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How to generate 1D maps from OSM data: example linear maps of public transport stops 1 | © SK53


  • Following a discussion on the forum (automatic translation) Leonhard Lenz suggests (automatic translation) unifying the tagging of (nature) reserves in Germany.
  • Telenav’s OSM team released a portal for viewing a range of 22 different metrics on OSM. The ones available now focus on navigation attributes (e.g. turn restrictions). They are computed weekly for the whole world.
  • Pokémon Go updated their map data and this brings along a new wave of mappers wildly adding parks, nature reserves, steppes, lakes and recreation areas to OSM. See the discussions in the German forum and on the Talk mailing list.
  • Vote for the proposal on man_made=carpet_hanger until May 10th.
  • Ilya Zverev wrote a diary entry about some remarkable big changes to OSM data, which stood out during their monthly processing for the MAPS.ME application.


  • sev_osm publishes a Twitter moment about two weeks of OSM and free Geomatics training in Dakar. Participation was aimed at students, teachers and professionals from both the private and public sectors. The courses were run with the help of members of the Senegal and West African OSM communities and with the support of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF).
  • Earlier this year the Data Working Group redacted a considerable quantity of data in Peru due to copyright infringement several years back. @karitotp describes in a diary post how the OSM community managed to recover speedily from the deletion of such an enormous amount of OSM data.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Heather Leson wrote a diary entry with a brief introduction to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regarding the OSM Foundation.


Humanitarian OSM

  • HOTOSM reports about their work with YouthMappers in Indonesia.


  • [1] User SK53 describes in his blog how to generate 1D maps from OSM data. A common example of such maps are linear maps of public transport stops.
  • Paul Norman explains his new client-side rendering style «Bolder».

Open Data

  • The Opendata.ch/2018 conference will take place on July 3rd at the University of Applied Sciences of St. Gallen (Switzerland).



  • Reddit user iggy-koppa has introduced three small geo packages for Rust on Reddit. One of them is a GTK widget to display OSM maps.
  • Want to find a suitable flat with OSM? Here is how to do it in Python using the ORS API.
  • The provision of changeset diffs had a stutter on April 26.
  • Florian (@floscher) will be improving the Wikipedia/Wikidata plugin for JOSM for the Google Summer of Code 2018. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  • Wambacher’s «OSM Software Watchlist» now tweets the news from the OSM software world every week under the hashtag #OSMSoftwareWatchList.
  • The iD editor reached version 2.8.1. Presets of less known tags are now available, like man_made=observatory or ... antenna, further examples are leisure=outdoor_seating or ...beach_resort.
  • Klokan Technologies released OpenMapTiles 3.8.

OSM in the media

  • Harry Wood spotted a mention of OpenStreetMap in the local newspaper and congratulates the Korean mappers.

Other “geo” things

  • @MapScaping tweeted a picture of an unusual globe. It shows the geology of the Earth.
  • Andy Woodruff created a tool that allows the export of contour lines for an area selected in the browser and saves them either as vector data (GeoJSON, SVG) or images. More details are provided on the Axismaps blog.
  • «Wyndham City Council in Melbourne’s outer west is expanding an augmented reality urban planning tool to cover cities across Australia.» reports itnews.
  • Hackernews contributor findus23 has used a Markov Chain model to simulate questions and answers for various Stack Exchange sites. Some of the simulated threads may seem familiar to users of GIS Stack Exchange.
  • Nicolas Renoir reports at the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna on how SNCF uses OpenStreetMap data to develop apps to help people with reduced mobility navigate railway stations.

Upcoming Events

Where What When Country
N’Djamena Mapathon: Bol in Lake Chad 2018-05-05 chad
Dortmund Mappertreffen 2018-05-06 germany
Heidelberg Semester Start Mapathon with Kathmandu Living Labs 2018-05-07 germany
Arlon Réunion au Pays d’Arlon 2018-05-08 belgium
Munich Münchner Stammtisch 2018-05-09 germany
deutscher Mumble-Server öffentliche Vorstandssitzung FOSSGIS e.V. 2018-05-09 germany
El Salvador Encontro de Dados Abertos 2018-05-09 brazil
Berlin 119. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 2018-05-10 germany
Shiki 東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第19回 出張編 小江戸と浅草の中継点「志木」 2018-05-12 japan
Kyoto 幕末京都マッピングパーティ#04:薩摩藩士と寺田屋騒動 2018-05-12 japan
Davao City Free & Open Mapping Workshop at Ateneo de Davao University 2018-05-12 philippines
Rennes Réunion mensuelle 2018-05-14 france
Nantes Réunion mensuelle 2018-05-15 france
Lüneburg Lüneburger Mappertreffen 2018-05-15 germany
Cologne Bonn Airport Bonner Stammtisch 2018-05-15 germany
Lyon Rencontre mensuelle pour tous 2018-05-15 france
Disneyland Paris Marne/Chessy Railway Station FOSS4G-fr 2018 2018-05-15-2018-05-17 france
Karlsruhe Stammtisch 2018-05-16 germany
São Paulo Painel OpenStreetMap no MundoGEO Connect 2018-05-16 brazil
Mumble Creek OpenStreetMap Foundation public board meeting 2018-05-17
Greater Manchester OSM UK Annual General Meeting 2018 2018-05-19 united kingdom
Greater Manchester OSM UK and OpenData Manchester joint meetup/workshops/mapping 2018-05-19 united kingdom
Essen Mappertreffen 2018-05-24 germany
Lübeck Lübecker Mappertreffen 2018-05-24 germany
Bordeaux State of the Map France 2018 2018-06-01-2018-06-03 france
Milan State of the Map 2018 (international conference) 2018-07-28-2018-07-30 italy
Dar es Salaam FOSS4G & HOT Summit 2018 2018-08-29-2018-08-31 tanzania
Bengaluru State of the Map Asia 2018 (effective date to confirm) 2018-11-17-2018-11-18 india

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