanegara Kingdom era (circa the 5th century AD), through the Dutch colonial administration, to the recent Indonesian Republic era.


  • Let’s welcome Anton Khorev as an additional maintainer for the OpenStreetMap website code, as confirmed by the recently merged pull request.
  • OSR is a memory-efficient, multi-mode OpenStreetMap router designed for pedestrian, bicycle, and car navigation. It uses compact data structures and memory-mapped files to efficiently import route data, supporting large maps with relatively low memory requirements.
  • Tobias Jordans posted about his efforts to modernise the OSMCha tool by migrating the frontend to a new React-based framework, improving the UI/UX with Tailwind CSS, and tackling technical debt.


  • Bulgent provided > an introduction to using PyOsmium, a Python library for processing OpenStreetMap data. The post covers installation, basic usage, data extraction, geographic calculations, and GeoJSON output. He also contrasts PyOsmium with another library, Pyrosm, highlighting their respective strengths and weaknesses for different OSM data processing tasks.


  • dpschep announced updates to Overpass Ultra, enhancing its customisation features, including loading queries from URLs and Gists, improved configurability for interactive map views, bundled icons for easy integration, and examples demonstrating these features, all aimed at facilitating the creation and sharing of custom Overpass-powered maps.

Did you know …

  • … you can load OSM data onto a Garmin eTrex? Localized to Japanese?
  • Geomob? A series of events and a podcast aimed at geospatial enthusiasts, providing a platform to discuss geoinnovation for both fun and profit.

OSM in the media

  • Grab will provide updated maps of Tengah, a newly developed town in Singapore, to assist residents, drivers, and delivery riders with navigation in the rapidly developing district. This initiative, supported by the OpenStreetMap community, leverages AI technology to improve accessibility and address the needs of service providers in the area.
  • The Youth Innovation Lab presents the BIPAD Portal, a disaster management system in Nepal that integrates OpenStreetMap data to support risk communication and informed decision making.

Other “geo” things

  • Matt Brown introduced two detailed maps of medieval and Tudor London produced by the Historic Towns Trust, highlighting the extensive research and archaeological information used to depict the layout of the city in the 13th and 16th centuries. The maps are available online and in fold-out paper versions.
  • The Linux Foundation Europe has launched the Open Mobile Hub (OMH), a project aimed at simplifying mobile app development through an open-source framework. OMH provides SDKs and tools for seamless integration with mapping services, including OpenStreetMap. Like Overture which wants to address the fragmentation of geographic Open Data, this initiative aims to address fragmentation in mobile development and improve cross-platform user experiences by offering a unified codebase and an extensible plugin architecture.
  • MapFast allows users to quickly create customised, detailed maps by uploading data without needing geometric boundaries or coordinates. It supports CSV files, automatically geocodes geographical information, and offers various customisation options like colours, text, and legends. Users can export maps in PNG or SVG formats and create maps for free with optional subscription plans for advanced features.
  • The latest #geoweirdness thread from OpenCage discusses the geopolitics of football in general and specifically the EURO 2024.
  • The Guardian reported the development of a quantum compass for the London Underground, a subatomic instrument that aims to provide precise location tracking where GPS signals are unavailable. This technology leverages quantum mechanics to enhance navigation and could revolutionize how underground and other GPS-denied environments are navigated, offering greater accuracy and reliability.
  • Komoot released three major improvements in June. New route guidance ensures fewer interruptions. For road cyclists, the route planner now evaluates the road surfaces, guides to road bike-friendly routes, and reduces gravel sections. The new mountain bike router offers insider knowledge about the best trails.
  • OpenStreetMap Japan has announced > the Governor’s Cup Open Data Hackathon 2024, where participants will develop digital services using Tokyo’s open data to solve administrative problems.

Upcoming Events

OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting 2024-06-21
Alto Maé “B”💻 UCM (Maputo, MOZ) – Oficina sobre mapeamento com OpenStreetMap! 2024-06-21flag
BengaluruOSM Bengaluru Mapping Party 2024-06-22flag
DoverCoffee and Mapping! 2024-06-23flag
BielefeldOSM Ostwestfalen-Lippe 2024-06-25flag
City of EdinburghGeomob Edinburgh 2024-06-25flag
KaiserslauternOSM Einführung und Schulung 2024-06-25flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night 2024-06-26flag
HannoverOSM-Stammtisch Hannover 2024-06-26flag
[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors – public videomeeting 2024-06-27
Lübeck143. OSM-Stammtisch Lübeck und Umgebung 2024-06-27flag
LyonSotM-FR 2024 – Lyon 2024-06-28 – 2024-06-30flag
DüsseldorfDüsseldorfer OpenStreetMap-Treffen (online) 2024-06-28flag
中央区マッピングパーティ in 北海道神宮 2024-06-30flag
Tartu linnFOSS4G Europe 2024 2024-06-30 – 2024-07-07flag
MapRoulette Community Meeting 2024-07-02
Missing Maps London Mapathon 2024-07-02
StuttgartStuttgarter OpenStreetMap-Treffen 2024-07-03flag
DresdenDresden – OSM Stammtisch 2024-07-04flag
臺北市OpenStreetMap x Wikidata Taipei #66 2024-07-08flag

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