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Jérôme Limozin managed to cycle through 99% of all the roads in Singapore [1] | © wandrer.earth | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


  • [1] Jérôme Limozin, a Singapore-based OpenStreetMap mapper, has managed to cycle through 99% of all the roads in Singapore by using the Wandrer exploration game.
  • Ilya Zverev announced that as of 1 June, his Level0 editor and other services, such as the OSM Imagery Browser and the Offset Database frontend, will be temporarily non-functional. Ilya explains that, due to the development of Every Door, he was not able to migrate the services to a new server in time for the transition to OAuth 2. The disruption is expected to last for one month, barring any urgent commitments.

Mapping campaigns

  • IrdiIs has decided to push Albanian’s rural mapping forward by randomly choosing 100 villages to map in the upcoming 100 days!
  • OpenStreetMap India reported that the Sahakarnagar Mapping Party event, held on Saturday 1 June by the OpenStreetMap Bengaluru community, successfully mapped over 250 features, primarily consisting of benches, gazebos, and street lamps around Sahakarnagar Park.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • You can help the OSM CWG collect images for the OSM’s 20th birthday party by sending them your favourite photos or images of OpenStreetMap from the past 20 years.

Local chapter news

  • FOSSGIS eV has issued an official statement regarding the Mobility Data Act drafted by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. They argue that the bill could adversely affect the OpenStreetMap project within the European Union. FOSSGIS eV suggests several revisions, including exemptions for the OSM project from the immediate data update requirement and the obligation to address user-reported data errors.


  • Gislars announced that the OpenStreetMap Berlin Hack Weekend will be held 2 and 3 November at Wikimedia Deutschland, Berlin.
  • The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association is holding a free webinar ‘OpenStreetMap für den Tourismus’ for tourism professionals and developers. Participants will learn how to effectively use Points of Interest to improve tourism services. The webinar will take place on 19 and 25 June via BigBlueButton, therefore there is no need to register.


  • Raquel Dezidério Souto (IVIDES) has published a guide about mapping waterways in JOSM, using the FastDraw plugin. This is part of the mapping project of the Taquari-Antas River Basin, one of the main areas affected by the ongoing disaster in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). The campaign’s wiki page includes this and other projects, which may have collaboration opportunities for the global community of OpenStreetMap mappers.

OSM research

  • Benjamin Herfort et al. have published a research paper titled ‘Data Quality of OpenStreetMap for Industrial Sites in the Arctic’.
  • HeiGIT tooted that its Openrouteservice is now being used in the EU-Project Grid Cell Database, a project aiming to create reachability analyses for healthcare, educational, and other facilities from all across Germany.


  • Candid Dauth decided to invest in a bigger server to revive the OpenPublicTransportMap and make it available as an additional map style of FacilMap. At the same time, he is looking for financial support for his service.

OSM in action

  • Rihard Olups tooted an interactive map showing the locations of EU election polling stations in Latvia.
  • User_5359 has developed an OpenStreetMap-based interactive map to show the location of historical objects managed by the Silesian Cultural Institute Foundation (Stiftung Kulturwerk Schlesien). This collection includes postcards, autographs, stamps, historical maps, historical securities, artists’ works, battle plans, vedute, and various other items.


  • Michael Mann has developed OSM_LeaderBoard, a dash-based leaderboard of OpenStreetMap contributors based on the number of nodes they have contributed for a given bounding box and time period.


  • Volker Krause reported on some recent updates made to the KDE Itinerary application, a digital travel assistant.
  • Kamil Monicz has published his ninth blog about the development of OpenStreetMap NextGen, his personal alternative to the OpenStreetMap code base, reporting several updates such as support for a MacOS development environment, an update to the changeset history interface, and a new GPS trace animation feature.
  • PeachyOne shared an Overpass query for finding stress accent mistakes in Greek speaking regions that need correcting.
  • Andy Townsend explained how to set up a tile server using Shortbread, Tilemaker, and VersaTiles.


  • Tobias Zwick has released StreetComplete version 58.0, featuring various new quests and numerous enhancements.

Did you know …

  • … that bxl-forever is putting together a guidebook for newbie OpenStreetMap contributors?
  • … that you can monitor the current state of road conditions in France using the Inforoute France platform?
  • Map UI Patterns? It is a detailed overview and description of the UI elements and patterns used in programmes and websites with maps. The author of the website gives tips and shows examples of how the correct use of these elements can increase the user friendliness and user experience of digital maps and avoid common errors.
  • …that you can simulate the movement of shadows cast by buildings, mountains, and trees using the Shade Map app?

OSM in the media

  • ZDNET published a series of articles covering the topics of open data and open source. They specifically highlighted the SotM-FR, which is being held on the last three days of June in Lyon, and the growth of the Panoramax project, which is being built by a partnership between the IGN and OSM France.
  • Ouest France has analysed the road names in France that commemorate the Normandy landings by using OpenStreetMap database. They identified 90 roads directly associated with D-Day, with the majority concentrated in Normandy.
  • Sanyo News reported that Rei Frontier has analysed the travel behaviour patterns of SilentLog app users. This anonymised travel data was directly compared with POI data from OpenStreetMap to examine the types of places users visited.

Other “geo” things

  • Mierune, a Japanese GIS company, is offering regular QGIS training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels from June to August. Each unit of the course costs ¥27,500.
  • Freethink and the Skoll Foundation have released a documentary video explaining how OpenStreetMap and HOT, through their software and regional hubs, can support communities around the world to respond to challenges such as humanitarian disasters, climate change, and urban problems.

Upcoming Events

KøbenhavnOSMmapperCPH 2024-06-09flag
London Borough of HackneyLondon Ruby User Group talk on OSM 2024-06-10flag
GrenobleAtelier du groupe local OpenStreetMap 2024-06-10flag
Zug164. OSM-Stammtisch ausnahmsweise in Zug 2024-06-11flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night 2024-06-12flag
Salt Lake CityOSM Utah Monthly Map Night 2024-06-13flag
Lorain CountyOpenStreetMap Midwest Meetup 2024-06-13flag
Bruxelles – BrusselOSM Belgium meetup in Brussels 2024-06-13flag
BochumBochumer OSM Treffen 2024-06-13flag
MünchenMünchner OSM-Treffen 2024-06-13flag
Berlin192. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch 2024-06-14flag
Defence Colony Tehsil9th OSM Delhi (Indoor) Mapping Party – Session 1 2024-06-15flag
Kalkaji Tehsil9th OSM Delhi (Indoor) Mapping Party – Session 2 2024-06-16flag
HannoverOSM-Stammtisch Hannover 2024-06-16flag
EnglandOSM UK Online Chat 2024-06-17flag
LyonRéunion du groupe local de Lyon 2024-06-18flag
Bonn176. OSM-Stammtisch Bonn (Juni 2024: 20 Jahre OSM – 15 Jahre Stammtisch Bonn) 2024-06-18flag
City of EdinburghOSM Edinburgh pub meetup 2024-06-18flag
UtrechtOSGeo.nl Open Zomerpodium – OSGeo.nl Open Summer Stage 2024-06-19flag
KarlsruheStammtisch Karlsruhe 2024-06-19flag
Stainach-Pürgg13. Österreichischer OSM-Stammtisch (online) 2024-06-19flag
OSM-Deutschland Vernetzungstreffen 2024-06-20
OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting 2024-06-21

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